June 4, 2014
By Su Song

In our talk section we regularly feature personalities that we associate with the subject of enjoyment. Whether it be chefs, restaurant owners, food event organizers or friends of ours, who are just as happy as us to deal with the issues of enjoyment, food and everything around it.

This week we would like to introduce you to Janina Uhse. She is an actress, known from the daily RTL series “GZSZ”, and a very good friend of ours. In private she enjoys working with good food and the preparation of elaborate dishes. She has participated in both the “Perfect Celebrity Dinner” and “Grill den Henssler“, which have paid off and with her creations, she was able to convince.

Two weeks ago, Janina invited us over for grilling, because she recently bought a Weber grill and this should now be opened. We used this opportunity to ask her a little about her passion for cooking.


What does food mean to you?

Food is essential for me. I always try to have a balanced diet and am a real connoisseur. I really enjoy cooking and also like to go to good restaurants. Luckily we have enough of them in Berlin. I choose my activities and destinations for the culinary offerings. I love to discover new cultures from the food.

Who brought you to cooking?

Both my grandmother and my mom have always cooked well and enjoyed it. My grandparents had a restaurant in Wyk auf Föhr for a long time. I sort of grew up with the topic. Also, I was as a child of showmen who travels a lot. We’ve had our caravan but only one broadcaster, namely VOX. Therefore, one of my favorite shows was “Kochduell” (Cooking Duel). I loved watching the candidates cook and sometimes tried to copy the recipes.

What is your favorite summer dish?

Asparagus in all variations: white, green, cooked, roasted in the oven, the grill. The main thing is asparagus.


What can not be missing in your kitchen?

Salt, my mom always said. As long as you have salt in the kitchen, there is no lack of money (laughs). No, I’m also a big fan of good salt. This must not be missing in a good kitchen.

What is your favorite restaurant?

In Berlin? Long March Canteen. I love Asian food. And the Long March Canteen has a great selection of many small dishes. The value for money is also good. The most amazing thing is that you can try many different dishes that I love.

And finally a few impulse questions:

Sweet or salty?

Coffee or tea?

Cocktail or wine?

Restaurant or cook for yourself?
Both equally happy

Breakfast or dinner?
Dinner, Dinner, Dinner

Appetizer or dessert?
Appetizers, preferably 3 of them

Thank you for the invitation and the conversation!