Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin tried to cheer Katrin up by taking her out for her birthday but they ended up in an argument instead. Anni and Jasmin ALMOST had sexy times but Katrin’s excellent timing meant that it didn’t happen. Jasmin being the sweetheart that she is, forgave her mother and all is now well again in the land of GZSZ.

Ep 5566

We open at the MW where Nele has been dragged out to have a good time with Anni and Jasmin. Nele makes it clear that she is NOT in the mood to be there. Anni is all OH YOU WILL BE. I think every single one of us watching out there would happily trade places with Nele right now. So shush Nele, and enjoy being out with the Dream Couple. And as Anni decends the stairs and we all fully get a proper look at what she is wearing…well let’s just say I could hear ALL your gasps all the way here in Australia.


I’m liking all the new outfits they’ve been putting on Linda ever since they had the yard sale. Two thumbs up from me. Not to mention this amazing hair style…YES YES YES!

Anni goes to order drinks for them and Jasmin shouts out Prosecco. Of course it has to be Prosecco…do they ever drink anything else? LOL. And while Nele complains away that she doesn’t even like electro music, Jasmin adorably tells her to stop whining.


Nele tells them that she should be allowed to whine sometimes too. And if you blinked here, you would have missed this SUPER adorable face Janina pulls.


Anni tells Nele that she doesn’t have heartache but rather a luxury problem. Spoilt for choice eh Nele? Jasmin agrees and Nele admits she used to hate women who couldn’t decide and now she was one of them. Anni is quick to point out, though, that she is much nicer than them.


At this point Nele spots Mesut across the room and they give each other the eyes, but Mesut walks away. Nele tells the girls that she’s such a stupid cow. Jasmin quickly and sternly tells Nele that she’s not and they all toast with their Prosecco. Not sure what causes Nele to pull this face, but its pretty hilarious!


Now cut to the smooth electro beats of Henrik Schwarz / Âme / Dixon. We see the girls get down with their bad selves, including this fantastic dance move from Jasmin which I like to call “Dancing with a champagne glass on your head”.


Maren comes down the stairs with her son Jonas and introduces him. He pretty much has the same look on his face if any of us were to ever meet them. Bewilderment and amusement.

Now while Jasmin is being her adorable self dancing with the champagne glass, and eventually with Anni…poor Nele is just kind of standing there, shuffling in place and watching Mesut on the other side of the room. But we need to just stop everything for a second to admire this little move…


Aww how incredible sexy and adorable are they? Can we just get a whole episode of Anni and Jasmin at a club please? KThanks.

Nele offers to get them all some more drinks, Jasmin of course wants some more Prosecco, while Anni asks for beer. Girls, you will be waiting a while on those drinks, because Nele only gets a few steps away before she sees some random girl with Mesut and stops. Jasmin notices and grabs Nele, telling her to stop looking, that he’s only trying to make her jealous.

Tuner and Nik walk in at the top of the stairs. Nik tells Tuner that they should take it slow because it’s so stuffy in there but he says he’s fine. He quickly spots Nele on the dance floor with Jasmin, who is still giving her a pep talk. He also notices who Nele keeps looking over at, Mesut. Aww sucks to be you Tuner, looks like Nele knows who she wants after all. Nik asks Tuner if he’d rather be at home playing video games? He replies telling Nik that the music isn’t that good anyways and they leave. I would also rather be at home playing video games BUT I would stay if I was out with Anni and Jasmin that’s for sure.

Back to Jasmin who tells Nele to cut it out and to PARTY!!


But of course as soon as Jasmin looks away Nele looks back to Mesut who is now kissing this random girl!! Nele has now had enough and tells Jasmin she is leaving. Jasmin tells Nele she’s just going to look for Anni. Aww I love the way that Jasmin sticks with her friends. Like Nele is leaving, so they all should leave together…I love that about her.

Cut back to the apartment as the gang arrives home. They’ve obviously been talking about Mesut the whole way home and Jasmin tells Nele that what he did was totally pathetic. Anni agrees and tells them that Mesut is nuts if he thinks anyone is buying his act. Jasmin tells them that it’s Mesut after all, of course he thinks they are buying it. Nele throws herself on the couch exclaiming that she’s DEAD! At this point Anni bounds across the room telling them that she’s off to bed as she has school tomorrow. But not before this ADORABLE good night kiss to Jasmin (love the way Jasmin moans just before the kiss)


Nele exclaims into the pillow on the couch, that everything she does, she does wrong. Jasmin cutely tells her no that’s not true. Aww what a great friend you are Jasmin! She tells Nele that if she doesn’t believe it, then maybe she will believe this amazingly positive fortune cookie message instead…Nele looks up all hopeful…after Jasmin reads it, she has to quickly throw it away and tells her maybe not….super funny. Nele throws herself back down into the pillow.

Jasmin has to think quick to save this situation and what else fixes heart break problems for straight people? As Anni once pointed out to Nele, its ICE CREAM! So Jasmin runs to the freezer to grab the ice cream. Meanwhile Nele tells her that its SUCH a great idea, because then neither Mesut NOR Tuner will want her when she’s fat. But at least that way she won’t have to decide…awww LOL! Jasmin, who I suspect is only half listening, tells her that that’s a great plan. Hahaha!

Now at this point, Jasmin grabs the ice cream, smells it and well OMG! what can I say? Except I blushed the whole way through this scene.


Let’s just say Jasmin is REALLY excited by that ice cream. Like REALLY REALLY excited. Like “When Harry met Sally” excited.

Jasmin tells Nele that now they will watch “Lovers & Lies”, while she continues eating that delicious ice cream. You EAT that Ice Cream Jasmin! YOU EAT IT!

image     image

Gotta love the look on Nele’s face here. She eventually gives in and grabs the ice cream cream from Jasmin. On the TV we hear “William, I love you but I have feelings for Christoph too!” and Nele hilariously says OH NO!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Jasmin’s ice cream **


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