Previously on GZSZ…the Scooby gang ran over to Tuner’s place to help him, by being totally awesome friends. Lots of fruit was consumed, hilarious accents portrayed and Anni & Jasmin were being cute all over the place.


Ep 5554

So as I sat down to watch this episode for the first time, I was totally unaware of what was about to explode out of my monitor when I switched it on. The very first shot is of Anni holding a bowl full of strawberries and she asks Jasmin what they should do with it. Jasmin plays innocent and asks “What do you mean?”. Anni walks around behind Jasmin telling her they have the place to themselves. She then seductively feeds a strawberry to Jasmin.

WOOWEEEWOOOWAAA! You take that strawberry Jasmin. You take it!
Anni then proceeds to kiss Jasmin’s neck and as she does, just out of frame of camera, Anni forcefully starts unbuttoning Jasmin’s shirt. I have a feeling a lone button might have popped right off there. I love how Jasmin’s facial expression changes as soon as she sees / notices Anni unbutton her shirt.

Haha, but OMG could Anni have found a bigger strawberry to feed Jasmin? LOL Poor Janina looked liked she struggled a bit there to fully eat that before….BAM!

One of the hottest kisses they’ve had so far. My computer actually shut down after this and proceeded to self destruct.

I’m especially loving that they are now letting go of each others faces when they kiss. It indicates giving up a certain degree of control. I think that Linda and Janina are starting to feel more comfortable around each other and it certainly shows. Also love the way that Anni steps into the kiss.

So while we are all holding our breath as we watch this amazing scene, suddenly our peaceful world is interrupted by none other than Mesut and Nele who come barging right in, and tearing our beloved couple apart. *insert record screech*

The look on Jasmin’s face here is the same one we have right now.

Now, I know a lot of you won’t understand this reference, as its from a classic Australian TV commercial. But I am so bringing this phrase back. And just so you do understand how amazingly awesome this commercial and this line is, you can watch it right here

Suffice it to say, we are totally not happy right now at Nele & Mesut for destroying our love sanctuary. That kiss could have turned into something amazing, but now we will never know…and I’m pretty sure a baby bird just died somewhere from the heartbreak.

So Nele and Mesut are arguing about how he thinks Nele is still in love with Tuner. Mesut had planned a super romantic spa weekend away for the two of them but Nele declined to go with him because she wanted to be there for Tuner. So now Mesut is pissed. Jasmin and Anni give each other a look here, all is not well in the land of Scooby

Mesut keeps mocking Nele about how in love she is with Tuner, while Nele just gets more and more pissed at him. I’m too busy watching how cutely Anni is hiding behind Jasmin here

Not to mention the fact that Jasmin still hasn’t eaten her strawberry. Too much going on right now for her to eat it fully LOL

Mesut tells Nele that she should take Tuner to the wellness spa instead since he seems to need it more. Anni says “Ouch” and Mesut asks her what she’s looking at. Both Mesut and Nele storm off, leaving Anni and Jasmin alone again. AHEM. They leave…leaving them alone again. *cough* *cough* You guys! You can continue making out now…any time now…

Cut to the next scene and Nele is unpacking her bag and takes out some sexy lingerie. She asks the girls who Mesut thought she had packed that for…Tuner? Jasmin grabs it saying “Hot thingy” and saunters on over to Anni and throws it at her. MY GOD! Ahjhsjdhwjdhdhwiodhwiodhid JASMIN hdwidhwdio SHORTS dhiqdhwid ANNI fhihfiowef ARMS

Nele tries to explain to them that she is just worried for Tuner and that’s it. She unpacks a bottle of champagne and immediately Anni is all up in that business…she be wanting that and takes it. Anni tells Nele that Mesut paid all this money for a weekend away. But Nele tells her she doesn’t feel like going away to a spa while Tuner is waiting for a doner heart. Jasmin asks Nele if its true that Tuner has a crush on her. She just kinda shrugs and Jasmin is all

Anni tells Nele that its no wonder that Mesut is all jealous. Nele tells them that she doesn’t have a crush on Tuner and that’s what’s important. And she is with Mesut now.

Cut to Mesut’s shop where one of his friends points out to him that Tuner is in some magazine. He starts bad mouthing Tuner and Anni, who just came in, turns around and gives him the evil eye. Anni tells him that he’s full of shit. He tells her that he has nothing against him personally but that he needs to keep his hands off Nele.

Zoom over to Nele’s hairdressing shop where Tuner walks past and makes note to Nele that he thought she went away for the weekend with Mesut. She tells him it was cancelled. He hopes it wasn’t because of him. She’s all no, we just had a fight. LIAR! LOL She takes pity on his scruffy hair and tells him to sit down so she can fix it.

Back at Mesut’s shop, he is busy still bad mouthing Tuner and Anni is still giving him the evil eye.

Zoom back to Nele’s shop where she has fixed his hair and now asks him if he wants a scalp massage. Oh yes please! I need one of those STAT! Both Nele and Tuner start getting REALLY into the massage…a little too much ;)



Give me a Ruhse Magic Moment any day ;)

As Nele is massaging away she gets this lovesick look in her eyes. Does she actually have feelings for Tuner? DA DA DAAAAA! She suddenly freaks out and tells him that’s enough now. Thank God…it was a little bit enough for me too…

* This recap proudly brought to you by one of Jasmin’s buttons…it’s over there in the corner, on the floor.

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