** WARNING, reading this recap while consuming any kind of beverage might cause any electrical equipment near you to be damaged. Swallow first and then read. You’re welcome. **

Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin became a top model after an amazing montage sequence, but we found out that it came with a high price. Jasmin has to hide the fact that she is a lady loving lady. At first she won’t do it, but then later changes her mind so she can use the money to help Tuner. And as she signed the contract, all our hearts exploded with grief for them both. It’s going to be a loooong 9 months you guys!


Ep 5580

We open with Nele stalking reading Mesut’s Facebook profile (or the invented GZSZ equivalent) while Anni and Jasmin stand behind her. She complains that this new girl, Sammy, keeps posting on his profile every 5 minutes.


Anni remarks “Yeah, “See you at the MW”…what a bitch!”. Jasmin tries not to laugh and smiles lovingly at Anni, while Nele keeps complaining.


I love how even being in the background of a scene, this tiny one second look from Jasmin to Anni can convey so much. Thanks Janina! You rock! I would have also loved if the camera could have stayed either zoomed out or just on Anni and Jasmin because I get the feeling that we missed all kind of hijinks going on in the background here. At one point we even see Jasmin hit Anni with her hand, at I’m assuming a face she pulled or something? We shall never know.

Nele asks them why Mesut keeps going out with Sammy and Anni tells her it’s because he’s a sucker but she also tells her that she is so much hotter than Sammy is. Nele half laughs and tells them that Mesut always had a problem with her style. Now if you listen carefully you’ll hear Anni / Linda in the background muffling a laugh at this. THIS MADE ME LOSE MY DRINK YO!


I need to heed my own warnings, because there was some wiping up to be had after this moment. Linda, thanks for that, we’re almost even ;)

Nele slams the laptop shut and tells them that Sammy is an amateur, that she is a hairdresser and whatever Sammy can do, she can do better. Jasmin forcefully says to her “That’s the right attitude!”. But then Nele also says “I’m going there tonight” and Jasmin, in the same forceful manner now tells Nele “That’s the wrong attitude!


BWAHAHAH! I love you Jasmin! Even Anni cracks up at this in the background. Nele tells Jasmin that she is going to help her.

CUE ANOTHER MONTAGE SEQUENCE!!!!!! We are getting spoiled this week for montages!

Hit the music DJ!

God, they always have SUCH great musical tastes on this show. Much kudos to you music department!

We are now treated to another AMAZING montage, with Jasmin making over Nele and Anni just umm….well being an assistant I guess HAHA! As with any montage that happens in this apartment, it becomes an instant mess. There are clothes everywhere and Nele is trying on different outfits. Jasmin is advising her on clothing, hair, make-up and nail polish. Meanwhile Anni has put on one of Jasmin’s outfits (a silver dress and matching jacket) and is holding a Mary Poppins umbrella…and she just looks ridiculous. When Jasmin first sees her she bursts out laughing. But I love how during this whole montage Linda keeps her serious face on and prances around like Lady GAAGAAA. I can actually see her on some fancy pants European fashion week catwalk HAHA!

image     image     image

Anni keeps bringing out different shoes for Nele to try on, even bringing gumboots out at one point which makes me crack up. Jasmin whacks her with a black skirt, laughing. I mean look at her face there, it’s priceless!! Great job in this ep Linda!

And GOD I love Ramona’s face here as Jasmin puts this dress on her…she’s got the same look I used to give my mother whenever I had dresses put on me as a child.


And is Jasmin WOW-ing away at her OWN shoes here? Haha did she not know she has these? Or did Anni head a little too far out the back of the studio set and get those from wardrobe?


When they finally have Nele’s outfit locked down and Nele holds it up, Jasmin gasps and Anni says WOOOOW! Well, anything would be an improvement on what Nele usually wears, but I have to say she does look hot.


Meanwhile, we’ve been getting glimpses at Mesut wining and dining Sammy at the MW. And now we cut to the most AMAZING slow motion walk down the stairs by Nele and Jasmin. WOWEWEEWAAA!!

I mean NELE! MY GOD! Can you PLEASE let Jasmin dress you from now on and give your grandmother her curtains back? But even still, Jasmin in her plain work uniform behind her, steals the show. I mean have you EVER seen a slow motion walk be THIS SEXY….like ever??

NO?…didn’t think so! Jasmin, marry me? *ahem* Sorry got a little carried away there watching that on an eternal loop. Not to mention, how proud does Jasmin look there of her creation? That little smirk she has on her face, awww you guys!

Mesut sees them coming down the stairs and someone quickly get this man a bib, because he be drooling all over the place. Sammy tries to recapture Mesut’s attention but he only half pays attention. Nele is sitting at the bar and overhears them being all flirty and she and Jasmin head into the bathroom. Jasmin asks her what her plan is now and she tells her she doesn’t know. Nele says that Mesut has to react eventually and Jasmin cleverly tells her to just keep walking around looking like that. Just then Sammy walks in to freshen up and Nele tells Jasmin that she’ll be right there. Ohhh she gonna have some words with dat bitch!

A bit later on and Nele is back at the bar, listening to Mesut flirt with Sammy and trying to make Nele jealous. Nele just keeps looking back and forth from Mesut to Jasmin and giving Mesut the death stare…

At one point Sammy feels Mesuts bicep and even Jasmin can’t help herself from almost throwing up in her mouth and gives them this disgusted look…

Jasmin notes that first Sammy ordered champagne and now she’s ordered a Bloody Mary…what is she trying to show him, that she starts out with a hangover? Nele tells her that that bitch might as well crawl into his lap. At this point, we hear Sammy telling Mesut that “That was hot” and Nele looks over with a nasty face and says “I’ll show you what’s hot!”. And while Jasmin has her back turned, Nele pours a whole bunch of extra hot chilli sauce into Sammy’s Bloody Mary. She then sneakily watches Jasmin deliver it to Sammy, who then convinces Mesut to try it. Gotta love Nele’s face here as Mesut starts drinking.

Mesut of course starts choking and Nele gives Jasmin a guilty look. Sammy takes Mesut to the bathroom, while Jasmin puts two and two together and tells Nele “You can’t be serious!”.

Cut to a bit later on with Mesut telling Armin that he’s not paying for that Bloody Mary as it was impossible to drink. Jasmin tells Nele that she is going home and Nele tells her she’ll just be another minute. Nele can no longer remain quiet and runs over to Mesut and Sammy as they get up to leave. She yells at Mesut. “How can you take home the likes of her?”. Sammy and Nele start flinging insults back and forth until Sammy grabs a drink and spills it all over Nele. This sets of the “FURY ‘O’ NELE” and she lurches at Sammy! OHH SNAP! GAME ON MOLE! MEEEEOW!!!


Sidenote: I apologise if my recaps this week have been a bit rambley or incoherent, as I’m currently on night 6 of 7 working the night shift. So I feel a bit like this at the moment…

But if you haven’t noticed anything and are still enjoying them…then forget I said anything ;)

Ep 5581

We continue with the bitch fight, where we see Nele pull a huge chunk of weave from Sammy’s head and Sammy hits Nele across the head with her handbag. Meanwhile, Mesut is trying to stop them and Jasmin is just shocked.

Everyone at the club is now staring at them and Jasmin runs over to Nele to try and calm her. Mesut finally gets Sammy up the stairs but she’s still yelling profanities at Nele. Nele looks down at the bunch of hair in her hands and asks Jasmin if she really did this and Jasmin answers, I’m afraid so.

Cut back to the apartment where Nele sits in the lounge chair with an ice pack on her head and Anni massaging her shoulders. Nele tells them that she’s ruined everything but Anni tells her she’s only ruined Sammy’s hair. Jasmin cracks up at Anni’s joke and it’s super cute. I love that even when they are supposed to be serious, they just can’t be.

Jasmin tells Nele that she loves Mesut and that people do stupid things when they are in love. But Anni disagrees. She tells them that she thinks what Nele did wasn’t stupid, it was right and now Mesut knows that shes willing to fight for him. She also says that if Mesut doesn’t give her another chance after this, Nele will know it’s over. Jasmin says that while she still thinks it wasn’t the best move by Nele, she thinks Anni is right; she fought for Mesut. At this point, Anni pats herself on the shoulder for being right and it’s pure comical genius!

Nele just scrunches up her face and tells them that she just wants to be really far, far away. And as we zoom out of the scene we see Anni and Jasmin give each other a cute little look, kinda like PHEW. glad we don’t have these kinds of issues hahaa!

Cut to the next day and Mesut stands around like a creeper in front of Nele’s apartment with a bunch of flowers. Anni comes out and is all “Heeey. For me?” Love the way she’s ALMOST cracked herself up saying that. BWAHA! Mesut asks if Nele is home and Anni explains that she’s probably still in a cab or at the airport by now, as she wanted to leave. Mesut is all FUCK and runs off…but can we take a second to really appreciate Anni’s outfit in this scene?

** This recap proudly brought to you by Sammy’s weave. Giiirl it’s outside the MW on the footpath if you want it back **

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