Previously on GZSZ…DJ Puppy Jonas held another dance party at the cafe turned nightclub, where he tried to act all cool in front of Anni as he protested to Lily about how much he didn’t want to leave Berlin. Anni gave Leon some great advice about being persistent when in love, Katrin wanted to throw out all the cool furniture at MT and DJ Puppy Jonas staged a hunger/sit in strike in order to stay in Berlin. 

Ep 5601

We open in Katrin’s apartment where she’s obviously pissed about something, as she slams a magazine down on the table. The doorbell starts ringing and its Maren, demanding that Katrin open the door. Maren storms in while Katrin tries to explain herself to her. Maren tells her that she thought they were friends but that she lied to her. 

** In case you don’t follow the show’s other story lines, let me fill you in; Katrin hated that Sophie was co head-editor with her and wanted her gone. So she laid a trap for Sophie, who walked right into it, bringing the whole magazine into danger. Gerner now has evidence that proves that Katrin was behind the scheming and Maren has just now found out too…thus the storming in. 

Right, back to it then…after Maren accuses Katrin of lying to her, Katrin explains that it has nothing to do with them personally as friends. Maren then tells her that because of her scheming Alex (Maren’s partner) can no longer work as a journalist and now she’s going after Sophie as well. Katrin proclaims that that’s because Sophie is incompetent and out of her depth, that she’s ruining the magazine and is out to destroy everything she finds dear in this world. 


Katrin doesn’t seem to understand why Maren can’t understand that Sophie is her arch enemy and out to destroy her. Suddenly Maren guesses that that is why Till left her (Katrin’s former lover), because he found out what an evil, conniving bitch she actually is. Katrin sighs but doesn’t admit this and instead tries to explain her way out of it, like she does every time. Maren tells her that she had everything and why would she throw all that away, just so Katrin could be the boss? Katrin cannot explain herself away and is a little lost for words, as Maren’s blue eyes pierce into her soul. And Maren exclaims that they are DONE HERE and goes to storm out. Katrin chases after her but as Maren opens the front door, there stands a surprised Jasmin. Maren turns around and tells Katrin “If you don’t quit, I will! I can’t even stand to look at you anymore!” Ohhhh SNAP! Bitch, that was the sound of you losing yet another good friend. 


As Maren storms out, we see a VERY confused looking Jasmin standing at the door and she asks Katrin what the hell is going on! 

We cut back to Katrin explaining to Jasmin that she did indeed fake the interview with some guy but that she didn’t know it would cost Alex his job. Jasmin sits there silently. A sombre Jasmin looks at Katrin and asks her why she did it. Katrin tries to explain her way out of it by blaming Jo for everything. She needed money, she asked Jo for a loan, he wouldn’t give it to her and she lost everything. And thus she did it all to get revenge on him. Yeah, cos that doesn’t sound at all crazy, Katrin! Jasmin tells Katrin, that Sophie is just collateral damage then because she’s with Jo. Katrin babbles on again about how inexperienced Sophie is and how she isn’t right for the job yadda, yadda, yadda. Yeah keep telling yourself that everyone else is to blame for all the bad in your life Katrin….uh huh.


Jasmin just shakes her head and tells Katrin that she lied to her closet friends and co-workers. And you can see by the look on Katrin’s face that she still doesn’t quite get that what she did was wrong. She asks Jasmin what she wants from her and tells her that that’s how business works. Yeah, maybe in the bitch alternative universe Katerin, but not here. She shrugs and asks Jasmin if she’s supposed to go and apologise now or something? Ummm how bout YES?! That would be the normal response in this situation Katrin. So yes, that would be where you would start! Jasmin agrees with me and also tells Katrin that she should consider resigning from MT too. Ohhh no you didn’t Jasmin!


Zoom shot in to Katrin’s face as she asks Jasmin who the hell she thinks she is. Katrin attack mode, engaged. She asks Jasmin what SHE’S done with her life? She tells her that she has no perseverance, no backbone and no goals! She explains to Jasmin that if you want to achieve anything in life, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices and with teary eyes and a trembling chin, Jasmin slowly stands up.

image     image

You can see that Katrin instantly regrets what she’s just said and fumbles over her words. If I was faced with Jasmin the way she is in this scene, I would be equal parts terrified and heartbroken. She looks at Katrin dead in the eyes and says “I don’t care what you think of me”. And after a brief pause she finishes off with “Katrin, I feel sorry for you!”. And we see that FINALLY something has actually gotten through to Katrin, as you see all the blood drain from her bewildered looking face. And in this brief moment, I actually do feel sorry for Katrin. For it is in this very moment that she has lost the last good thing in her life, her daughter’s respect. And with this Jasmin walks out, leaving Katrin standing all alone in her apartment, with nothing but the flashbacks of all the people she’s hurt, to keep her company.


Cut to MT where one girl hands her article over to Sophie but tells her she doesn’t know if she should give it to her or to Katrin. Jo comes over to Sophie and she tells him that she’s not sure what she should tell her co-workers now about Katrin. He tells her to not say anything for now but she tells him that they all already notice that something is wrong. Jo tells her that since Katrin is away, she is now acting head editor. She asks him if he thinks she will finally give up her revenge vendetta against them and Jo tells her that Katrin isn’t dumb and that she should take his offer (his offer was that in exchange for not suing her ass, he would let her resign from MT with dignity, and let her tell everyone that she’s leaving due to “health issues”). Meanwhile, in the other corner of the offices, the MT workers are already gossiping about what they think has happened. And at this point, Maren storms in and one of the girls runs up and asks her if she knows what’s going on, as she’s friends with Katrin. 

Not any more, lady. Not any more. 

Jo comes up and takes Maren over to Sophie, explaining that Sophie is in charge until Katrin makes a decision. Maren is visibly angry and tells them that this is unbelievable but Jo reassures her that she’s not going to get away with it. Maren asks what they are going to do about Alex and if they are just going to abandon him now. We then see Jasmin sulking around in the background eavesdropping on the conversation, just as Katrin storms back into the offices. They all go into Jo’s office to talk as we cut to concerned faces of Maren and Jasmin.


Cut to a little later and Katrin emerges from the office carrying all her possessions in a small box. She then gets everyone’s attention and tells them that, as of right now, she has resigned from the magazine due to health reasons. At this point one of the workers asks her “But you’re coming back, aren’t you?

…ummm how bout NO?! 


Katrin tells them all that Sophie is now in charge, that it was great working with them and….zzzzzz…sorry I fell asleep in the middle there, has Katrin left yet? Jo thanks Katrin for her commitment to scheming MT and that they will all miss her (NOT!). He then tells her to “get well”, take care and proceeds to kiss her on the cheek. Wow, gracefully handled there Mr Gerner, well played. And after shaking Sophie’s hand, Katrin does the walk of shame out of the office. 

We then get some shots of Katrin arriving home with her box of possessions, feeling sorry for herself. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it Katrin?

Back at the offices Natalie has taken the first opportunity to run over to Sophie to address the REALLY important hard hitting concerns of ALL the office workers

the bean bag chairs. 

Katrin wanted them thrown out…so are they staying or going?! DUM DUM DUUUUUM!!!! Sophie then calms the workers revolution that was about to happen, by telling her that they are staying. YAAAAAAAAAY!!! 


Jo then comes over to Sophie to congratulate her, and after an awkward kiss on the cheek / hug, she asks Jo if he thinks that Wagner (one of the investors) will be OK with her being head editor, as Katrin was his choice? He reminds her that Katrin resigned for “health reasons” and that there’s not much Wagner can do about that. She then inquires about Alex, since they were the ones who fired him, but all Gerner says is that they’ll think of something for him. And then we get another super awkward kiss…is it just me or does this pairing of Sophie and Gerner seem totally wrong? They have zero chemistry and I don’t see any reason for Sophie to stay with him and not be with Leon, when she obviously has feelings for him…but that’s another story ;)

Back at Maren and Alex’s place, Alex is telling Maren that it’s great that everything is back as is should be, that Jo scored a victory over Katrin, that Sophie & everyone is fine but what about HIM?! Maren tells him that she tried to talk to Jo about it but it was no use. He tells her that he’ll just drive his taxi all over Berlin until he dies then, that is if he can pass the exam first. And with this he throws his exam study notes into the air and they scatter all around the apartment. 

We then get a brief shot of Katrin almost crying, with a very concerned face. 

Back at MT, Jasmin cautiously approaches Sophie to ask her if she can continue doing her internship there. Awww how cute are you Jasmin? Sophie asks her why she wouldn’t? And Jasmin explains with one word: Katrin. But Sophie tells her that as long as she doesn’t fake interviews, then she should be fine. And then Jasmin, being the kind, warm hearted, person that she is, apologises to Sophie for what Katrin did. Awwwww!


Back at the Malex apartment, Maren checks out Alex’s ass as he picks up the last of his exam cards off the ground and tells him that she thinks he makes a pretty sexy taxi driver. They share some cute moments before Maren tells him that they will manage somehow. 

Back at Katrin’s Fortress of Solitude, we see her packing the last of her things into a suitcase. Going on a trip Katrin? Well BUH BYE to you we say!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Katrin’s apartment door. Don’t let it hit your ass on the way out Katrin ;)


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