GZSZ: Linda Marlen Runge thrilled with “Home”

October 22, 2014

A beautiful ballad and a great voice – a combination with a great impact. The song “Home” from last night’s GZSZ (21.10.) resonated unexpectedly with the audience. It was sung by Anni Brehme (played by Linda Marlen Runge) for the seriously ill Tuner.

When, after great anxiety, finally a donor heart was found for him and the difficult surgery succeeds, the fear and tension has now come to an end. Anni processed her emotions in this soulful song, singing it to her friends. Jasmin, Nele, Ayla and Mesut are very touched because the poignant lines speak from the soul.

The song could be heard on Tuesday (21.10) for the first time on GZSZ. It was composed by Uli Beck specifically for “GZSZ” and sung by Linda Marlen Runge in the studio. She’s been dealing with music since early childhood and began at age 5 with classical piano training. At 16, she became a member of a band that wrote their own songs and composed music for advertising jingles. During a stay in Mexico, she completed a classical vocal training with a tenor.

Linda Marlen Runge is also completely overwhelmed by the huge success of her song with the GZSZ fans, as she told RTL: “I’m really happy about the consistently positive feedback.” She said: “There are several variants of “Home”, depending on scene, sometimes quiet and shy, sometimes loud and confident. The recording was great, I like the song very much.”

Runge talks further about the GZSZ story: “Tuner’s situation has moved Anni so much that she wrote him a song. Anni is always the strong one for Jasmin and Nele, her weaknesses and feelings can not be shown because she wants to give others strength and thus finds support in her music.”

Many GZSZ fans already want Anni to sing again. “It will be followed by further appearances,” promises Linda Marlen Runge, according to RTL. In the series, her character Anni is made aware of how catchy the song is, but due to insecurities, she can’t perform. Then Mesut uploads her song onto the internet and the response is encouraging. In episode 5616 (11.05.2014) Anni overcomes all her self-doubt and tries with “Home” as a street musician.

The song scene has great credibility because it was recorded at the Berliner Dom in front of a “live audience”. “That was very funny, in no time there was a huge crowd of people around us, who applauded after the song every time,” the GZSZ Star recalls. “I could put myself in Anni’s shoes even better as she’s totally afraid to sing in front of people. I’m never nervous about musical performances. But many people have helped me to play nervous.”

Even outside of GZSZ the actress is musically active, “With my Mexican band Lejana I’m working on the second album and my Berlin project Blood and Honey will soon be on stage.”