We ended the last episode with Jasmin FINALLY telling Anni she loves her. And so we pick up there;

Jasmin finally being open with her feelings is so refreshing. She is sure now of her feelings and she wants Anni to know it. At a complete contrast to Anni, Jasmin could hardly keep her feelings in once she realised them. Anni on the other hand, kept them bottled up for so long. Jasmin is almost like an excited puppy in the way she tells Anni here. And Anni is not having any of that.


She tells Jasmin that she didn’t think about her at all in Barcelona and that she hasn’t been this happy in a long time. BAM! Not at all the reaction Jasmin was hoping for. My heart breaks for her here because as she turns around, its like she doesn’t know what to do next.

BTW can I just take a second to commend the continuity people on the show? Lucia uses up the last of the milk and the next scene we see Jasmin coming back from the shops with more milk. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV show that pays so much attention to actual things like that. Most shows jump all over the place with little or no regard to these things. Don’t even mention the gaping plot hole and character disappearances I got used to in The L Word, now there was a show that totally messed with my head. Compared to that, GZSZ is a breath of fresh air. They write characters we love, tell stories with heart, and keep amazing continuity with Jasmin coming back with fucking milk!!!!


I feel so sorry for Jasmin in this next scene. She looks so defeated and sad as she walks through the door. And I love the face she pulls when Nele asks if she slept well. Of course not, she had to listen to the heavenly sounds of Anni and Lucia ALL FUCKIN’ NIGHT LONG!!! She’s tired, cranky, just told Anni she loves her, was rejected….AND still hasn’t had her morning coffee!!! Give this girl a hug STAT! No volunteers? OK OK, I’ll do it.


Anni meanwhile in the bedroom with Loco Lucia, tells her to settle down as she’s not in the mood for sex right now. Uh ohhhh…Lucia can smell something is off because Anni ALWAYS wants sex. Well not after the love of her life has just FINALLY told her she loves her. Loco Lucia picks up on this and STORMS THE FUCK OUT! But not before we get this priceless look from Anni, that just about sums up how we all feel;


I think at this point, Anni can’t even be bothered chasing after her. She only goes as far as the door before she stumbles upon Jasmin, who is changing her door name plate back to JASMIN FLEMMING (YAY!). And with a final FUCK YOU said to Anni, we wave ADIOS to Loco Lucia. It was fun…

Jasmin can barely contain her excitement as she watches Loco Lucia storm down the hallway. She gives Anni a concerned “Oh I’m so sorry for your loss” face, but as soon as she leaves, she can’t contain her grin.

image     image

As much as I want to be on Team Jasmin in this moment and share her happiness for Loco Lucia leaving, I still feel like she needs to suffer a bit more. It’s all seemingly a little too easy for Jasmin at this point. All those heartbreaking scenes we had to watch of Anni dying inside (we along with her) and now Jasmin is so sure she can just sweep in and win Anni back. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Don’t get me wrong. I love them both (so much, you guys), and don’t want to see either of them suffer any more, but Anni suffered for a REALLY long time and I just want Jasmin to feel at least some of what Anni went through.

Now this next scene with Anni in the bathroom, Anni is angrily throwing her laundry all over the floor. She flashes back to the time her and Jasmin first got together and a collective AWWW goes out across the globe. YES THE GLOBE, because we are international YO! (Australia representin’ here WHA WHA!!)

Now Anni’s flashback is to when Jasmin tells her she really means it when she says she wants them to be together. She is remembering the first time that not only Jasmin opened up to her but also when she did. Jasmin was at her MOST vulnerable in that scene. And to this day, I believe that, that moment between them was the most open, honest and loving moment they’ve had. Jasmin did truly mean it when “in that moment” she tells Anni that she wants to be with her. And Anni whole heartedly believes her, because “in that moment” it was utterly and completely true. Jasmin gives herself over to Anni in that moment and nothing else matters. She is Anni’s. And Anni is hers. The outside world melts away and all that is left is the two of them. You can clearly see that as you watch the scenes. Jasmin completely surrendering to Anni and Anni completely loving her.

And seeing Anni remembering that, breaks me heart all over again. She feels that she had Jasmin “in that moment” but we all know the very next day she changed her mind (so to speak) and Anni was left broken hearted. She is now pissed off that she is letting Jasmin back into her mind. And right on cue, Jasmin enters the bathroom, apologizing for causing her any problems with Loco Lucia. The way she tells Jasmin there that “its none your business”…ARGH MY HEART!

Anni stop it, my poor heart can’t take it anymore!!!

We can see how much Jasmin still affects her, as she practically throws Jasmin out of the bathroom with her words. WE KNOW YOU DON’T REALLY MEAN IT ANNI!!! She throws some random clothing at the door as Jasmin leaves, which may as well have been ALL OUR HEARTS because when she sits down crying, our already broken hearts BREAK SOME FUCKING MORE!!! As Anni kicks over the laundry basket, Im at home kicking over my chair. I TOLD YOU I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!

image     image

Meanwhile, Jasmin is in the kitchen gloating to Nele that Loco Lucia has stormed the fuck back to Spain. Again, I heart Jasmin so bad, but in this moment I want her to shut the fuck up and go and see if Anni is OK…which SHE IS NOT!!! Just once I would have liked to have seen Jasmin find Anni in a broken state. She needs to see what affect she has on Anni. She needs to know just how much Anni loves her. And just how much she has broken Anni.

Anni leaves the safety of the bathroom long enough to fly right past Jasmin and Nele in the kitchen, muttering about going to see Tuner. Nele remarks to Jasmin that Anni doesn’t seem like she’s in love, after Jasmin was telling her that she really wants her back. Jasmin tells Nele that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Anni back. I’m sorry Jasmin, but I feel like you have A LOT of making up to do to Anni before she takes you back. It won’t be as easy as you think.

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