Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin came out to her mother, as well as everyone else at the MW, Anni chased away some boys that were harassing her and Jasmin on the subway, Jasmin mistakenly tells off a man who simply wants his backpack and ALL OUR MONITORS DIED FROM CUTENESS!!!

Ep 5537

So these next 2 episodes are actually just “filler” episodes, where Anni and Jasmin are just filling in, in the background of other story-lines. But this doesn’t mean they still can’t kill us all with their cuteness!

We open with Maren and Katrin talking to their potential new client, Mr Schmerp Scherf, who owns a chain of optometry shops. He wants to have a new promotional campaign that will grow his company, but he questions whether Katrin’s PR firm, PR Now, are up to the challenge. He agrees to let them pitch their ideas to him…at their own agency. He wants to do it today before his flight home.

As soon as Mr Schmerp Scherf walks off, Katrin worriedly asks Maren what they are going to do now, as they have neither employee’s working for them nor an actual office.


Katrin calls around to see if she can find them an office but no one has any available at such short notice. Maren suggests they just do it at the room they already have, but Katrin says that won’t nearly be impressive enough for Mr Schmerp Scherf.

Enter Bommel, who hears they need an office, nay an ENTIRE AGENCY. He immediately takes them to some fancy pants office and tells them they can use it. He tells them it belongs to some advertising agency that is currently away on vacation. Katrin is unsure but he convinces them to use it. Katrin note’s that now they just need to find some “employees”.

Now I know you must all be thinking to yourselves, yeah yeah this all sounds boring interesting, but WHERE are Anni and Jasmin?!

Well funny you should ask, because just as Bommel tells Katrin he already found the best of the best “employees”, they come running up the stairs!!!! HOORAY!!!!!


We missed you guys!!!! And joining them is Mieze. Now these 3 make for one cute team!



We see posters being stuck up, business cards replaced, folders, pamphlets, magazines and letters all added to make it look like this is now the PR Now offices. GENIUS! PURE GENIUS!


I love when several cast members who don’t usually work together all have a cute montage / team episode. GO TEAM!!!! It reminds me of the “let’s find out if Lara is gay” episode of The L Word.

At this point, Jasmin sitting in the receptionist chair, rolls back and says that she could get used to this.


Anni notices what we do, that secretary looks great on Jasmin, and gives her a wolf whistle. Jasmin’s reaction back to Anni, makes me spit out my morning coffee…


Anni likes what she sees, as do I, very much so, yes thank you sir, can I have another? She gives back a rightly justified lip bite reaction. I personally would have just fallen right off that desk, but whatever, Anni is much, much cooler than I am.


Jasmin then role plays and picks up the phone and says “Mrs Brehme, hello?”. OMG! Jasmin’s sexy voice here, what can I say but ghdgashdgdgshdeysgshdghasudghi…..there goes my coffee yet again.

Side note; if anyone out there is like Jasmin and is single…call me…no seriously, call me RIGHT NOW!!

*ahem* So back to it…

Maren then tells Anni that she is the “copywriter”, Mieze is the graphic designer and Bommel tells them that he is the Creative Director. Maren sits Mieze down and tells her to play around with the template, leading, contrast and so on. She has no idea what that means, so Maren then hilariously tells her, “Just open and close the window. Open and close. The important thing is that you look busy”. HAHA! Sounds like my job.

Anni and Jasmin are being cute all over the place. At one point Jasmin walks past Anni and pushes a magazine up in her face, while Anni deflects it. Later, Anni tells Jasmin that she likes her secretary look. WE ALL DO, ANNI. WE ALL DO!

I would gladly watch a show all about Anni and Jasmin working in an office together…all-day-every-day. It could be about the most boring things ever, and I would STILL LOVE IT TO PIECES!!!!


We then hear Mieze whisper across to Bommel and ask him what it is that they actually do there. He tells her PR, to which she hilariously replies with, “Propaganda?”. BWAHAHAHAH!!! She then continues on opening and closing some files.

Katrin tells Maren that she thinks it might just all work, but they have to rush Mr Schmerp Scherf to her desk at the back as fast as possible so he doesn’t suss anything out. Jasmin is sitting on the edge of Anni’s desk, when Katrin asks her if she could go sit at her desk. The look Jasmin gives Anni as she turns and leaves here, melts my heart. GAH! THOSE LOOKS!!!!


As Jasmin gets to her desk, she accidently bumps into the phone and sets off the answering machine. It just says things like, sorry you’re calling outside of office hours, or all our lines are currently busy, you can leave a message at the beep…OH YEAH and it also names the advertising agency at the end. Keep this in mind for later. They all agree that they should not touch the phone from now on.

Suddenly we hear the elevator ping, Maren yells LOOK OUT, HE’S COMING!!! Everyone scurries off to look like they work there.


Katrin and Maren welcome Mr Schmerp Scherf and he rambles on about how this office reminds him of some old office he had back in….sorry fell asleep there. Katrin notices the main poster on the reception desk has peeled away from the wall, revealing the name of the ad agency and panics. Jasmin notices too and jumps up to offer Mr Schmerp Scherf a coffee or a tea. They then chit chat about how Jasmin is Katrin’s daughter and he yabbers on about his kids.

As Katrin leads Mr Schmerp Scherf through the office, we see Bommel run over to Anni’s desk and tell her all about fish LOL


They then pass Mieze’s desk, where she is busy opening and closing folders HAHAH! Mr Schmerp Scherf questions this and Maren rambles on something about calibration. HA! They then take Mr Schmerp Scherf into the back room to pitch him all their amazing ideas.

After the pitch, he tells them that he looks forward to working with them. Walking past Mieze’s desk he sees her still opening and closing folders, and asks how long this calibration usually takes. Maren tells him it should just be a few more minutes, to which Mieze convincingly nods.

Mr Schmerp Scherf asks Jasmin to call him a taxi, but Katrin says that she’ll do it. OH NOOOOO! Not the phone!!! Katrin sets off the answering machine and it starts playing…WILL MR SCHMERP SCHERF FIND OUT IT’S NOT THEIR OFFICES??!!! Well lucky for you, Imma recap the next episode starting now…

Ep 5538

…so the answering machine is talking away, Katrin and Jasmin are franticly trying to turn it off and Anni buries her head in her hands.


The answering machine continues. So Bommel quickly runs up to Mr Schmerp Scherf and tries to distract him by asking him what kind of glasses he thinks suites his face. Oh no! The answering machine is about to reveal everything. Quick thinking Maren then pulls the fire alarm. Everyone looks at each other and shrugs. Maren then yells FIRE ALARM!!! EVERYONE OUT!!!!!


Cut to the MW later and they are all toasting to their success, as the best fake team in the world. Awww I want them to be a real team and I want to go to there and work with them!

Jasmin says that next time they will do better with the phone system, and Anni tells Maren that she can’t go getting herself wet every time either.


(Maren had thrown water all over herself and told Mr Schmerp Scherf that the sprinklers had come on and ruined their offices).

Katrin and Maren then split off from the group but we can still hear Anni in the background making fun of what Bommel had said to her earlier about the fish and the worm. And with that Katrin and Maren toast to their success.

* Today’s recap was proudly brought to you by the word SECRETARY ;)

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