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Previously on GZSZ…shit went down at the MW between the mafia and the police, Tayfun ended up being shot (don’t worry he’s fine now) and creepy lucky charm cat scared the crap out of everyone.

Ep 5592

We open at the hospital where Tayfun is recovering and is surrounded by most of the Scooby Gang. Jasmin tells him that she’s brought him some magazines which she will place right besides creepy lucky charm cat. Tuner chimes in that Tayfun wouldn’t have made it without the cat. Umm no need to worry Tuner, something tells me he would have been just fine without the cat…just fine.


Ayla then tells them all that they should go because Tayfun needs to rest and they all say their goodbyes and leave. On the way out Tuner mentions that he should probably get himself one of those creepy lucky charm cats and winks at Tayfun. Ummm how bout no? How bout we never mention this creepy waving cat ever again? It sounds like the plot of some B grade horror movie from my childhood…creepy waving cat is gonna eat your face off!!!


The Scooby Gang bump into Nik in the corridor and Jasmin mentions to him that she has to go off and do a photo shoot now. And we can hardly wait!!!

Cut across to the photo shoot. Jasmin is all made up and looks SMOKING hot and Anni has come along to support her. Jasmin tells Anni that they expect her to be all professional and she hopes she can pull it off. Anni reassures her and tell her that she’s got that “I’m hot, look at me everyone” look down. She cutely tugs away at Jasmin’s dress here too…naaawww


Jasmin quickly looks over to see if anyone’s watching them, which they are not, and thanks Anni for coming along. Love the way she lovingly looks at Anni here.


They walk over to the set and greet everyone. Katrin raises her eyebrow and questions why Anni is there. Jasmin tells her that Anni is a friend who is along to support her today. While she looks a bit dubious, Katrin allows it and introduces them to Jason, the GZSZ director photographer for the day.

Side note this guy is a director on the show and was also seen in several different scenes in the Oct 8th episode. Man of many skills and personalities it seems.

Katrin then motions over to Ben, the male model, just as he takes his shirt off. While Jasmin just nods slowly, Anni mouths the word WOW (because he is seriously ripped). Katrin tells Jasmin that she could do worse and Anni does not look impressed AT ALL.


Katrin tells Jasmin that she’ll hang around at the photo shoot for a while but she’ll need her to answer some questions later for MT. She takes them over to formally meet Ben. He looks at Anni and is all “And you are…??” How bout she’s the love of Jasmin’s life, hottie douchface?? Anni tells him that she’s “just a friend”. Katrin and Anni share a few awkward glances but he doesn’t seem to notice and he takes Jasmin away, trying to impress her with his modelling knowledge. As they walk off, we get another adorable jealous face from Anni…


Cut to a bit later on and the GZSZ director Jason is in full swing taking pictures of Jasmin and Ben. He directs Ben to rip his shirt off and yells out such things as “More passion” “I said straight forward” (what does that even mean?) and “Grab her”. How bout I grab you Mr Photographer???. Meanwhile, Ben has his grubby little hands ALL over Jasmin, kissing her neck and chest. We pan over to see Anni watching with the same expression we have right now.

image     image

Ben kisses Jasmin and the photographer is all “What is this? That’s not a kiss! More passion! Straight forward!!” Why does he keep yelling Straight Forward? I mean I know it’s the name of the fragrance, but I don’t think it means what he thinks it means…


So Jasmin, following the direction of the photographer, kisses Ben more passionately and while I have to admit that it’s quite hot, it’s only when I mentally block out this acrobat dude Ben. Poor Anni looks like she’s about to throw up in her mouth a little and we can’t blame her. Where’s my bucket??

Cut to later and Anni has obviously had enough of watching Ben drool all over Jasmin (because seriously, who WOULDN’T drool all over Jasmin, given half a chance?) and has retreated back to the cafe. Here she anxiously stands at the end of the bar, biting her thumb and staring at her phone, willing it to ring. We’ve ALL been there Anni, we’ve all been there.


Ayla comes flying in and tells Anni that she’s just seen Tayfun and that he’s feeling much better. But all Anni hears is wah waahhh wahh wah waaaah because she is off in her own world. A world where Ben and Jasmin are running off together into the sunset to play “Happy Families”. Ayla notices Anni’s strange behaviour and asks her if everything is OK…Anni does not respond. Suddenly Anni grabs her phone as Jasmin is calling. Geez, she was so quick to answer it we didn’t even hear it ring!


She tries sounding completely rational and normal when she answers the phone and asks Jasmin how she is. Jasmin tells her she’s fine so far. Anni asks her if she’s done with the shoot and what they should do later on. And while her voice sounds normal while she’s talking on the phone, her face tells a completely different story. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Anni be quite this nervous over anything before. Meanwhile, Jasmin looks cool, calm and collected and tells Anni that she’ll be there for quite some time yet and won’t be home til later. She cutely asks Anni if that’s OK with her…awwww she’s so sweet. Anni pretends she’s fine with it all and Jasmin tells her she’ll call her later. Anni ends the call by telling Jasmin “Uh huh, do that”. Ruh Rooooh! Ayla again asks her if everything is OK and Anni adamantly tells her YES. Does this face look like everything is OK? No, no it doesn’t.


Cut back to the set where Jasmin is on a break. Acrobat dude Ben comes over to her and asks her what the hell that was all about. He is of course referring to the crazy photographer. Jasmin agrees and calls him a freak. They proceed to make fun of Jason, with Jasmin imitating him with “Straight Forward! Straight Forward”. As they proceed to mock him, they re-enact the positions they were in before but giggling away while they do so. Uh huh, this is going to lead to no good…I can smell it. Or wait, is that Straight Forward I smell? Hmmm…

Much later back at the apartment, Anni is trying to study, but something tells me she is just reading the same line over and over and over again. Jasmin arrives home and tells Ayla and Anni that she’s done it. I love the sweet way that Anni still smiles at Jasmin’s arrival even though she is obviously super annoyed right now. Jasmin tells them that they can call her a professional from now on and that she even got praise. As she runs over to Anni, she lets out a super sexy moan and proceeds to kiss Anni’s neck.


And while Anni seems to be enjoying it, I think she’s still super annoyed and tells Jasmin that she is “studying”. Jasmin is all super excited and super cute and asks Anni what they are going to do now and are they eating out?. Anni tells her that she really wants to go pout in her room just finish what she’s doing. Jasmin’s spidey senses kick in immediately and she sits down and asks Anni what is wrong. I actually think she secretly already knows whats up with Anni. Anni ignores her for a second and without answering the question, tells her that she needs to concentrate on her book and picks up all her things and goes to her room. Jasmin looks over at Ayla and gives her an “oh well” face.


Cut to a bit later on and Anni is in her bedroom pretending to study while she’s actually just really pissed off at herself. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Jasmin, who asks if she can come in. Aww Jasmin how cute are you?? You are playing this whole thing perfectly so far. Anni apologises for earlier. She tells Jasmin she just needed some quiet time and looks super sheepish. And as I predicted earlier, Jasmin DOES know what’s bothering Anni and says “You’re mad because of the photo shoot, aren’t you?”. Anni shakes her head no. Jasmin asks if its because of the kiss?.

I LOVE how cute Anni is in this scene, all annoyed but angry at herself and sheepish all at the same time. She tells Jasmin that she’s not mad and Jasmin says “But you don’t like it”. She tells Jasmin that she knew it would happen but then she saw it and hated it all of a sudden and now she doesn’t know what’s up with her.

Awww how adorable is that?? I don’t think Anni has ever fallen for someone as deeply as she has for Jasmin, because this makes me think that this is the first time she is feeling jealously this deeply. And since it’s such a new feeling for her, she doesn’t quite know how to handle it. She know’s its stupid to be jealous because she knows Jasmin REALLY loves her but she still feels jealous and can’t seem to rationalise her feelings in her head. And this makes her super angry at herself.

Jasmin smiles at Anni and tells her to close her lips. She then proceeds to “fake” kiss her like she did at the photo shoot with Ben. They both crack up and Jasmin says “Sexy, right?”.

Anni asks her if she can open them for the next time. WHY OH WHY could this not have been followed up by a real kiss, Mr and Mrs Writing Team?? Jasmin laughs and tells her that it looks sexy but nothing is actually happening there. Anni nods and Jasmin tells her they should go watch a movie. She then pulls an adorable “cheer up face” at Anni and runs out to find some movie vouchers she thinks they still have. Anni grabs her laptop to look up what movies are playing on some “Berlin Hipster” website. And what should appear but a picture of Jasmin and Ben almost kissing. RUH ROOOH! Anni starts reading the article, which is obviously some tabloid website making shit up about how Jasmin and Ben are an item. The photo is actually from when Jasmin was on her break with Ben and they were playing around…seee I told you no good would come of that!!!!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Markus Haas, assistant director on GZSZ and international man of mystery **

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