Previously on GZSZ…Tayfun wakes up from his coma. Jasmin has her sexy photo shoot with Ben, which Anni can’t handle and leaves. Anni is pissed at herself for feeling jealous. Oh and Anni finds a coupley tabloid article / picture of Jasmin and Ben on some website and shit is about to get real…

Ep 5593

OK so Jasmin left the room to find some movie vouchers and meanwhile Anni has found this article and picture online of Jasmin and Ben and is reading it out loud to herself (and us). Jasmin comes back in all excited and suggests they see the new Andre Gilbert movie (which I have a feeling is a made up director). But Anni is seething with the angry rage that I get when I’m called SIR 15 times a day even though I have DD boobs! GAAAH!!!


She reads out the article to Jasmin which basically suggests that “dirty Jasmin” wants to be back in the headlines again. Anni turns the laptop around to show Jasmin and she can’t believe it. She wonders where they got the picture from this time and Anni says “It doesn’t actually surprise you, does it?


Oh don’t you start Anni. Just don’t. Don’t go there. Step back. Step back now. Ohhh she’s going there isn’t she? Yuuuup. And it’s GAME ON! 

Jasmin explains to Anni that she did NOT flirt with Ben but Anni argues that the picture tells another story. Are we really doing this right now Anni? You KNOW Jasmin loves you!

Actually, I can kind of understand where she is coming from because once you get that rage started in you…the one that starts with you pissed off at yourself and then someone comes along to add fuel to that fire, there usually is no stopping you. All rational thought leaves your brain and you start saying shit that doesn’t even make sense any more. 

Jasmin tells Anni that she doesn’t give a shit about Ben. God Jasmin is so perfect in this scene. She just continues to say all the rational sane things and manages to keep calm. Anni accuses Jasmin of groping Ben in the picture and Jasmin tries to explain that it must have been taken during their lunch break when they were making fun of the photographer. Jasmin says “You’re not seriously jealous now because some paparazzi took a photo and blows the whole thing out of proportion?”. She follows up by telling Anni that she’s with HER. And on any other normal day that probably would have been enough to end the argument because we all know that to be the truth…but not today. Not when Anni is seething with her lesbian jealousy rage. Best to leave her to her own devices methinks. 

But quicker than Jasmin running in high heels, Anni retaliates with “Oh right, of course. Wait a second, how long has it been since your “I’m not a lesbian” sex with Dominik?


OH NO YOU DIDN’T ANNI!!! I wonder how long she’s been holding onto that one for? You can actually hear the gasps of every lesbian watching right now from all around the world. 


Jasmin looks visually shocked, as we all do, and she can finally see that there’s no talking sense into Anni right now and tells her that she doesn’t have to listen to this and that she’s going to wait for Anni to come to her senses. BEST. ANSWER. EVER. 


She leaves Anni sitting by herself and you can see from the look on her face that she knows that Jasmin is right. She just needs a little time to cool off now. 

Cut to Jasmin at MT where she is telling Katrin about the article online and how she thinks that Varese’s PR department are probably behind it. Katrin thinks it’s a possibility but won’t actually do anything about it, even though Jasmin asks her to call them to get them to stop.

I absolutely HATE the tone of Katrin’s voice here and the way that she smiles throughout this whole conversation with Jasmin, as if the whole thing was some trivial matter. This is Jasmin’s life she is messing with and she needs to know that not everything is about money!  The cost of denying her relationship with Anni is too high. She tells Katrin that because of this job, Anni and her are fighting and the press won’t leave her alone. She wants out. But Katrin continues on, ignoring what Jasmin has just said and tells her that soon this will all blow over. Jasmin does not back down and tells Katrin NO!


This isn’t what they agreed on and it’s not what the contract said and she wants Katrin to CALL THEM! But Katrin keeps rambling on about how they have no proof that Varese’s team was behind all this and tells Jasmin that she is sorry but there’s nothing she can do about it. GAH can someone please come slap some sense into this woman?!

Next we zoom over to the cafe where Anni and Ayla are working away. Ayla is once again rambling on about Tayfun while Anni is off in her own jealous rage world. Ayla senses that Anni is still pissed off and tells her that her behaviour is totally unnecessary. After a moment’s pause, Anni finally admits that she doesn’t know what’s up with her. Ayla tells her that she knows what’s up with her but that it’s completely stupid because Jasmin LOVES her. I love the way that Anni is looking at Ayla here, it’s kind of goofy and adorable at the same time. Anni says she knows Jasmin loves her and that she’s never been jealous before and absolutely HATES it! Ayla just looks at her in this super cute way and laughs as she points out that Anni is using the wrong side of the knife.


Love the adorable way Anni looks up here laughing. It’s almost as if the knife is showing her the stupidity of her actions earlier and she’s just now fully realising it. 

It’s now later that evening and we see Anni still at the cafe but this time standing in the corner, leaning on the wall, lost in thought. Something tells me that Ayla had to run the cafe that day as Anni was probably useless. She suddenly perks up when she sees Jasmin entering the cafe.


We also see in the foreground a bunch of girls who have recognised Jasmin and are all giggling and getting their phones out. I smell trouble brewing there. 

Jasmin sees Anni but walks right past her without saying a word. She is probably waiting for Anni to speak first and she does. She says those 3 magical words…no, not I love you…she says “I’m an idiot”. 


Jasmin half smiles and her facial expression is all “keep talking”. She agrees with Anni but continues fiddling around with the espresso machine. Anni’s look here is amazing. It’s a mix between I know I was stupid and I’m sorry, I want to rip your clothes off and I’m so in love with you. She asks Jasmin to come over to her and the whole lesbian fandom comes running over.

image     image

After Jasmin looks at her, the way Anni smiles back at her here simply melts my heart. There’s no way you wouldn’t forgive her after you see this look. She could be like “Oh I accidentally deleted your entire hard drive” and then look at me like that and I’d be all…”Ehhhh…what hard drive?” HAH! Of course Jasmin can’t resist it either and goes over to Anni, who immediately grabs her hands.

Jasmin’s face is still all “Yeeeeessssss go on…” and in an amazing parallel to the bridge scene in May, Anni says “You are important to me


Much love to you GZSZ writers for constantly surprising me with little moments like this one. Hats off to you all. 

After Anni tells Jasmin that she is important to her Jasmin smiles sweetly and says “Is that so, yes?” and Anni tells her yes. And as they stare lovingly into each others eyes and we are all swept up in the moment along with them, we hear the sounds of a phone camera going off. 

MOTHER F@#$-ING GIRLS AGAIN!!!! GAAAAH! Always ruining the best moments! Jasmin could have totally dragged Anni upstairs right now if it wasn’t for this bitch girl right now!

The giggling girls all run out of the cafe with Anni chasing after them, yelling obscenities and she tells them never to come back again! Poor Jasmin’s face is just all “Oh no, not again”. 

As Anni comes back, Jasmin asks why she is doing all this. Anni tells her it’s for the money but Jasmin tells her she’s serious. She tells Anni that she didn’t want to do it from the start and that now she has to hide herself and deny their relationship. Anni reminds her that they knew this and still agreed to do it for Tuner. Then FINALLY Jasmin says the one thing that I’ve been yelling at my screen all this time, “There has to be another way!” 

And I’m sure with their combined brain power, they will figure out another way around this whole issue. They have to! The whole fandom is waiting with baited breath. Jasmin’s face turns super serious and she says “I want out of this contract!”. Well that didn’t last nearly as long as I thought it would…months of having to hide their relationship but all they can manage is a few weeks HAHA!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Anni’s “I’m sorry” face…because I think it’s her secret weapon and can be dangerous if used incorrectly…** 

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