23 September 2014

What do you like to eat – and what not?

Janina actually likes just about everything – except snails and offal. She likes to eat healthy and loves to cook for herself. ”I have the feeling, especially here in Berlin, that there is now a vegan at every corner store,” she says, adding: “But I’m too fond of meat and couldn’t live without it. But I am careful where it comes from.”

How does the shooting normally work?

The filming for television every day is different for the actors as they are often both indoor and outdoor shoots in the show. Janina mostly works from 7am to 4 or 5pm on the set. Once there, she is made up and then turns on average about ten scenes – but not in the order they appear on TV, but in order of location. It might be that Janina must be annoyed with someone in one scene – and in the next scene, which takes place two days later, everything is okay again. The actual reconciliation is then filmed, for example, the next day, because it takes place elsewhere.

“During the filming, we must abide by the scripts, of course, but you can make small changes if needed,” says Janina. So when she says that her character would say something differently or react differently than is in the script, then they can change that for you. “Sometimes something spontaneously arises. As one might, for example, simply give the other a kiss or slap them on the butt! “

What would you have been if you weren’t an actor?

“Circus woman!” Because her parents have bumper cars and go with it through the whole of northern Germany. As a child, she went to a different school every week – where ever the carnival was at the time. “Maybe I would have studied hotel management,” muses Janina who likes to travel all around the world.

What music do you listen to?

When she was 14 she was really into hip-hop and R & B, but since she lives in Berlin, she listens to dance and electronic music. And in everyday life she listens to normal mainstream music.
Janina takes out her cell phone from her pocket and reads her playlist out: “Ed Sheeran, Will i Am, Jean Paul, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams … just everything… “
And even though she doesn’t normally like rock, she had so much fun this year at “Rock am Ring”. ”The concert was awesome! You can feel the instruments, the mood … I’ve never danced so much. “

Are you often recognised by fans on the street?

Janina is so well known that she is often approached in public by fans and asked for photos and autographs, for example, on the S-Bahn. Of course, she always appreciates the many nice reactions from the people, and that her work is so well received. Sometimes she still prefers to remain incognito.
“At “Rock am Ring” I put on a cap, for example,” she says. “And there are days when you just don’t feel so good and don’t want to be photographed. Most fans are nice and understanding. I’m only human!”

And that’s what we find so great – that despite her reputation she has remained grounded and totally nice and natural.