So episode 5529…the opening scene…how friggin’ cute and excited and happy does Jasmin look seeing Anni?? Not to mention, Jasmin has completely blocked out the whole Lucia thing and only has eyes for Anni at this point. SHE IS SUPER FRIGGIN’ EXCITED TO SEE ANNI Y’ALL!!!!

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And Anni grabbing Nele’s pink jacket on the way out after Lucia = HILARIOUS! I’m not sure if she has done this because she is just rushing after Lucia, or because Jasmin has flustered her and her brain has died, or both. But either way, Anni running after Lucia in that ridiculous jacket CRACKED me up!!!

And keep telling everyone that you no longer have any feelings for Jasmin, Anni…we believe you….


I’m glad when Tuner asks Jasmin about Kurt, there seems to be no hesitation or feelings from Jasmin. He is done and dusted. Over. But I think Jasmin feels guilty for not coming back for Tuner earlier. She asks him to call her if he gets bored and also offers herself for some cafe shifts. Aww Jasmin, you are too sweet.

Jasmin’s look when Anni walks into the cafe with Lucia = priceless. Her Anni goggles have finally fallen off and she now sees Lucia properly for the first time and MAN, SHE IS SUPER JEALOUS. She asks Nele;


She doesn’t know where to look. She does NOT like this one little bit!! When Anni and Lucia return from the bathroom, blowing right past Jasmin, she is pissed. What is this new feeling inside? What am I feeling? WHY IS ANNI IGNORING ME?!!!


Jasmin is not used to being ignored. Especially by Anni. I love seeing Jasmin on the receiving end of all this. Anni was always the one in the past who was always looking at Jasmin, giving Jasmin attention. Now that the tables have turned, Jasmin is not a happy camper. But I am loving those big PUPPY DOG eyes from Jasmin!

And I love how this time Jasmin is not hiding her feelings any more. Nele asks her if she is OK with Lucia, and she says “Of course”…but then a second later tells her that she thought a lot about Anni in the US and that she missed her BADLY!!! BADLY YOU GUYS!!!! ARGH MY HEART!!!!


I have to admit Anni with Lucia on the couch, while they are watching soccer, is pretty cute. Jasmin however is not so happy. And I’m amazed that Anni has been able to avoid the “Jasmin eyes” until now. She must have been using ALL THE WILLPOWER! Because we all know the power those eyes have! Stay strong Anni!!!

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Luckily it was only for a few seconds. Phew. Dodged that one Anni! Better make an escape plan to the bathroom. Phew! ESCAPED!!! Oh NOOOO Jasmin follows her in!! It’s OK, just don’t look DIRECTLY at her. Make small talk. Lingering eye contact. Longer and longer. AHHH NOOO….All of the feelings are resurfacing!!! GOD JASMIN LOOKS SO GOOD!!! Noooo look away…I feel happy feelings coming back up…damn she’s smiling at me. GAH! OMG! My brain and my heart are about to IMPLODE WITH ALL THE FEELINGS!!!! RUN AWAY ANNI! RUN AWAY!!!!

image     image
image     image

Love how pissed Jasmin is at herself there. FUCK indeed Jasmin. You blew it. Now you have to try and sleep through a whole night of Anni & Lucia having sex! Haha, again I love how the tables have been turned. Anni had to listen to her having sex with Kurt ALL the time and now that she has to endure ONE night of the same, she can’t take it LOL Love her cute little American pillow though :)

Weird that Jasmin didn’t just kick Mesut out of her room though and make him sleep on the couch? ^o)

No sleep for an entire night makes for a very cranky Jasmin in the morning. As long as she gets her coffee, she’ll be OK…oh wait what’s that? That skank has used the last of the milk??? Ohhh GAME ON!!! Esp when she gets a look like that from Lucia!!


ALL BETS ARE OFF! Jasmin is now angry, tired, with no coffee and …. SHE LOVES ANNI!!!!

image     image     imageimage     image

ARRRGHHHH!!!! Its what we’ve been waiting for!!!! JASMIN HAS FINALLY SAID IT!!!

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