Photo by Alan Olvaska

Photo by Alan Olvaska

 2 October, 1989
Hometown: Husum, Germany
Height: 175cm
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Janina was born on 2 October 1989 in Husum, Germany. She comes from a carnival family who run carnivals all around Germany (and even in Japan). She therefore grew up moving around a lot. She has been acting from a very early age & has successfully managed to make the leap from child star to popular series actress. In 2012 she took a brief break from GZSZ to study acting in Los Angeles.

Since 2011 Janina has been supporting the charity “Jungundjetzt eV”, an organization that promotes itself as online counselling for children and adolescents.


Her family’s carnival business centres around a beautiful old carousel that has been in Janina’s family since the 1920s. For any history buffs out there like me, I found the background of this carousel very interesting…read all about it here.