Previously on GZSZ…Anni and Jasmin are now proudly together and don’t care who knows it, while we all die from all the cuteness. Tuner finally tries to tell Nele his true feelings for her but it backfires and Nele instead shows her true feelings for Mesut instead.

Ep 5535

So we last left off at the MW, with Nele kissing Mesut for everyone to see. Tuner looks all sad, Nik looks all sad FOR Tuner…and meanwhile all I can see is the CUTENESS explosion of Anni and Jasmin in the background as they put on their surprised faces.


Sidenote, I’ve decided we should make a drinking game out of this whole storyline; every time Anni and Jasmin are being CUTE, we take a shot. Cool?

Mesut and Nele both ask each other if they’re still embarrassed of one another and they both reply with no. Nele then drags Mesut over to Anni and Jasmin. Their little surprised reactions are so adorable!! Anni and Jasmin tease Nele about the whole situation. They ask her why they took so long to tell them about it. Nele says she wasn’t sure how they would react. Come on Nele, you live with Anni and Jasmin…Jasmin has just announced that she’s together with a woman now and YOU’RE worried about how THEY would react? Anni and Jasmin both crack up laughing, as do we…because CUTENESS!!!! (take a SHOT!).


Anni making CUTE love heart symbols to Nele IS THE BEST!!! GAH!!

Next we cut to the elevator, where Jasmin is busy fetching fresh drinks for the bar. But man! Lugging all those heavy crates can be hard. If only she had a butch lesbian with strong arms to come help her. Cue Anni. Jasmin tells her she’s just the woman she needs right now. They banter in their CUTE way, before Anni grabs Jasmin and drags her into the elevator, pushing her up against the wall.


Now can we pause here for a second so that I can seriously start up a fan club for the writers of this show??? Just 24hrs earlier, we had the most heart breaking scene of all time, and now we get this?? I don’t think ANY of us in our wildest imaginations could EVER have believed that we would get anything like this. It feels like GAY CHRISTMAS!!!!

OK now back to it. After Anni slams Jasmin up against the elevator wall, not giving a flying fuck who might see them, and Jasmin tries to very CUTELY remind Anni that they need fresh supplies, Anni then reminds Jasmin that she too needs some “fresh supplies”. This has been one long assed day, that’s for sure….it’s about time this happened!


And just when you think you’re ovaries are about to explode, Jasmin slows the kissing down a bit, opens her eyes and stares at Anni, almost in disbelief that this is happening. Trust us Jasmin, we are also with you on that one!

image     image

She tells Anni that she loves her (OMG! AWWWW). Anni steps back a bit, brushes the hair out of her eyes and comes back with one of the best lines;

“First you have to earn those three words from me”

Yes, yes I can hear you all yelling at me; Why doesn’t Anni tell her she loves her back??. Well it’s waaaay too soon for her. We have to keep in mind that Jasmin went back and forth and back and forth quite a lot with Anni in the past. Anni is not over that as yet and is keeping her heart well guarded this time round. That being said, Jasmin also knows this and doesn’t hold it against Anni at all. In fact, she has one VERY sensible response. She grabs Anni and pushes HER against the wall, much to Anni’s surprise, and tells her;

“I can manage that…”


And we are all VERY thankful indeed! What a way to earn those three words Jasmin! I have to say that this scene is SO super hot, because we haven’t really seen Jasmin be this aggressive/confident with Anni before and also because I don’t think we’ve ever seen Anni being pleasured by Jasmin quite like this before. To me it’s great news to be shown that Jasmin is as into this as she is, because a lot of other “straight women turned gay” story lines just don’t show this.

Anyhow, am back after having to take a cold shower. We see Anni and Jasmin putting their clothes back on.


How cute are they readjusting each other’s hair and shirts?? After they are finally sensible again, they leave the elevator and bring the fresh supplies to the bar. Here the other worker lady makes note that that took forever. Jasmin tells her it was because the elevator broke down again and cheekily smiles at Anni, who agrees.

At this point, Anni turns to get back to carrying cables or whatnot, when Jasmin grabs her and whispers into her ear. Now my expert analysts have listened VERY closely to the audio and we have concluded that she says something along the lines of “Das war unglaublich” (“That was amazing”). OK OK so we don’t actually know what the last word was, but it had to have been something like amazing…right?


We would have loved for this to have continued but alas Katrin interrupts and Jasmin pushes Anni off her. Anni says she must attend to her lost cables and Katrin asks Jasmin “So? Did you like it?”. YOU BET SHE DID!!! SHE LOVED IT!!! Oh wait, she was asking about her speech. Jasmin tells her it was great. Katrin tells them that it all went very well and that her PR company might even have their first big client. Some big optician chain. As Katrin and Maren walk off excitedly discussing this, all Jasmin can do is search frantically with her eyes for Anni. She spots her heading up the stairs with her magical cables. Jasmin looks like a 5yr old kid who’s just had their candy taken away from them. She is super pissed at herself and upset that she hid Anni from Katrin. And I can’t help but AWWW at her here. My how you have changed Jasmin. We love you more and more with each passing day.

Cut to the apartment. Anni is asleep on the couch and Jasmin is coming out of the bathroom. I assume that Anni was just simply waiting for Jasmin to do her girl thing in the bathroom before bed and simply lay down and fell asleep…we all know how long girls take to get ready for bed. AGGGGEEESSSSS! Notice Jasmin’s shirt here, it says “I AM WHO I AM”. Way to go Jasmin! Even in your own home, you’re telling it as it is!!

Jasmin walks over to Anni and sits down, telling her to scoot over. Anni is seriously CUTE when she’s half asleep. She tells Jasmin no, she is so comfy right now. After Jasmin lovingly covers Anni with the blanket, she says she’s sorry for before.


Anni cutely says “About the elevator sex? No complaints”. BWAHAHA! Oh Anni, we love you!! Jasmin laughs and tells her no. She’s sorry about the way she was inhibited when her mother came over. Anni tells her its OK, it took her 3yrs to come out to her parents. Jasmin tells her that she doesn’t even think Katrin would have a problem with it. Anni cutely yawns and says “As long as you don’t have a problem with it”.


Now at first this little look from Jasmin at the end, bothered me. But I KNOW there is NO DOUBT whatsoever that Jasmin LOVES Anni. I think this look is mostly Jasmin fearing what her mother’s reaction might be, along with other people in her life?

We open DAY 2 OF HAPPINESS at the breakfast table with Anni napping on a bottle of milk and Jasmin SO CUTELY flicking her awake.


OMG! Can Anni get ANY cuter??? I have a feeling that Jasmin kept Anni up allllll night long and now she’s passing out at the breakfast table. HAHA!

Mesut then barges into our very cute moment with a stupid man question about which one of them is the guy and how it all works. Ugh Mesut, seriously?! Anni has a golden response “My dear Mesut, now I’m going to tell you something, lesbian sex is the hottest sex ever. You wouldn’t believe!”. YEAH! WAY TO GO ANNI!!! But Mesut insists that someone has to be the boss?? Anni and Jasmin then proceed to tease Mesut about how Nele is actually the boss in their relationship HAH!


Nele has to run off to work and tells Mesut not to let the girls bug him. He tells her that he can handle the two lesbians. As Mesut says the word “lesbians” though, Jasmin coughs and looks concerned. I get the feeling she does not like that label on herself at all. Fair enough Jasmin, we don’t care what you call yourself, as long as you’re happy.

After Nele and Mesut leave, Anni says “If anyone’s fine with it, its him”. Jasmin cringes and says its probably one of his favourite fantasies. Anni says that they probably just need a guy who gives it to them really dirty. Um GROSS! But HAHA!

After they giggle about this, Jasmin wonders if its even a big deal that she is with a woman now? Anni shrugs and tells Jasmin that it still might freak out her mother. Jasmin thinks about it for a second and then decides that she’s going to tell her mother today. Anni nods in support and then Jasmin pulls this little beauty of a line out;


To which Anni’s reaction is priceless;


HAH! Did someone mention marriage? Way to freak Anni out! LOL! I’m surprised she didn’t spit her coffee all over the kitchen!

Next we cut to the MW, where Anni is testing her headset microphone. She tells the guy that she thinks its busted or that maybe the setting on it is wrong. Jasmin casually strolls past Anni, blowing into her ear and into our hearts.


CAN THEY GET ANY CUTER?!!!! OK take your 15th shot now ;)

Jasmin then bumps into Katrin and decides she is going to re-introduce Anni to her mother. This time as her girlfriend. She motions Anni to come over and starts babbling in the CUTEST way possible; “Yes, um. Katrin, this is Anni. Anni…Well Anni…is now…”, before her mother interrupts her with “Yes, she’s your room mate. We’ve met before”. Before Jasmin can correct her, Katrin is called away.

I just have to say that the look on Jasmin’s face when she’s trying to tell her mother what Anni is to her, is amazing. She is totally and utterly in love with her.


Anni sensing that Jasmin is about to be upset, tells her to come with her to the bathroom. Once there Jasmin tells Anni that she swears she wanted to tell Katrin. Anni tells her not to worry about it. It’s at this point that the faulty headset around Anni’s neck turns on and begins broadcasting everything they are saying into the MW for everyone, including Katrin, to hear. Jasmin asks Anni how she should tell Katrin. She then goes on in, as I’m told, a red neck German accent, and says “Hey. Katrin. I’m with a woman now!” , to which Anni cracks up. Anni offers up her own Mesut type accent and says;

“Mother, this is Anni and I’m having the hottest sex of my life with her”

BWAHAHA! Jasmin, in her accent again replies back with “Yeah, that’s right…yeah”. They both crack up but Jasmin says its all too coarse. Anni says that’s nonsense and they go in for yet another cute kiss. But just before Jasmin can kiss Anni, Anni calls Jasmin; “You sexy thing” and slaps her ass.


Sooooo raise your hand if you wish you were Anni in that scene?!


We end on a shot of Katrin’s concerned face and we still hear Anni and Jasmin obliviously laughing away at their own jokes, Oh no, what will she think? What will she say?

Tune in next time to find out.

PS Am totally drunk now from all those shots….and you should be too. You’re welcome :)

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