The GZSZ star in Celebrity Pool interview

October 31, 2014


Janina Uhse: About her future in GZSZ, the departure of Raúl Richter and her first kiss with a woman

At the launch of the SEAT “Mii by Mango”, a new city car inspired by the fashion label “Mango”, Celebrity Pool met the sympathetic GZSZ actress Janina Uhse. We spoke with the pretty 24-year-old about the upcoming departure of Raúl Richter, her own future in GZSZ and about her current love life.

The new “Mii by Mango” is a true master-stroke of the car brand SEAT. Not only because the small car, due to its size, fits into almost any parking space, but also because it’s the dream of every woman. GZSZ – favourite Janina Uhse is enthusiastic when it comes to the “Mii by Mango” in “Glam Beige”: Especially the practical handbag hooks. “It’s a great city car and I really it. A very nice car”, Janina explained in the Celebrity Pool interview.

Raúl will leave a gap

Asked about the imminent departure of her GZSZ colleague Raúl Richter, Janina looks serious. “His exit is particularly bad for me. We started together and have grown more or less together. There is something missing on set – both from the acting side and from the human side “, says Janina.

Janina herself has no ambitions to leave “GZSZ”: “I am currently very happy with GZSZ, if only because I like my story very well at the moment!”. Janina doesn’t have a detailed plan on how to proceed professionally in the coming years – she lets things develop on their own.

Nervousness before the first kiss

GZSZ Janina plays bisexual “Jasmin” and constantly lives with “Anni” in the ups and downs of love. When asked about the first kiss with a woman, it gives Janina a smile: “The first kiss was strange, but probably only because you have previously thought about it so much.”

In real life, her heart belongs to one man. A year ago, she introduced her boyfriend to the public, but then she was suspiciously quiet about her loved one. But in the interview with Celebrity pool she reveals: “We are still together and I am very happy!”