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Anni quit being stubborn and turned around from the airport back to Jasmin’s arms, after she unwrapped Jasmin’s amazing gift; CHLORINE! And FINALLY they are together! 


GAH! I could watch that scene over and over again for all time! *sigh*

Ep 5534

So this episode opens with Nele and Mesut making out in Nele’s room, when a VERY excited Jasmin knocks vigorously and bursts in. At this point, Nele shoves Mesut off the bed, quite hilariously. Aww poor Mesut. 

Jasmin wants to borrow Nele’s hair dryer…for an emergency. She also mentions, very excitedly, that Anni is staying and proceeds to run out of the room in a hurry. 

Now, what the hell emergency could there possibly be, that requires a hair dryer? Especially since Anni has JUST come back and is waiting for you in your room Jasmin?? I can only think of two reasons why she would need a hair dryer in such a hurry. 1) while passionately kissing and destroying Jasmin’s room, they have accidently spilled a glass of water ALL over Jasmin’s laptop and need to dry that shit STAT!


2) they have decided they want to jump into the shower together, and that requires immediate hair drying right after? Hmmm…? There’s one more reason I can think of but let’s not go there ;)

Nele and Mesut argue cutely about whether Nele is embarrassed by their relationship, when Jasmin and Anni emerge from Jasmin’s bedroom. I still think they are making a B-line for the bathroom for that shower together but they spot Nele and Mesut. Nele excitedly hugs Anni and Anni tells her that she cried for nothing. Have to say though, that Jasmin leading Anni out of her bedroom holding her hand is a total AWW moment.


And don’t freak out there, Mesut just left his fly undone LOL. 

Nele notes that it was about time that all the back and forth between them was over. Jasmin cutely acknowledges that yes it was her fault and that it was totally stupid. Anni VERY cutely disagrees. At this point, Jasmin sweetly slides over to Anni and kisses her. Cue another AWWW moment!


Can I just say one thing though? GET OUT OF THE FUCKING SHOT MESUT!!!!!!!!

Nele asks them if its official or if its “top secret”, so she doesn’t accidently blurt it out anywhere. Gotta love Jasmin’s response to this. She says “Go on. There’s nothing embarrassing about being with the greatest woman in the world”. Extra marks for you Jasmin!!


Anni then taking the levels of cuteness up a notch replies with “God, I’m in a relationship now? Dude, I bet I’ll turn into a leech, cling to you all the time, and we’ll start to wear matching clothes”. Why O why could the camera not stay on them for that one line? I would have loved to have seen Jasmin’s face here, but alas we are taken into Nele’s daydream. A hilarious daydream at that. It almost looks like it’s set in the 90s. Mesut and Nele are married and have a baby, but he’s too busy hitting on the hot ladies in the subway to care about what Nele thinks. 

When Nele is snapped out of it by Anni waving at her, we get yet another flash of cuteness between her and Jasmin. Jasmin is eating her breakfast, with Anni standing above her. She has her arm draped on her and Jasmin is lovingly stroking Anni’s arm and making I LOVE YOU eyes at her.


I could watch these two in the background of EVERY scene of this show and still be happy. GAH! They make me smile so much! 

While it cuts back to Nele, we can still HEAR the cuteness coming off of Anni and Jasmin.

Jasmin: Do you want some?
Anni: No, thanks.
Jasmin: It’s yummy.
Anni: Still.

They say this in THE cutest relationshipy voices ever!!! Why couldn’t they just cut back to them here??? I need to see all this cuteness!!!

Next we head over to the MW where Katrin has organized some fund raising event with “The Brave Lifesavers” and Tuner. While the speeches are being held, we get to witness ANOTHER cute AWWW moment. Anni is working the sound desk and Jasmin is working the bar. They are directly across from each other. A hot blonde walks by Anni, who then slips into her old habits and proceeds to check her out. But even before she’s finished, she quickly looks over to Jasmin, who has noticed. Anni has THE cutest BUSTED face on!!! She promptly waves adorably at Jasmin who then smiles and shakes her head. 


Now when I first saw this scene, it worried me ever so slightly. I didn’t like that Anni and Jasmin had JUST got together and Anni was already checking out other chicks. Especially when Jasmin can see. But both their reactions here, prove to me that we have nothing to worry about. Anni’s cute guilty look and Jasmin’s “wait til we get home” head shake = my monitor cracking from all the cuteness!!

They then reveal the campaign banner for “The Brave Lifesavers” from that photo shoot they all participated in the other day. And all I can think about is, I want that HUGE assed banner in my living room. Who do I have to call to get it?? Just kidding….not kidding….hahah…..yeah just kidding.


Tuner gets up to make a thank you speech and then thanks all his friends for their support the past few weeks. When he’s done, everyone comes and gives him a huge AWW hug. Cue the celebrations.

Tuner is checking out Nele dancing and at one point hilariously imagines everyone else gone and ONLY Nele dancing. It’s pretty funny watching Nele dance alone. I actually spent this scene pausing to see if I could find Anni and Jasmin. Jasmin is sitting on the edge of the stage, neither working nor dancing. And Anni is standing beside her. I guess they were put on the sidelines for this bit because the writers probably knew that if they were in the scene, we wouldn’t be watching the Nele/Tuner/Mesut story line LOL. 

Poor Tuner finally works up the courage to talk to Nele about his feelings for her, telling her that you should live your life as if it was your last day. Nele thanks him and takes that advice to finally show her feelings for Mesut instead and walks up to him kissing him. Awwww. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen to me…uh uh…no sir. It majorly sucks.

The best part of this scene is that waaaaay in the background we see a VERY surprised Anni and Jasmin. Super cute! 

**This recap was proudly brought to you by the word CUTE.

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