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after Jasmin’s love confession, Anni tells Jasmin she’s no longer interested. But its clear that Anni isn’t over Jasmin yet, and Loco Lucia notices and screeches back to Spain. BUHBYE. After Anni tells Jasmin to mind her own business, Jasmin then tells Nele she will do whatever it takes to get Anni back.
And that’s what you missed on GZSZ.

Ep 5532

We open at the cafe with Anni working flat out because as we all know, its WORLD CUP fever (GO GERMANY!). Nele is not there yet. But Jasmin is. Jasmin tries offering to help Anni several time, but as we all know Anni CAN DO IT ALL BY HERSELF! She doesn’t need any help. Uh huh.

JASMIN’S WAVE OF ATTACK #1: So Jasmin comes up with the ingenious plan of calling Nele and asking her to not come in so that she can work with Anni instead. And indeed a few minutes later Anni receives the txt from Nele. Jasmin cutely once again offers her services up to Anni. But Anni can MANAGE.


But as well all know, when Jasmin sets her mind to something, ain’t nothing going to stop her. Anni gives in (wouldn’t we all?) and lets Jasmin help her.

Side note; As we see the 2 random guys sit down to enjoy the soccer game coming up, one wearing a German shirt and the other wearing a Brazilian shirt, I love how the show correctly predicted that on that day Brazil would be playing Germany! Psychic much?

Jasmin and Anni have now successfully set up the cafe for that evening, and Anni high fives Jasmin for their teamwork.


Jasmin then runs after Anni asking her if they could please have another talk. Anni asks “About what?” and Jasmin says “About us.”. Anni tells Jasmin that there is “NO US” and that they have nothing to talk about. Jasmin blocks this out and chases after Anni FINALLY admitting that she had been HORRIBLE to Anni and that she shouldn’t have had sex with Nik. AMEN to that sister.

I for one, am super happy that the writers decided to have her acknowledge her behavior and the sex with Nik and tell Anni that it wasn’t OK. She obviously had A LOT of time to think through her actions while she was in LA and I’m liking that she is stepping up.

Anni doesn’t want to hear it. And walks off.

JASMIN’S WAVE OF ATTACK #2: Jasmin sees the projector set up for the soccer and has an idea. I love how tenacious she is and doesn’t give up. Jasmin uses the laptop projector to type up “Anni, I’m sorry! Please talk to me! I made a mistake. Forgive me!”.


I love how, just like on the bridge, Jasmin is super proud of what she has just done and Anni is super not impressed. It make’s me happy though, that Jasmin did this with a room full of people watching. Shows us that she is serious about Anni. But stubborn Anni wants nothing of it and storms off after slamming the laptop shut. I think the shouts of AWWWWW from the crowd just about sums up how we are all feeling at this point.

A defeated Jasmin then goes to see Katrin, I’m assuming for some advice?. Jasmin tells Katrin that she looks good and seems more relaxed since getting together with Bommel. She then mentions that she still doesn’t know how Bommel managed to win over Katrin. Katrin tells Jasmin that it was just Bommels pure persistence that did it and that eventually she had to ask herself how she felt about Bommel. Bommel forced Katrin to pay attention, so to speak. This gets Jasmin’s mind ticking.


Meanwhile, as Anni is packing up the cafe, she chats to Tuner. He asks her about Barcelona and she tells him that she’s staying for now to help him. He asks about Loco Lucia, and she tells him she is HISTORY (thank the heavens). He then proceeds to try and convince Anni to go back to Barcelona. In fact he TELLS HER TO GO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TUNER?! STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW!! SHHHHHH!!!


Cut to the photo studio where Tuner and ALL his friends are gathered to do a photo shoot with him for “The Brave Lifesavers” – an organization that helps people who need transplants.

Cue fun music and photo montage sequence.

The thing to note here is that this is actually JASMIN’S SECRET ATTACK WAVE #3. She uses her closeness to Anni to touch her at every chance she gets.


Stubborn Anni does not like this one little bit and storms off. Nele takes chase. Anni tells Nele that she’s thinking about going back to Barcelona. Nele, like ALL OF US, doesn’t understand why. She tells Anni that Jasmin told her that she loves her, WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO LEAVE NOW???!!! 

But before she can answer Jasmin flies right into the middle of it, grinning and telling them that it’s sooooo cool that they are all having so much fun in front of the cameras and all for a good cause too. I love you Jasmin but not the best timing there. Anni catches a glimpse of the old Jasmin for a second, shakes her head at her and tells them that Tuner is right and that she is going to do it and walks off. A confused Jasmin asks Nele what’s going on and she tells her that Anni wants to move back to Barcelona. Jasmin cannot believe it! And neither can we!


OK now before I go on, I need to prepare you all for this next scene. So go grab some tissues, a HUGE ASS bucket of ice cream, make sure you’re comfortable and especially go hug your cat or your sloth, or whatever other pet you might have. You’re going to need them.

**Deep breath**

So we are in the MW and Anni is helping move some equipment into the elevator with a co-worker. Watch out co-worker because here comes JASMIN’S WAVE OF ATTACK #4!!! She promptly pushes him out of the elevator and closes the door. She needs to tell Anni something and nothing is going to stop her this time! Anni takes a guess that its that she doesn’t want her to go to Barcelona and that she wants them to give it another try. BINGO ANNI! We can all go home now. Jasmin slams on the emergency button in the elevator, lurching it to a STOP, along with all our hearts.

Jasmin tells her that when Anni previously asked her why she wanted her to stay, she just wasn’t ready to tell her. Anni is not ready to hear this now. Jasmin tells her she was scared about what other people might think, that she was scared of her own feelings, but that she is sure now. She knows what she wants!!!

image     image

Jasmin wants her to stay. She wants to be with Anni, because well SHE LOVES HER! Come on Anni, she’s saying it! She’s saying it! GOD DAMN IT ANNI, SHE LOVES YOU! 


Instead of falling into Jasmin’s arms like we all would (oh God in a heartbeat, but thats another matter for another time), she puts her walls up even higher. She starts getting angry at Jasmin for bringing all this up now.


Cue the music. Cue our hearts starting to break.


Jasmin keeps telling Anni, she just wants to be with her. She LOVES HER! You can really start to see Anni using every ounce of her being to fight Jasmin off. She even closes her eyes so she doesn’t have to look at Jasmin. Because we all know the magical powers that Jasmin’s look has.


BAM! One of the best lines ever passed from Jasmin’s lips to Anni. TELL ME YOU DON’T LOVE ME. SAY IT!!! Janina’s performance here is OFF THE LESBIAN CHARTS. She is blowing me away with how sincere and honest her performance is.


That being said, OMG! That’s it! I’m out! Where’s my cat?! Where’s those tissues? MY POOR HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Excuse me, while I go curl up in the corner and cry my eyes out.

OK…I’m back…but just so you know, I’m writing this last part under my desk, with my tissues…and my cat…

Jasmin keeps telling Anni that she REALLY means it. And while we believe her, Anni still does not. She does not trust that Jasmin won’t change her mind again in a week or a month from now. And I feel you Anni, I really do. But Jasmin is telling you SHE LOVES YOU and she is practically crying IN YOUR FACE! DO YOU NOT HAVE A HEART?!!!


Anni summons the last of her willpower and breaks free from Jasmin. She accuses Jasmin of not evening knowing who she is. Actress, designer, C-list Celebrity. Yesterday she was Bi, today she is a lesbian, and tomorrow she will go back to being straight. Anni argues that it’s always her that gets the shit end of the stick. Word to that Anni.

Anni restarts the elevator with protests from Jasmin. Jasmin tells her again that she promises that she knows what she wants! Anni forcefully tells her to SHUT UP! From the look on Jasmin’s face, this shocks her as well as us. Anni tells her that she knows what she wants as well, and that’s Barcelona.

Crank that music up as we all die a small death, all over the world, in unison. That lone tear rolling down Jasmin’s face, kills me. Every. God. Damn. Time.

Bravo Janina, you deserve a German Emmy for this. No really, where can we write to make this happen? Anyone?

Now excuse me, while I cry into my ice cream while hugging the shit out of my cat.


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