Previously on GZSZ…Katrin’s new client gives an interview about his feelings on teaching children in school about homosexuality, and it’s not very nice. Jasmin tell’s her mother that she shouldn’t be working with such a moron. Anni and Jasmin join a protest against him opening a new store in the neighbourhood and accidentally get photographed kissing, which makes it into the paper. Katrin is now super pissed at Jasmin and tells her she’s making a fool out of herself. BAM!

Ep 5540 

We open back at the cafe where Katrin has just told Jasmin that she thinks she’s making a fool out of herself. Jasmin replies back with “So you think my relationship with Anni is ridiculous?”. Awww she just called it a relationship…eeeeeeee!!!!

Katrin tells her she misunderstands and tells her that she can be with whoever she wants, but does she need to make a public statement about it? Jasmin tells her that Schmerp Scherf thinks that homosexual couples are perverted and asks her if she thinks that’s OK?

Wow, Jasmin looks SUPER hot when she gets all riled up like that. And its super exciting to see her get this defensive about her and Anni. Yet another way this proves to me that Jasmin is totally for real this time.

Katrin tells Jasmin that she doesn’t think it’s OK what Schmerp Scherf thinks. Yet you continue to work with him, Jasmin yells at her. Katrin tells her that the political views of her clients are none of her business, as long as they are legal. Jasmin tells her that its not about political views, it’s about whether Katrin stands with her or not. Katrin tries to win the sympathy vote here and says;

“The way you stand by me? By posing as a lesbian icon for the cameras for fun, even though you know perfectly well that I’m struggling for my existence?”

Ohhh noooo did she just say “for fun?” Ummmm….

Jasmin is NOT impressed. Katrin says that its fine if she wants to keep experimenting sexually, but not at the expense of her agency! And then promptly walks out…

We cut back to the cafe later and Anni is now sitting at the bar while Jasmin tells her what her mother said. She tells her that her mother doesn’t take her relationship with Anni seriously. Anni says that they’ve only been together for like 2 weeks.

Really Anni? Because if we’re talking GZSZ time, its more like a week…even in real life time it hasn’t been two weeks…I know these things! Sheeeeesh…

Jasmin, and ALL of us, rolls her eyes at Anni. Anni continues saying that it was all a bit of a surprise for her mother and that she should just give her some more time. She tells her that it took her parents years, and they STILL think she’s experimenting sexually.

At this point Anni finally breaks through to Jasmin and her frown is turned upside down! YAAAY! Her smile…there it is again.

Next we cross over the the offices of Katrin and Maren. They are discussing Schmerp Scherf and his homophobic thinking. They argue about it and Maren asks Katrin whose side she’s on. Katrin says that she is a business woman, so she is on HER OWN side. Maren says that Jasmin wants them to drop Schmerp Scherf as a client. Katrin says that just because Jasmin is a lesbian this month, they should all risk their existence? Dramatic much Katrin?? Maren hopes that she didn’t say this to Jasmin’s face…

Back at the cafe, Jasmin is still ranting about her mother to Anni. Anni just sits there shaking her head and checking her out, because quite frankly, who wouldn’t? She is super hot when she’s angry and Anni tells her this.


Jasmin tells her to cut the macho crap out. Ohhh snap. Love it when Jasmin sets Anni in her place. Anni immediately snaps out of it and tells her they have better things to do anyway, Like making banners for the protest. Anni says she wants to “chase that homophobic asshole out of the neighbourhood!” – she says this in a very macho voice.

Anni’s humour once again breaks through Jasmin’s mood and cracks her up and she calls her a LESBO, shaking her head at her.

Cut to Jasmin arriving home to find Katrin sitting on the stairs. She asks her if she’s lost her keys again (Katrin lives in the same building). No, she wants to apologize. She says she was wrong to question her feelings for Anni, that its her life and that she has nothing against gays and lesbians. Jasmin notes that she still WORKS with people who have something against gays and lesbians. Katrin tells her that she’s written up a statement in which Schmerp Scherf apologizes for what he said. Katrin then turns on the water works a tad and says that after her illnesses she thought she would never work again. But now that she has her agency she’s working again. She says that right now everything is riding on this one client. She asks Jasmin if she wants her to start from scratch again. GEEZ, EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL MUCH??

Katrins tells Jasmin that its not like she’s asking her to deny herself, just to stay away from the protests. Jasmin says she’ll think about it.

Later at the apartment, all the girls are sitting on the ground with lots of craft supplies around them as they try to make banners for the protest. Anni says they need to think up some good slogans. Nele says “Two mothers are better than no parents”…BWAHAHA Oh Bless you Nele! They all crack up. Jasmin says that’s awful. Anni comes up with “A curriculum is not gonna turn anyone gay”. Jasmin suggests that they come up with a gimmick instead of a slogan, some accessory to express solidarity. She runs into her room and comes out with some sunglasses, which she puts on, and some pink nail polish.

Ahdjhsdjksd how friggin cute is she? And what a great idea! And they all agree. Anni mentions that their model can also pose for pictures with them on too. She says she’d rather not because of her mother. Anni is cool with that, because Jasmin is much more important to them in the “underground” anyway. Jasmin gets a super cute look on her face here and starts painting her sunglasses pink.

Cut to the protests where the new slogan “With Pink Glasses on, you see everything more clearly” is now painted across a big banner. Anni sees Alexander and runs up to him, asking him to paint his sunglasses pink. He says they are too expensive to paint. So Anni gives him a pair of her own and tells him he looks SEXY.

Cut to Katrin’s office where Alexander has just walked in wearing his new pink glasses. He tells them the slogan that goes with it. Katrin doesn’t get it and says that its all starting to be a serious problem for Schmerp Scherf. Maren does not sympathise. Katrin asks Maren if she needs to remind her that he’s their only client?

Cut to Jasmin leaving the apartment. Across the street the protest is happening, but she’s supposed to stay away from it. She spots Anni and Nele dancing away. Her little puppy face here breaks my heart. She looks like a little child who hasn’t been invited to the party.  Awwwww!!!

Anni once again uses humour to cheer Jasmin up and ducks behind her jacket, making a camera frame with her hands and mouths the word “UNDERGROUND” to Jasmin. Awww BLESS! She is sooo super cute!!!

Cut back to Katrin’s office where she asks Alexander if he saw Jasmin at the protests? He tells her no.

Back at the protest Anni turns around to see Jasmin walking riiiight up to her. Jasmin grabs Anni and kisses the shit out of her, all with a HUGE grin on her face!


She looks so proud of Anni here and can barely contain her excitement. Anni asks her what she’s doing? What if Katrin sees? Jasmin says she doesn’t care. Her mother chose her life and she is choosing hers.

* This recap was proudly brought to you by the words EXPERIMENTING SEXUALLY

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