February 21, 2015


Interview with Linda Marlen Runge aka “Anni” in “GZSZ” about her recent vocal performance (“Is Love Enough?“)

How did the collaboration come about?
Uli Beck and I decided it would be cool if I could write the songs, which I then ultimately perform. So we met in the summer (2014), each with a guitar, on the balcony in the sun and jammed. The result was “Is Love enough?” and many more ideas for the future. We decided to call ourselves “RUBE”, which means nothing more than “Runge and Beck”.

How is the song incorporated into the series?
Anni plays the song at her open mic contest at the clubhouse. Uli Beck plays a cheesy singer-songwriter, and we had the idea that it would be really cool if we would perform the song live and without playback. Thus we have RUBE’s first concert held directly on camera. Very nice moment with a lot of improvisation and real emotions, all simply live. Extreme moment for Janina Uhse and myself. Anni does not cry often and crying while singing a number was really intense.

Do you work your private life into your music?
Always. Music is the best form of therapy.

What’s next with your bands?
Three projects….next Saturday is the first concert with my Berlin band “Blood and Honey”, we will continue to play live and then finally record in May at Funkhaus studios. Around April is RUBE in the next round, we are now composing. In the summer I fly to Mexico to work with Lejana on the second album. A European tour will probably not happen this year, but there’s concerts in Mexico and Argentina possibly towards the end of the year…but that is still not sure. Lejana definitely want to go to South America.

How does Jasmin react to the song?
She is very hurt by Anni and draws her own conclusions. Honestly? I am not on the side of my role. Anni has once again proved that she has the sensitivity of a bull in a china shop. My wish for her: Girl, grow some empathy and think before you explode and accuse people of things that you actually don’t mean.

What’s next in the show with you two?
Anni and Jasmin are like cinnamon and sugar. Alone they are sweet, but together they are a bomb. In this sense: back and forth, back and forth, it doesn’t work with but it doesn’t work without. I say: the two of them, at least in their hearts, won’t get away from each other.