Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin was super anxious for her first day as an intern, but Anni was there to calm her down. She ended up running around half of Berlin doing errands for MT but in the end she made the grave mistake of buying the wrong kind of milk for the model, and now the poor thing is stuck in the toilet.

Ep 5578

So we left off at MT where Jasmin has just confessed that it was her that gave the model the regular milk. Some random bitch worker tells Jasmin “Well, good job…” and walks off.

Katrin, Sophie and Maren all discuss what they’re gonna do now without a model. *ahem* Jasmin is super hot, pick her *ahem* Sophie has to run off to do her cooking show with Leon and they tell her they’ll let her know of any new developments (yeah, sure). After she leaves, Jasmin tries to apologise again for her mistake but another bitch worker insults her again. HEY NOW! YOU CAN HAVE A GLASS TOO! Jasmin asks Katrin if there’s anything she can do but she tells her not at the moment and runs off.

Aww look at that sad little Jasmin face! Someone needs a hug!!

A bit later on and Jasmin is now joined by Anni. Aww that must mean she’s called her to come over. But Anni isn’t much help as she giggles away over what happened. Jasmin tells her to stop laughing because it’s not funny and you know she means it too, because she has her serious face on. Anni shapes up but tells Jasmin that this can’t be the first time a model has dropped out. Katrin and Maren talk about the fact that they can’t find ANYONE else to model for them today *ahem* HOT JASMIN. Right there. Look to the right. Look. Right. *ahem* Jasmin suggests they use Emily, she used to be a model *cough* Or Jasmin *cough* Katrin tells her that Emily is too short. Jasmin offers to alter the clothes so they would fit her *AHEM* or you could just do it, Jasmin? *AHEM* Katrin rejects her offer. They all pause for a second…YES, YES…that’s it…keep thinking…

THANK THE HEAVENS! But not only is Jasmin the right size, she’s also WAAY hotter than their original model! Jasmin looks at herself for a second…and WTF is Anni doing in the background??? BWAHAHA! UNDERCOVER ANNI!!! Gotta love Linda’s improv skills there!


Katrin thinks it’s a brilliant idea, and SO DO WE!!! They ask Jasmin if she’d be fine with it and after a moment’s hesitation she agrees!! YAAAAY!

Cut to a bit later and Jasmin has been transformed into a top model. She’s sitting at a make up desk and Anni sits above her. As Anni sweetly smiles away at her, you can see in the reflection that Janina is trying her hardest not to burst out laughing. I bet there were SOOO many bloopers from this episode and hilarity that was had.

Sidenote, if anyone from the show is reading this, is there ANY way for us to get our hands on those bloopers? For the love of all things good, we NEED those bloopers! Please! Willing to pay whatever it takes..OH OK not whatever it takes..but I will crawl over broken glass to get them…just kidding…no but seriously email me…hahah…only kidding…

Anni asks if it’s OK if she watches…the photo shoot that is. Katrin tells her it’s fine by her and Jasmin looks up and sweetly smiles at Anni. AWWW! They both tell Jasmin that she looks great and you can see that Jasmin looks a bit uncomfortable here. Not sure why though, its not like its her first time doing something like this. But maybe Anni being there is making her slightly more nervous?

CUE THE MUSIC. Another great pick from the music department!

Katrin tells Jasmin to get into position and Anni gives her a little bit of last minute advice with this gem of a line…

They all notice the bitchy workers outside the room looking in and talking about Jasmin. So Anni grabs Jasmin and whispers sexily to her that they are just jealous.

I love Anni being in “top model land” character but I could have taken a real kiss here over this air kiss. I’m just going to pretend it was so she didn’t ruin Jasmin’s make up. Yeah, let’s go with that.



Aww at first Jasmin looks almost terrified. She’s definitely feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera and that’s a first. Super shy and unsure Jasmin is SUPER cute. The workers all stand around outside the room gawking at her until Maren and Katrin close the door and the blinds. HAHA! Sucked in you bitchy workers. No “gucken” for you guys! Love how Anni in the background tries her hardest to make Jasmin laugh and relax…although I think Linda losing her footing in one shot and falling into the blinds was one of the most hilarious parts of this episode!


Gotta love Eva and Ulrike trying to not laugh here and then completely losing it! GOD I WANT THOSE BLOOPER REELS!!!! ARGH!!!

While Jasmin is being all top model, I love how Anni looks at her, completely in love.

GAH! How adorable is that you guys??

After the shoot, Maren tells them that the photos look great and that she can definitely work with those. Um of course you can. There’s no need to look for any other models…ever again. Jasmin is it. Just use her for everything and anything from on. OK thanks.

Maren, Katrin and the photographer leave. Thank God! I thought they never would! And Anni sweetly congratulates her sweetie.

Jasmin hopes her efforts were enough. Ummm have you looked in a mirror lately? You’re more than enough! And Anni thinks so too. As Jasmin kisses her here, it almost looks like it was unscripted, because Janina and Linda both laugh and as Janina walks away she looks right at the camera. Either way, it’s totally cute. TEAM RUHSE!

Cut to the MW where Jasmin must have been complaining to Anni about how much she sucks, because Anni tells her that it’s enough. Gotta love how she calls her BABY here though.

Jasmin replies to her with a hilarious seal clap and is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! HAH! Anni follows it up by telling Jasmin to “Come here”, so she can kiss her.


Gotta love that random red haired hot extra in the background who watches them kiss and smiles. Must be a fan HAHA! Cue Katrin coming to pick up her take away dinner. Anni tells her that her daughter gave a cool performance, to which Katrin replies “Which one are you talking about?” HAHA! Anni turns to Jasmin and tells her “Did I ever mention I like your mother?” Ohhh Anni gaining those mother-in-law brownie points already…I love it. Anni and Katrin share a moment, while Jasmin does not look amused. Katrin tells Jasmin that she didn’t know she was still working here while she was also interning. Well some of us gotta work for a living Katrin…to make the monies, to pay the rents. Otherwise the landlord will be all up in our grills, demanding the rent from us…

Jasmin asks what Varese has said about the photos but Katrin tells her that he’ll simply take a look at them and let them know. Jasmin is still kicking herself for what she did earlier but Katrin stops her and tells her she did a great job today and show commitment both behind and in front of the camera. Anni says that that is what she’s been telling her all along but Jasmin won’t listen. They all smile at each other and Katrin leaves and they leave us with this cute little moment

Cut to the next day and Jasmin is back at MT and Katrin tells her that she will be shadowing HER today. Jasmin tells her that she doesn’t want any special treatment but Katrin insists that interns check out ALL the departments. Just then there is a knock on the door and its another worker / assistant who tells Katrin that Varese is on the phone. When Katrin gets off the phone, Jasmin’s poor little face is ready to hear some bad news. Instead, Katrin tells her that he was so impressed with the photos that he wants Jasmin to be the model and not just for the photo series for the magazine but he wants her to be the face of a new perfume campaign he will be launching. Awww Jasmin’s cute little shocked face! She can hardly believe it!

Cut to the apartment where Jasmin runs in with a bottle of champagne all excited. She asks Anni and Nele if they can guess who’s standing in front of them HAHA! She’s soooo excited and all OMG! She runs across the room and re-enacts her future perfume campaign TV commercial.

Haha the new perfume is called “Straight Forward”? Really? Cos that doesn’t sound AT ALL like a hint of the upcoming storyline…NO SIR *shakes head*

Jasmin excitedly explains that Varese wants to use her for the new perfume campaign!! Nele just looks confused. Aw bless. Anni explains everything to her but Nele remarks that she thought that Jasmin didn’t want anything to do with the media circus any more? Jasmin tells them that this is NOTHING like a reality show. Ughhhh….yeah no…pretty sure this is going to be worse. She tells the girls it pays A LOT of money too. Nele is suddenly happy for her now HAHA! Gold digger *wink*. Jasmin tells them that now she can relax for a good 6 months so she can re-orient her life. Anni hopes that this doesn’t mean she is quitting the internship and Jasmin tells her no. Meanwhile, she’s been fiddling around trying to open the bottle of champagne and Anni can no longer watch, so she takes it and tries to open it herself.

How cute is Jasmin’s little excited dance and Linda’s unimpressed face? HAHA! Jasmin runs off and gets a present and hands it to Anni. Anni is all “For me?” and Jasmin is all “No, I just want you to hold it” Aww HAHA how cute are they?! Also I love that she hasn’t even accepted the job yet nor been paid a penny and yet she’s already run out and started buying things…hey at least it was for Anni. Anni pulls out some sick headphones, the expensive kind and tells Jasmin that she’s wanted these forever! They are both sooo cute here….and Anni especially when she nudges Nele and tells her “My baby’s gonna be a top model!” and Jasmin excited kisses Anni, telling her to shut up!


In the meantime, Nele was struggling away trying to open that bottle…but noone notices HAHA! They all fill their glasses and Jasmin practises her line again but the hilarious part is that, Anni, now wearing the headphones, can’t hear a word and yells WHAT?!

Cut back to Katrin’s office where she is on the phone with Varese. Jasmin comes in still looking pretty excited. After she hangs up with him, Jasmin looks all worried and asks Katrin if he changed his mind. Katrin is all UMMM…ERRR…Not exactly.

She starts explaining that Varese wants to launch 2 perfumes. One for women and one for men. OKAAAAY. She goes on to say that Jasmin will have a male counterpart for the campaign. Um gross…but still OKAAAY. And the campaign is supposed to tell the story of love, passion and tingling eroticism of a couple.

But now Varese has come across Jasmin’s protesting against Scherf and Jasmin naively says, well that was passionate. Haha! I don’t think that’s what Katrin is getting at…what exactly ARE you getting at Katrin?? She continues…Varese is concerned about the credibility of his campaign with Jasmin being an openly gay woman.

Jasmin still doesn’t understand.

And BAM here’s the catch Jasmin, listen carefully…Katrin tells her she would have to hide her feelings for Anni in public. No outing, no kissing, not even holding hands! And Jasmin’s little face drops.

** This recap proudly brought to you by the hot red headed extra in this episode. If you’re reading this, call me!…just kidding…actually no call me…I’m single…just sayin’…haha joking…#sorrynotsorry **

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