Gute Zeiten, schlechte ZeitenGZSZ: MEGA LOVE COME BACK

March 17, 2017

They haven’t been a coupleĀ for a long time. Nevertheless, they are still regarded as an absolute GZSZ Dream Couple. If they were to finally celebrate their love returning, it would be a small sensation. And it actually looks very good.


Video text translation;
Jasmin and Anni were the GZSZ dream couple until they separated.
Do they now find each other again?
After all, Anni’s ex-girlfriend Rosa is back in Berlin.
GZSZ fans actually want Anni and Jasmin to find each other again.
Currently, both girls are single.
And both of them want to have some luck in love.
After the incest shock, Jasmin has definitely earned some luck.
Jasmin and Anni simply remain the GZSZ dream couple.
And their love comeback would make some fans very happy.

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