Photo by Rolf Baumgartner


December 30, 2014

Actress Linda Marlen Runge surprises the audience and colleagues on set with a new hairstyle. Behind the change is not just requirements for the role, but also personal reasons …

New hairstyle? How did this happen?
There are certain times in life that cause a need for change in a person. In my life there have been two recent events that were not easy and somehow I have, after processing these, the urge to “look only forward!” – To emphasize this feeling I cut my hair. It’s somehow totally naive, but somehow it has helped me.

How do you feel?
Very good. Very new. And yet somehow as always. I have always had short hair since I went to Mexico.

How will your role as Anni be in 2015?
Anni will soon have to learn some important life lessons. That will be a tough time for her, but she needs to learn slowly that you can hurt other people extremely by too much honesty.

What’s next for Linda and her bands?
The bands both go together with me into the new year. Step by step it goes for Lejana for the second album and Blood and Honey for the first. Anni’s being a musician in the series is now also a project for GZSZ composer Uli Beck. The third song by Anni, will come next year, we have composed and written together. However, the project name is still a secret.