Previously on GZSZ…there were some strawberries eaten, some buttons popped, some amazing making out and oh yeah I had to buy yet another computer as my last one self destructed from the Ruhse chemistry.

Ep 5557

We open on Nik who is working the cafe by himself. He already looks pretty flustered and then he gets a phone call from the hospital. They have Tuner’s doner heart but he needs to be there within 30mins or someone else will get it. Nik tells them that Tuner’s not there but that he’ll track him down. Crank up the fast paced music as Nik frantically calls Nele, and tells her to call the Scooby gang because they need to find Tuner STAT!


Cut to Tuner who is outside with Vince trying to fix a VW van. He keeps getting them to rev the engine so he doesn’t hear his phone ringing. PICK UP TUNER! PICK UP!!!

Back at the cafe Nik hangs up the phone and the whole Scooby gang is there now. He tells them all to split into groups and sends them out to search for Tuner. He reminds them that they only have 20mins left!!! They should have had a countdown clock in the corner of our screens for this…

Tuner finishes up with the car and heads back into the cafe, which is now empty. He walks in to find disgruntled customers who are still waiting to order. He yells out for Nik but noone answers. So he goes into the salon next door to look for him. And just like any other comedy of errors, the Scooby gang come running in and Nik comes down from upstairs. They both ask each other if they’ve found him and both reply NO. Guys, he’s right behind you!!!! he’s in the next room!

Just as they are all about to panic, Tuner strolls in from next door. Nik is all WTF? Where have you been? Why didn’t you answer your phone?! He tells Tuner the hospital called, they have his doner heart and they have to go RIGHT NOW!!


Nik runs out with Tuner, Nele runs upstairs to grab Tuner’s bag and Anni and Jasmin tell them they will look after the cafe. When Nele does run down with Tuner’s bag she runs into a table or a chair or something. Anni comforts her, telling her it will all be OK and sweetly hugs her. AWWWW! Jasmin asks Nele to keep them posted.

I was actually expecting a lot more from this episode. I thought they could have dragged out not being able to find Tuner for a little while longer. They could have shown us the Scooby gang all looking for him or something. The way that they had it, took away any excitement of not finding him. It was like OH NO we need to find Tuner…pause…oh look there he is. A bit too fast for my liking.

Ep 5558

We open at the cafe where Anni and Jasmin are running things while they wait to hear about Tuner. Jasmin puts down an apple spritzer for a customer, who is all EXCUSE ME? But I ordered a coffee! Jasmin calls Nik to see if there’s any news but he doesn’t answer. Then Anni sweetly tells Jasmin that you’re not allowed to use cell phones in the hospital and that the customer didn’t order an apple spritzer but a coffee. Did I mention that she calls her SWEETIE here??


Naaaaawww!!! Jasmin’s head is clearly elsewhere as she asks Anni if she knows how long an operation like this will take. Anni just replies with LONG. Jasmin wonders if they are already operating on him…and whether they have already taken his heart out or not…Aw Jasmin I just wanna come give you a hug! Anni tells Jasmin she needs to stop thinking about it by distracting herself with work. Jasmin takes off with the tray of drinks and gives coffee guy yet another apple spritzer. Awww bless. Anni tells her to come to her. Poor coffee guy now has 2 apple spritzers and NO coffee still!


Anni tells Jasmin to just focus on making the orders and she will wait on the tables. She tells her everything is going to be fine. Jasmin tells her she wishes she could be as cool as Anni. Yeah, wouldn’t we all Jasmin, wouldn’t we all. Anni goes to finally give coffee guy his drink, she picks up one of his apple spritzers…he’s staring at his coffee…it’s riiiight there on the tray…when Jasmin gets a text from Nik and Anni runs back to read it. NOOOO, so close coffee guy…so close. Jasmin reads out the text “Can’t make calls here. No news yet. I’ll let you know when we hear anything”. She tells Anni, that its good and Anni agrees.

Enter Mesut, who is looking for Nele. He tells them she’s not answering her phone. Anni tells him its because you can’t use phones in the hospital. She tells him this like “GOD why does no one know this?!” LOL! Mesut is all “Hospital? Why?”. Jasmin tells him that it’s because she’s with Tuner. Mesut starts to lose his shit before Anni yells at him, telling him to put his jealousy aside because Tuner is in the hospital. Jasmin tells him they have his new heart and he’s all “What the hell are you doing here then? Why aren’t you at the the hospital?”. Sensible Anni asks him, then who would look after the cafe? Mesut tells them HE would of course! He tells them to go and practically pushes them out the door.

Cut to the hospital where Nele, Ayla and Nik are sitting and waiting. Phillip comes wheeling Tuner off the elevator and they all jump to their feet. Nik tells them that it was super fast. Nele asks him how he’s feeling but he tells them that the operation was cancelled, due to medical reasons.

Back to Anni and Jasmin who are now travelling to the hospital on the subway. Anni’s leg nervously twitches and Jasmin notices. She tells Anni that it looks like she’s not so cool after all…with the way she snapped at Mesut earlier. Anni tells her that sometimes you just have to get a bit louder.


A bit louder Anni? Are we still talking about Mesut here? I don’t think so, and neither does Jasmin.

image     image     image

We would like it also if you got loud…but we would also like to SEE it please! We need some serious romantical times soon, because we haven’t really had one since they got together. Writers please fix this ASAP, K? Thanks!

Just as we get a hint of sexy times just now, we are interrupted by Anni’s phone. They both frantically grab their phone but Anni looks at hers and puts it back in her bag. Jasmin asks her about it and she tells her it’s just her mother, who’s probably just trying to talk her into coming home for her father’s 60th birthday. She explains to Jasmin that her mother still can’t understand her not wanting to put up with her father’s homophobic shit. Jasmin tells Anni that he’s still her father. But Anni doesn’t want to hear it, she tells Jasmin that as long as he doesn’t want to accept her the way she is, she doesn’t care that he’s her father.


Another sweet moment gets interrupted by phones ringing. This time it’s Ayla and Nik calling from the hospital. They tell them that the operation was cancelled. The both exchange concerned glances.

Back at the apartment, Jasmin is totally frazzled. Jasmin starts getting all teared up and tells Anni, that if she thinks about something like this happening to her, that she would go crazy with fear. Awwww Jasmin, you sweetheart. I love when we get to see just HOW much she loves Anni, melts my heart.

image     image

Anni tells her she just has weak nerves. Aw Anni…just shhh. She tells Jasmin she doesn’t have to worry about her, she’s young and fertile. BWAHAH! She tells Jasmin that it’s what her father always said to her. And then imitating her father she says “Child, you’re young and fertile! Find yourself a guy!”. I don’t know why I find this so hilarious but Anni cracks me up!. She tells Jasmin she has no idea what made her think of that just now.

image     image

Not only does this make us crack up but it cracks Jasmin up too. And I love the way they can support each other like this. When one is down, the other can always make the other laugh. That is very important. And how perfect is Jasmin here? *swoon*


They exchange some intense looks here and Jasmin gets all serious again before telling Anni that she loves her. Janina, how can you make me feel so much love and at the same time utterly break my heart, all with a simple look? You are a magical pleasure to watch and you deserve to win a soap Emmy or something.


Not to mention the amazing look Anni gives back to Jasmin here. Great work Linda! I can feel the love through the TV half a world away. Anni tells her she loves her too and calls her a sensitive soul before this adorable kiss happens.

image     image
image     image

So many things about this kiss make it so perfect. Their looks, the way Anni AWWs at Jasmin, Jasmin’s sweet almost crying face, the way Anni is gently stroking Jasmin and their adorable nose rub (which seems to be their thing as this is not the first time they’ve done it).

Cut to a bit later on and Anni is on the phone with Mesut and tells him she’ll be there in about half an hour to take over from him, She notices a message on the answering machine and plays it back. It’s her mother asking her to come to her father’s 60th birthday. Did I mention that while she’s listening to this message, she is adorably munching away on a baby carrot? Damn, now I’m hungry too….

Jasmin overhears and asks her if everything is OK? Anni tells her yes. Jasmin asks if she’s going to call her back. Anni tells her no, why should she? Jasmin tells Anni that maybe her father wants a new start with her, that parents become more relaxed with age. She also cutely plays with Anni’s hair and rubs her shoulders while she says this.

image image

Anni tells her that her father will never accept the fact that she is a lesbian. Jasmin asks her if she’s so sure of that because they haven’t seen each other in ages. She tells Anni her father is not getting any younger and that she should go and see them. I agree with you Jasmin. If there are still things that need to be resolved in your life, try and do it while that other person is still alive. Once they are gone, it will be too late and you will end up regretting it.

** This recap proudly brought to you by, not one, but two glasses of apple spritzer!


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