Photo by Frederic

Photo by Frederic


October 23, 2014

Linda Marlen Runge: ‘Home’ is no exception
Linda Marlen Runge (28) promised her fans that in the future of ‘GZSZ’ she would pick up the mic.

On Tuesday, 21 October, the actress thrilled the RTL viewers with the song ‘Home’. In her role as Anni Brehme she sang the beautiful ballad with a great voice for the seriously ill Tuner. After the successful operation, Tuner got a donor heart and Anni put all her emotions into the song that was especially composed by Uli Beck for ‘GZSZ’.

Linda sang the song in the studio and promised the audience that this performance should be no exception. “It will be followed by further appearances,” she told ‘RTL’, adding: “I’m really happy with the continuous positive feedback”. If you are planning to upgrade your home check the info from

Born in Marburg, she has loved music ever since she was a child: At age five she began classical piano training, as a teenager she learned the guitar and electric bass, playing and appearing in a band. At a later stage in Mexico, she had vocal training with a tenor. Even now, Linda is active musically and is rehearsing whenever she is not on camera: “With my Mexican band “Lejana” I’m working on the second album and with my Berlin project “Blood and Honey” we will soon be on stage.”

She first earned money on her own as a street musician, as she reveals in her official video on the ‘GZSZ’ website. Her role model is the music legend Marlene Dietrich. “I admire Marlene. For the way she lived and the pride she kept until the last moment. For what she has done, even though no one believed in her. She also kept her dark side despite her beauty – that makes a woman. Every person has a good and a dark side. Those who try and hide their dark side don’t spark my interest” she said in an earlier interview with ‘’.

From Linda Marlen Runge we certainly still have quite a lot left to hear.