Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten

Photo by Rolf Baumgartner

Andrea “Anni” Brehme first appeared in GZSZ on 26th July, 2013. She moved from a small town to Berlin to be able to live freely – especially in regards to her love of women, after her parents (but mostly her father) disapproved of her sexuality. The rejection from her father left its mark on her and she has thus developed strong defence mechanisms.

In addition to her studies to become a sound engineer, she finds jobs at both the Vereinsheim (cafe) and the Mauerwerk (club).

Anni is relentlessly honest, impulsive, loyal, self confident and an absolute free spirit who can not be pigeon-holed.

(as best we could make out)


Prior to 15 – Anni falls for her best friend, kisses her but the other girl finds it boring.
Age 15
– First time with a girl at church camp in southern France.
Age 16
– Starts accounting apprenticeship.
Age 17-19
– Falls in love with her friend Judith
Age 19
– Finishes apprenticeship / gets caught kissing Judith by her father / leaves home
Age 19-22
– Travels? (Mexico)
Age 22
– Calls or writes parents to tell them she is gay  (or goes home to see them?)
Age 23
– starts sound engineering course / moves into apartment with Jasmin