Previously on GZSZ…Ayla invites her love interest of the moment Dr Kant to dinner at the apartment, where the gang all tease on her and ask the Doc a million personal questions.

Ep 5550

We open back at the dinner with the Scooby Gang at the apartment. Ayla and the Doc are washing the dishes while the rest are discussing them “quietly” at the dinner table. Nele notes that they look super cute together. Mesut, being a manly man, asks Nele if she seriously thinks that helping to wash dishes is cute. Nele is all “It’s totally sexy!”. In what universe Nele? Because the only way I think washing dishes can be sexy is when this happens, to someone else…oh and they’re wearing a white tshirt…that helps

Mesut tells Nele she can’t be serious and Anni chimes in with this gem; “No idea what makes a man sexy”. HAHA! We love you Anni, never change! Her and Jasmin exchange the cutest of looks here.

Mesut tells them that the Doc just wants to get him some. And Anni rightfully shushes him, because he’s standing right there! Mesut sometimes reminds me of my Dad; totally inappropriate sometimes and ALWAYS talking WAY too loud when he thinks he is just whispering. He goes on to say that when you want some, you HAVE to play nice. He then goes into a tongue twister about how the Doc just wants to score points with Ayla and she thinks that’s cool or she just pretends to think it’s cool, that he thinks it’s cool. And then the Doc in turn thinks it’s cool that she thinks it’s cool. WHAT?!

Jasmin shuts him down and tells him he is talking nonsense. AMEN sister. But cute Anni just has to chime in with, “Well, I think it’s cool”. HAHA! OK, now that was funny Anni! She and Jasmin crack up and its totally adorable and I’m sure somewhere a unicorn gets its wings.

Mesut asks Anni if she does think its cool too, because she is, after all, a lesbian. Way to kill the mood Mesut. Anni and Jasmin stop laughing and give him the annoyed face that we are all giving him too. The Doc’s phone rings and he steps out to take it. As soon as he steps out Anni perks up like a little meerkat.

Mesut asks Ayla if the Doc is staying overnight. Geez Mesut, bit personal don’t you think? Ayla tells him to stop whispering behind their backs as they aren’t very subtle. She tells them, so what if the Doc stays overnight anyway, he’s great in bed. Ugh…too much info there Ayla! Just then the Doc walks back into the room and I’m sure he’s heard that last part because Anni and Jasmin can’t contain their laughing. Adorable laughing yet again.

He tells them he has to go into the hospital. Ayla comments that that’s too bad and he agrees.

Cut to later on and we open up on the lounge room with all the girls watching TV. Anni is adorably laying across Jasmin’s lap with a tub of ice cream sitting on her stomach. When I first saw this scene, I have to admit, that I had no idea what they were saying because I was too busy watching the adorable explosion coming from the couch!

Anni naturally grabs Jasmin’s hand and they both are still giggling over the whole thing that happened at dinner. I love that they have all these little inside jokes that only they find hilarious. The girls all start teasing Ayla about her missing her “boyfriend” already. Anni makes a joke and Jasmin adorably cracks up and kisses Anni on the head. We don’t actually SEE the kiss but we hear it. I think I need to have a few words to the GZSZ camera department, because they are doing it all wrong LOL!

Ayla thinks its WAY too soon for him to be called a “boyfriend” and Nele insists that the Doc just knows what he wants. Jasmin tells Ayla that the Doc just has a crush on her, that’s the problem. Nele asks why that is a problem and Jasmin tells her it’s a problem if the other person doesn’t feel the same way. Blah blah all I can focus on is HANDS!


Anni is adorably playing with the ice cream but not actually eating any and they both just look so happy and relaxed. Ayla decides she wants the ice cream and takes it from Anni. Nele asks Ayla that she must know what she wants and Anni notes that she never introduced Mesut as her boyfriend after they first slept together either. Nele tells them that was a different matter because Mesut is such a macho, whereas the Doc sends Ayla flowers all the time. Jasmin then sarcastically says, “Flowers? Flowers really are what matters the most!”. Really Jasmin, you were pretty sure earlier in the evening that it must be getting pretty serious with the Doc BECAUSE he sends her flowers every day. Hmmm…Oh and because Anni’s ice cream hand is now free, she uses it wisely to lovingly grab/stroke Jasmin’s arm and everything is right with the world again.

Nele tells them she likes when a guy is decisive and you know where you stand with him. Anni says that the Doc is a little borderline though as they’ve only had 3 dates. Nele asks them when is it OK then, after a month? Jasmin says it depends, and that you just know when the time is right. Yeah, just like with you and Anni. Everything timed out perfectly. And we are all happy campers right now.

* This recap proudly brought to you by HANDS!
“Hands. Touching hands. Reaching out. Touching me. Touching you.”

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