Previously on GZSZ…I made my first ever video recap (if you haven’t already watched it, check it out here) and a lizard almost ate my face off! But on the show, Jasmin was warned by Katrin not to show any affection towards Anni in public, got her first big pay check and to celebrate dragged Anni into some public toilets for some hot action. Unfortunately, some creepy girl took a photo of them and it was all over the internet by the next morning. Katrin tried to calm Varese down on the phone after he found out but now Jasmin has to make a public statement declaring herself straight!!!

Ep 5584

We open with Anni working away on her laptop and looking mighty fine, I might add, when she sees a popup notification from Nele. Nele and Mesut have obviously gone away on vacation somewhere tropical and the pop up is about her adding some photoshopped photos of their trip. Anni clicks the pop up and giggles away at the dorkiness of the photos. She then clicks the link to Jasmin’s profile, because why not? And she see’s that Jasmin has uploaded a new video. So she clicks to watch it and it’s Jasmin at MT telling everyone that she’s the new Varese model. She describes how she was just an intern, they had a photo shoot but then the model dropped out. Anni laughs at this at says to the monitor “Because you poisoned her”. HAHA! I love the way that Anni is watching this whole video too, with such a love struck face. 


Jasmin continues telling people that at first she didn’t want to do the campaign but then Varese called. She says she partied hard (yeah in a toilet stall) and that some people might have seen her kissing a girlfriend of hers at a club and now some think she’s a lesbian. At this Anni’s little face starts to drop and Jasmin continues with “Hello? A friend OK? I give her little kisses sometimes, but when it gets serious, guys, don’t worry, I’m all yours”. Awww poor Anni! She looks so melancholy after watching this and it’s understandable. 


Just then we hear some keys and it’s Jasmin coming home. She already senses a disturbance in the Anni force and asks her if everything is OK. Jasmin, using her special Anni detection skills, can just tell by looking at Anni’s slightly annoyed face that she has seen the video already and tells her that she had to do it. Anni asks her if someone took a picture of them (yes, that creepy girl in the bathroom remember her?).


Jasmin tells her that yes, the creepy girl DID take a picture of them in the bathroom and now the picture is everywhere. Anni looks slightly annoyed but you can also see that she understands that there is not much they can do about it. 

Cut to a bit later in the kitchen and Anni is playing with fruit as usual. Jasmin tells Anni that it’s pretty much too late now to get out of the contract due to the penalty payment etc…but also says that they knew about it when she signed. They both have SUCH sad pouty faces here, its almost heartbreaking. Jasmin asks Anni if they have water and as Anni looks up at Jasmin, I love here how a small smile forms before she goes to the fridge to get some water. Super adorable. Anni reminds Jasmin that they are doing it for Tuner (and the 20,000 euros). Jasmin, with her cute pouty face, then says “So you’re not mad then?”. Awwww how can anyone be mad at you Jasmin, with a face like that?? 

I love how open and honest they are being with each other here. They have an issue come up, they discuss it in a rational manner and they don’t get into a fight or yell and scream things. They openly express their concerns to each other and communicate with love. This is true love you guys. 


Anni tells Jasmin that they will get through the next 6 months somehow. At this, Jasmin pulls the most adorable little face ever. It’s a mix between, sadness, sympathy, gratitude, gushing but most importantly…LOVE. She then kind of falls into Anni’s arms for this adorable hug.


Anni tells her that being at home won’t be so bad, they’ll just close the blinds so that no one can take anymore pictures. Awww I’m loving Anni as the supportive girlfriend (great job writers, KEEP IT UP!). Jasmin tells Anni that she’s going to write a book about this whole thing and then sweetly kisses her. 


Meanwhile, Anni is thinking up a potential name for this book and says Straight me if you can – How I changed teams for a fragrance”. BWAHAHAHA! I’d totally read that!


Anni says that this perfume is complete bullshit anyways…a perfume for straight women. Jasmin smells her wrist and tells Anni that it’s supposed to turn guys on. She shows Anni her wrist and she breathes her in, quite sexily, I might add.

Anni is suddenly all turned on and tells Jasmin “OMG, I think I’m a guy!” Jasmin gets a serious look on her face and tells Anni that she loves her, so she must be straight now. Anni tells her that she BETS she can get her into bed and Jasmin replies “Not a chance!”. Anni is all “Wanna bet? We’ve done this before”. LOVE LOVE LOVE the twinkle that Jasmin gets in her eyes when Anni says this. Jasmin licks and bites her lips and smiles at the memory. Anni cracks up and Jasmin quickly kisses her, telling her that she won that bet. You sure did Anni, you sure did.


HAHA! I love that the writers are revisiting one of my favourite parts of their storyline. The whole bet thing back in March was AMAZING. The way they constantly teased and flirted with each other was just such a fun time to be watching. 

Cut to Tayfun’s kebab shop where Katrin, Jasmin and some sleazy used car salesman marketing guy from Varese are meeting. Katrin apologises and tells him that the MW is usually open this time of day (but the Mafia have taken it over, so it’s closed). I have to say that the kebab shop doesn’t seem like the ideal location to have this sort of meeting but at the same time, looking at this guy…it’s kind of fitting. Not sure what look they were going with, with this guy, but he seems a little mis-cast. He does not come across as a top marketing executive for Varese but instead a guy on one of those infomercials that tries to convince you that your lap is NOT good enough for your ipad…

Katrin tells him that the picture that was posted with Jasmin and her friend (Katrin stumbles over her words here and almost says girlfriend) wasn’t ideal. She explains to him that it was just two friends kissing at some hip Berlin club and that Jasmin’s statement should be more than enough to fix the problem. Jasmin is sorry if it caused any misunderstandings. He accepts the apology and tells them to forget the whole thing. OK, but can someone from wardrobe please come and fix this guy’s shoddy tie??? Anyone….

Cue Anni who is walking to work on the other side of the street. They spot each other and I’m sorry but time just stood still for those few seconds, because that look they give each other here is just…hjfhsfhkshfdsdhiwdiwodh….

You guys, this is like sweeping, epic, THE FRIGGIN NOTEBOOK type of love we’re talking about here. All that’s missing in this scene is slow motion, a wind machine and some classical score music and it would be PERFECT. I have no idea how infomercial guy doesn’t fall right off his seat from the sheer force of this look going straight past him???

Katrin is quick to notice what’s going on here and starts talking about the campaign again to distract informercial guy. Meanwhile, Anni bumps into Tayfun and while we can’t tell what’s being said, we can see from Anni’s body language that it’s not good news. Jasmin’s whole demeanour also changes as she notices what’s going on…

Katrin tries to distract Jasmin with pictures of her new male counterpart for the campaign and asks her if she thinks he’s good looking. Jasmin tells her yes, but you can see her mind is not even present at the moment as it’s clearly with Anni across the road. 

Katrin rambles on about the campaign but all Jasmin can do is watch Anni in an apparent argument with Tayfun, who then walks off, leaving Anni standing there all pissed off looking. Infomercial guy finally catches on and turns around to check out what Jasmin is looking at, but Katrin quickly saves the day again by telling Jasmin to go order them some kebabs. As Jasmin heads into the shop, she briefly turns back around with her concerned face to look at Anni one more time..AWWWW!

A bit later on back at the apartment, Anni is explaining to Ayla what happened with her. Ayla tells her that it’s unbelievable. What’s unbelievable Ayla? WHAT IS IT? What’s happened?? Cue Jasmin who walks in the door and quickly asks Anni what was going on with her and Tayfun on the street earlier. Ayla jumps in and tells Jasmin that Leon and Tayfun sold the MW to David and Anni tells her that now they are all FIRED!!!

Jasmin is confused and wonders why they sold it, as the club was going so well… *cough* MAFIA *cough*. Ayla tells them that Tayfun was acting all strange the other day but she thought it was because of Emily. Jasmin doesn’t understand what could have been the problem as the MW was always packed for all the concerts. What Anni doesn’t get is why David doesn’t keep them all on as he will need staff too. It’s actually good at the moment to be away from the MW, Anni, I think that’s where all the drama is going to happen there this week, and we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you or Jasmin. Just stay at home…KISSING…KTHANKS! Jasmin then walks over to Anni and reassures her that she’ll find something else. She starts playing with her hair and we all AWWWW…

Anni tells Jasmin that it’s easy for her to say as she’s now a top model. Jasmin slightly grabs Anni’s head here to be all shush…and it’s super cute. Ayla tells them that maybe David will be doing something different with the MW. Anni is all sad because the MW was like her family and now it’s gone. Ayla has to go and grabs her things and leaves. THANK GOD. Alone at last! But not before this adorable PEACE OUT sign from Anni.

Jasmin sits down and apologises to Anni for having to ignore her earlier. She wanted to run across the road and take Anni in her arms but infomercial guy was there and she couldn’t. Anni asks her what’s stopping her from doing that now. Cue these ADORABLE looks and this AMAZING hug!


GAH! Can they be any more adorable?! Anni sighs and tells Jasmin that she has to support her now. Jasmin tells her that she’ll do it out of petty cash BWAHAH! Anni laughs and we get another awesome kiss to end the episode with…

** This recap proudly brought to you by Nele & Mesut on vacation. Have some cocktails for me you guys! **

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