Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin tries her little heart out to win Anni back time after time, finally trapping her in an elevator and forcing her to listen. But stubborn Anni won’t have any of it and tells Jasmin to shut up, she knows what she wants and its Barcelona.
And that’s what you missed on GZSZ!

So after all our hearts have shattered, tubs of ice cream consumed, pets afraid for their lives, are we ready for round 2?

OK! Just let me crawl out from under my desk, peel off the dried chips from my tear stained face and LET’S DO THIS!!!


Ep 5533

We open with Anni storming off out of the elevator, mind set on going to Barcelona. Jasmin emerges from the elevator looking exactly how I felt after that last scene. Completely and utterly broken.


Has she lost Anni forever? Will Anni really leave and never come back?

Why is my cat in hiding? Doesn’t he know I need him?!!! GAH!!!!

Cut to Anni having a farewell celebration at the cafe with like ALL her friends….wait, what’s that Tuner? They should wait for Jasmin before beginning? Anni tells him no, because she just ripped Jasmin’s heart out  of her chest and jumped all over it, again and again and again, in the elevator…so no she won’t be joining them.



Seriously? What are the writers trying to do to us here? We’ve just had one of the most heart breaking scenes of ALL TIME and we cut to Anni smiling and laughing and taking pictures with her friends? Does Anni have a heart made of stone? Funny you should ask that, because just as I’m about to get real Chuck Norris on Anni’s ass we see this;


Anni is TRYING to look like she’s having fun, but her heart is actually with Jasmin. She flashes back to how she COULDN’T tell Jasmin she doesn’t love her, as Jasmin asked, because SHE DOES LOVE HER! But she shakes it off to try and keep partying.

Now what the writer’s do here is either a really cruel joke, or genius. They take us on a back and forth roller coaster of emotions. Cutting from Anni who is TRYING to party, yet still thinking about Jasmin, to Jasmin getting completely and utterly smashed drunk, crying her eyes out, while also remembering all the amazing times she’s had with Anni.



My heart was already in pieces on the ground. Now its been re-assembled, and SMASHED into smaller pieces! And add to that the perfect song playing through all this, which is Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me”.

Janina’s performance here is again amazing. I cannot rave enough about her. She has made Jasmin SO REAL, SO BELIEVABLE, that I almost called my travel agent to book a ticket to Berlin, just so I could go comfort her. Instead, now I’m just curled back up again under my desk. But this time instead of ice-cream, I’m going to need some wine…and lots of it.


One of the small things giving me a teeny tiny degree of comfort here, is that when Anni turns to Tuner and says “And if anything’s up, give me a call. I’ll come back right away”. It almost sounds like Anni’s voice breaks a little here, like she is struggling to hold back some tears.

And MY GOD, that last lone tear running down Jasmin’s face…DESTROYS ME! 


OK, am back, let’s continue.

It’s now later that same evening. Anni is in her room packing for Barcelona. We hear the door open and we hear a seductive “HEELLLOOO”. Anni turns around to see Jasmin, in her bathrobe, completely drunk. I love how Anni’s look goes from normal to WTF to longing to OH FUCK NO all within 5secs.

This scene is both cringeworthy and sexy all at the same time. While I found myself screaming at the TV “NO, JASMIN, NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”, I also found myself drawn to how sexy Janina Jasmin is being in this scene. She saunters on over to Anni all sexy drunk after taking her robe off;


And yes, this is pretty embarrassing behavior coming from Jasmin, and it can be REALLY hard to watch, especially the way that Anni is pushing Jasmin off her. BUT, HOW FRIGGIN’ SEXY IS JANINA JASMIN?! OMG!

image     image     image

All the while she is telling Anni things like;

- “I know you love me, baby”
- “I know you want it”
- “But you love it, baby”
- “You like this, don’t you?”

While yes Jasmin is totally wasted, I love how dominant she is being in this scene. She WILL NOT give up trying, even when she is drunk. Anni tries to get her to go to her own bed but Jasmin just ends up falling onto Anni’s bed, telling Anni;

“I don’t give a shit what you say. I’m gonna stay here tonight. And I’ll prove to you that I love you. That I really love you”

Anni is perplexed and pissed off now. She returns to packing but starts telling Jasmin that she can lie there stark naked for all she cares, she’s not going to touch her. She’s fed up because Jasmin gets on her tits and she doesn’t want Jasmin ANY MORE! She wants Jasmin to go back to her own room so she can get some sleep. As she is telling Jasmin these things, she gets more and more pissed off, until eventually she bursts out with “MAN, JASMIN!”. She spins around only to find that sweet, sexy, cute and adorable Jasmin has fallen asleep in her bed and looks like the most beautiful angel in all the heavens.

Anni lets out a sigh, as we all do, and her pissed off face slowly changes to amusement. She slowly lifts Jasmin’s leg to get something out from under her. She shakes her head and mutters “FUCK!” because now Jasmin’s GORGEOUS leg is just right there. Just laying there, being all GORGEOUS. She can’t resist running her hand over it (who could?!).



Anni tries to shake it off. But how do you shake off chemistry like that?! She grabs Jasmin’s bathrobe and covers her with it. Am loving how equally pissed off and in love Anni is in this scene.

After she puts the bathrobe over Jasmin, she looks down at the face of an angel and can’t help but to sit down next to her. She gently brushes some hair from Jasmin’s face and looks lovingly at her.


Anni lets out the most heart breaking sigh I think I’ve ever heard from her. This is SO HARD for her. To let go of Jasmin and to walk away. She is so terrified by being hurt again. And with that thought, she gets up and leaves the room. I think in her mind, that was actually her good-bye to Jasmin, and our poor hearts break some more.

Cut to the next morning and Anni is in the living room with all her stuff, saying good bye to everyone, except Jasmin. She is still sleeping off her feelings. I especially love her good bye to Nele. They AWWW like it’s actually Linda and Ramona saying good bye to each other. Super cute.

Jasmin bolts out of Anni’s room like it’s on fire. And so she should, she ALMOST missed saying good bye to Anni there. Do I really think Anni would have left without saying good bye to Jasmin? Probably. I feel like she said good bye to her last night on the edge of the bed, but it would have so not been fair to Jasmin to just leave like that.

Jasmin apologizes for last night and there is a moment of awkward silence before Anni tells Jasmin to come give her a hug. Jasmin gives Anni a present, telling her “So you won’t forget all about me”. As if ANYONE could ever forget someone like Jasmin.


Anni thanks her and with that she is off to the airport. Jasmin’s face as Anni leaves says it all. She is barely keeping it together, along with the rest of us.

Cut to the airport. Where if you look closely, you will see members of Linda’s band, Lejana, as background extras.

Anni goes through security and puts her carry on through the X-ray. The customs officials ask her to unpack her bag as they suspect she is carrying liquids. Perplexed and doubtful, she starts unpacking her bag. We see random things including a lesbian book, which she holds up and tells customs is a very good book and she highly recommends it (can anyone actually make out what book that actually is?).

Anni finally pulls out Jasmin’s gift and the customs guy tells her to unwrap it. I love the hesitation from Anni here. Like she probably wouldn’t have opened this gift for a long time if she hadn’t been forced to do so right now by customs.

I love Anni’s face when she see’s Jasmin’s ridiculous drunken wrapping skills. It’s like she used the whole roll of gift wrap on it LOL!


We see its a small bottle of something. Anni is intrigued now. She hands it over to customs saying “Maybe it’s Vodka?”. He opens it and smells it. It’s CHLORINE, he says. SAY WHAAAAAAT?!!!!!


As it dawns on Anni what it is and the realization hits her, the same thing happens to us. OMG! We had been trying to guess what it could possibly be for 2 months and we never ever would have imagined CHLORINE!!! I need to find out WHO exactly the writers of this story line are and give them some SERIOUS HUGS!! It’s absolute perfection.

Anni takes us back to last October when she and Jasmin had that magical day at the pool. It was where it had all started. And if you ask me, I think that Jasmin has known for quite some time, maybe ever since that day, that that was the day that Anni fell in love with her.


Customs tell Anni that she either needs to get rid of the chlorine or she can’t get on the plane. In one direction is Barcelona, freedom from Jasmin and partying and in the other lies Berlin and JASMIN, JASMIN, JASMIN! Oh come on! Pick Jasmin! Pick Jasmin!

Meanwhile back the apartment, Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” is playing, with a broken and defeated Jasmin, wondering aimlessly around the kitchen.  And just when you thought your heart couldn’t break any more than it has, it FRIGGIN DOES!!! It’s clear that Jasmin has cried all the tears she has and all that is left is nothing. Just emptiness. I curl up back under my desk when, who should we see??



She says “Let’s give it a try”. Quite frankly she could have said ANYTHING at this point and I would still be cheering! Jasmin can hardly believe it! And says “What?”. Anni smiles and replies with “Yes!”.



And cue the most AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, HEART BREAKING (this time in a good way), HAPPIEST reconciliation scene I have EVER seen in my entire life. Way better than the EPIC kiss in “The Notebook” you guys. I’m crying tears of joy just like Jasmin!!


The pure emotion of this scene KILLS ME. We have gone from heartbroken to ecstatic within 5 seconds. The relief we all feel watching this, is beautifully played out by Janina. And I love how Anni breathes in Jasmin when she hugs her. It’s just so hard to describe all the emotions that come up while watching this scene. It’s simply perfect.


This was clearly Janina week on GZSZ. All her scenes this week were AMAZING. But it all lead up to and culminated with this last scene. She seriously deserves an award for this. One day I WILL buy this gorgeous woman a beer and thank her for making all our lives that much better!

What more can I say? I think these images speak all for themselves. I for one am EXHAUSTED. But it’s also time to CELEBRATE because



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