Previously on GZSZ…we were in Untermerzbach visiting Anni’s parents. Anni’s father told her he didn’t have a daughter, Anni had a meltdown, Jasmin comforted her but Anni went back and stood up to him. Later, back in Berlin he sent her a text but Anni never replied…

Ep 5561

We open in the apartment with Nele, Jasmin and Anni. Jasmin has made enough hot chocolate to feed us all…so let’s all go! HOT CHOCOLATE FOR EVERYONE AT THE SCOOBY APARTMENT!!!

Jasmin asks Anni if she’s texted back her father and Anni mysteriously replies with “Maybe”. Aww come on! Leave us hanging why don’t you? I hate how with this one line, the Anni / Father storyline is all wrapped up. It’s like they needed to address the text from Anni’s father but they didn’t want to progress the storyline any futher right now and so tied up all up with this little “Maybe” from Anni here. The cutest part of this interaction though, is Jasmin kind of pushing Anni a little, in a teasing way.

Nele is sitting on the couch feeling sorry for herself because she can’t pick between Tuner and Mesut. She asks the girls if they have any more cream. Jasmin cutely looks at Anni, who is OMG, is she actually studying?? for her actual course that she is actually learning, in her non-existent school? HAH!  With the cute way she looks at her, Anni knows that she should get up to get the cream for Nele. 

Love the way Jasmin sits down, kind of like “Step into my office”. And she asks Nele why she kissed Tuner. She tells them that he kissed her first but then she kissed back. Anni raises her eyebrows at this and throws her the cream like she needs it. Jasmin asks Nele about Mesut and she tells them she just doesn’t know. Anni and Jasmin exchange cute glances again.

Practical Anni suggests to Nele that she just makes a list of all the pros and cons of each guy, so that she can pick one. I love the way that Jasmin looks at Anni here, kind of in an amazement…at how genius her girlfriend is. Jasmin likes this idea very much, but Nele thinks its just all nonsense. Nele tells them that it’s impossible that she has a crush on two men at the same time….Anni cutely sniggers at this. 

A bit later on and they are all sitting at the kitchen table now. The chocolate milk is still there…pass me some please?. Nele tells them that it’s no use, as Mesut has already broken up with her. He think’s she’s been cheating on him for weeks already. Jasmin suggests she talks to him when he’s calmed down a bit. Anni agrees and tells her that he’s sure to come around…then cutely points at the list and tells her to start with him. She tells them they laugh a lot, which Jasmin thinks is a good foundation. Yeah, it’s kind of the foundation you and Anni started with…laughter. God I love watching them laughing together! 

Nele then goes on to say that she likes Mesut’s body…in bed…WHOA NELE, OK stop talking now. 

Anni and Jasmin both crack up and Nele is all WHAT?! Anni tells her to put it on the list then. She tells them that she REALLY likes Mesut…A LOT! Anni and Jasmin both lose it again…which causes us to lose it with them, because well how can you not? It’s contagious!

Nele rambles about how impossible Mesut can be but yet he’s also so cute…meanwhile Jasmin and Anni try their hardest to muffle their laugher…Poor Nele, while she’s telling all her feelings for Tuner and Mesut, Anni and Jasmin just basically nod at her and try not to laugh. But God they’re so cute. They always share all these inside jokes and find the same things hilarious. 

Nele sarcastically thanks them for all their help and Anni tries her best to keep a straight face. Nele tells them that she can’t possibly have a crush on Tuner again but they have gotten pretty close lately. Jasmin suggests that maybe Nele kissed him because he’s ill and she always worrying about him. A pity kiss, Nele asks. Jasmin is all no but yes.

Then Anni, barely containing her laughter, asks Nele what the kiss with Tuner felt like, and they both crack up again. Nele tells them that it was nice but it’s different with Mesut. Cue more laughter from the girls. 

Cut to the cafe where Jasmin is working and Anni is studying at the bench. I find it SUPER cute that Anni is in the cafe just so she can be around Jasmin, while she works. Ayla is rambling about something to do with Phillip. Anni looks up from her book and notices that Ayla will probably need to talk it out, so she closes her book. They talk about the fact that Ayla filed for a divorce from Phillip and that it’s now normal that she would date other people. Anni suggests to her that she just rip it off like a band aid and tell Phillip she is now dating his boss, Dr Kite-Surfing Kant. But Jasmin thinks she should spoon feed him the information slowly, bit by bit. Ahhh bless, this is one of the reasons we love you guys…polar opposites on certain things. 

At this point Phillip enters the cafe and Jasmin clears her throat to warn Ayla. After they greet him, he shows Ayla an article that Dr Kite-Surfing Kant wrote and tells her that he thinks he’s amazing. I love these little looks Anni and Jasmin give each other in the meantime…

Anni starts singing “Love is in the air…” HAHA! Good one Anni! Phillip tells them that the Doc would be a good catch. Perfect set up Ayla…take the bait, which she does. She tells Phillip that Dr Kite-Surfing Kant and her are dating. He seem’s fine with it, even though Ayla keeps rambling a bit there. Phillip tells her that even he has a thing for the Doc and wishes her the best of luck with him. Awww, it’s so obvious these two still have a thing for each other, and now that there’s another actress playing Ayla, I would love to see her get back together with Phillip. 

Back at the apartment with Nele, and it’s bedtime and everyone is in their JimJams. God I love what Anni and Jasmin wear to bed! Anni just wears a black shirt and Jasmin wears a white one. Not only are they both SEXY as hell, but I love the way it also represents them as people. It’s the YIN>YANG of their relationship again. 

They are still discussing the list and decide to put “Macho issues” as a CON under Mesut. At this point, the same piece of music starts playing that was playing when Anni and Jasmin first sleep together. WHAT IS GOING ON?! I’m suddenly transported back to March and can no longer even focus on what’s going on in this scene. It’s like I see this on screen..

But inside my head I see…

Why are they reusing this music here? And in such a random scene too? It doesn’t even really NEED music here…

Tuner calls and Nele tells them she doesn’t want to talk to him. Jasmin tells her to answer and tell him that she wants to see him. Nele tells them she doesn’t want to raise his hopes when she herself doesn’t even know what she wants. I think it’s pretty clear that she likes Mesut better than Tuner….but guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Love the way Anni just shrugs at the end of this scene…like OH WELL, sucks to be you, lucky for me I have found my dream woman :)

** This recap proudly brought to you by the GALLON of chocolate milk that Jasmin made ** 

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