Previously on GZSZ…Katrin was finally exposed as the lying, scheming bitch that she is and was forced to resign from MT, and consequently left Berlin (and our screens) and the employees of MT all got their bean bag chairs back! All in all, a pretty happy episode.

Ep 5602

Just avery small Jasmin scene in this episode. We’re at the cafe with Phillip working behind the bar (wow that was some fall from grace there, from being a doctor to being a barista). Phillip holds the newspaper with Dr Kite-surfing Kant splashed across the front and tells Ayla that he used to be his role model. He tells her that when he testified against him, he couldn’t even look at him. Ayla is glad she doesn’t have to see his ugly mug any more and that he’ll now never work as a doctor anywhere ever again. She assures Phillip that soon he’ll be back working at the hospital in no time. Well that sure is a relief because my coffee has been tasting a little…ummmm…how to say…not great…


Enter Jasmin like a breath of fresh morning air. She see’s the newspaper and picks up it, reading the headline “Organ donation scandal!”. Phillip and Ayla make shifty eyes at each other while Jasmin asks Ayla if this was why she left him.

Yeah that, and because he was a tool.

Jasmin asks Ayla why she didn’t say anything but Ayla tells her it was all just a little too much. Jasmin thinks the Doc’s whole scheme was rotten and that he’s probably one of those people who fancies themselves a bit of a God in white. At this she slams the newspaper down on the counter and I swear it come’s SOOOO close to sliding right off the end haha. Ayla tells them she doesn’t care anymore as the Doc is history now. Wow, we now have had 2 evil villains leave the show…who’s going to be the bad guy/girl from now on?

Jasmin tells them that some people think they can get away with anything. She then asks Phillip if he noticed anything about the Doc while they were working together. Cue more slim shady looks between Phillip and Ayla. Phillip then looks down, because he can’t look her in the eyes while lying to her and tells her that he didn’t know anything was up with the Doc until the end. Jasmin thinks for a second and then asks if this will affect Tuner in any way. Phillip tells her that yes, he will most likely have to wait longer for a donor heart now. Meanwhile, some pushy customer is all PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEE! and Jasmin has to run off.


As soon as Jasmin leaves, Phillip goes into sneaky talk voice and thanks Ayla for helping him convict the Doc. She tells him that she’ll keep her fingers crossed for his hearing tomorrow and he thanks her and hopes there will be one less waiter in Berlin tomorrow. Ayla is all OHHH NOOO no more free coffee then? But he tells her that he will buy her some vending machine coffee from now on. Yeah well, at least that will be a step up from the coffee you make now Phillip! Kidding, just kidding…or am I?

Ep 5603

We open on a very stylish Jasmin and Sophie strolling down the street like they are new besties and I for one am loving this pairing (friend pairing, get your mind out of the gutter). It’s about time Jasmin got herself a very nice, loyal, reliable gal pal she can talk to. They chat away about how much stress the current issue of MT was and how extremely hungry they are. Jasmin, feeling that they are bonding, asks Sophie to come to the MW for a drink, her treat. Awww I’ll come with you Jasmin *puts hand up*. Sophie hears the magic word “Leon” ”Mauerwerk” and tells Jasmin that she REALLY wants to eat some sushi. Jasmin tries convincing her, telling her that while they might not have sushi, they do have a killer wild herb salad. I dunno Jasmin, but that wouldn’t sell it for me AT ALL.


She also tells Sophie that she’ll be able to meet Anni too as she’s coming there later. So confused…are you telling me that Sophie and Anni have NEVER met up until this point? I have the memory of a goldfish so I have no idea.


Meanwhile Sophie spots Leon coming out of the MW and tells Jasmin that she REALLY, REALLY needs some sushi…from someone else…somewhere that is not here…somewhere where Leon is not. Jasmin, having hawk eyes, notices what Sophie is looking at and finally lets her go. But then as soon as Sophie see’s Leon walk away from the MW, she runs after Jasmin and tells her that she’s changed her mind.

GOOD GOD WOMAN, MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY Jo or Leon sushi or herb salad!

Cut to the MW later and Jasmin has changed into her sexy work clothes (am I the only one who thinks she looks amazing wearing just the simplest outfits? I heart Berlin t-shirts anyone?). Jasmin tells Sophie that the donations from her crowd funding are now up to 3000 Euros! YAAAY! She then tells her that since she got out of the penalty payment, they are actually going to donate the money to charity (an organisation for gay & lesbian rights)…awwww Jasmin will you marry me?! Sophie suddenly gets the idea of covering this idea online for MT and Jasmin loves the idea. Sophie then mentions just how delicious her meal is…seeeee Sophie, you took a risk and made the right choice.

At this point Sophie gets up to go to the bathroom presumably, and just as she does, Leon also enters and walks slightly behind her. Which is SUPER lucky because clumsy Sophie then trips over a piece of lint or something, snapping the heel of her shoe right off and Leon is miraculously there to catch her. They then share another magic moment.


After they both recover, Leon asks Sophie if she wants him to glue her shoe back together but a flustered Sophie tells him that she’ll manage. After a little awkwardness, Sophie limps off with only one shoe on. Sophie goes back to Jasmin and asks her if she has any super glue to fix her shoe…umm hello, Leon just offered to fix it for you!!

Jasmin then gets a text from Anni and tells Sophie that she can’t make it, as she has to fill in at the cafe. Awwww. We miss you Anni! It’s OK though, it will give the girls time to talk about you.


Meanwhile Sophie is busy super gluing her shoe back together again. Is this shoe just a metaphor for her relationships with Jo/Leon? I’m afraid super glue won’t fix things with Jo if you ever leave him for Leon.

Sophie then wistfully glances over at Leon, who’s eating with Tayfun. She looks back at Jasmin, who know’s exactly what’s going on and Sophie asks her “What?”. I think Jasmin tries a little reverse psychology on Sophie here because she says “But Leon does know you’re not into him, right?”. Sophie just shrugs and Jasmin continues “I’m just saying. The way you stumbled just now, that looked pretty magical”. Sophie adamantly tells Jasmin that she’s not interested in him and that she is with Jo. Jasmin just gives her the most adorable knowing smirk here. Sophie tells her that even if she was single, Leon is not her type as he’s too difficult. As Jasmin serves another customer, she continues smirking at Sophie until she finally tells her that they kissed. I love Jasmin’s little “tell me more” lean in here.


A little later Tayfun tells Leon that he’s going to bed, and Leon is annoyed because he thought they were out to party. But Tayfun nods towards a hot blonde chick who is checking Leon out and tells him he’ll be fine. As Tayfun leaves though, Leon is too busy checking Sophie out to notice the hot blonde who’s now approached him. She tries to make small talk with him but he’s too distracted watching Sophie and Jasmin dance. Jasmin is telling Sophie that it took her FOREVER to figure it all out with Anni, too. Umm understatement of the year Jasmin!!!


The hot blonde trying to crack onto Leon gets the hint and walks off, just as Tayfun comes back because he forgot his keys. Tayfun asks him how its all going with the hot blonde but Leon only has eyes for Sophie. Naaaw!

Cut across to Sophie and Jasmin who head off to the bathroom together for a bit of girl talk. When they get there Jasmin tells Sophie that “Mr L” watched her walk away. Sophie protests and tries to tell Jasmin AGAIN that there’s nothing going on with them. Jasmin tells her that they kissed several times already but Sophie just tells her that she has no idea how that could have happened.

Um you slipped and fell on his lips?

Just admit you’re in love with him and we can all move on. As they wait in line for a bathroom stall, Jasmin gets impatient, grabs Sophie’s hand and leads her to the mirrors through a sea of people, which is SUPER CUTE! I think at this stage they’re both a little tipsy from all the prosecco they’ve been drinking because Sophie FINALLY admits that things do sizzle between her and Leon. UH HUH! WE KNEW IT! But she also tells Jasmin that she doesn’t want that, she wants a serious relationship. Well I’m pretty sure you can’t get more serious than with Jo Gerner. He is one serious dude. Jasmin turns to Sophie and quite rightly corrects her and says “Relationships can be sizzling too!

SO TRUE JASMIN! SO TRUE! And we’re SO happy you have one of those. SO HAPPY! In fact, I’m sending this out there right now to all the writers on the show.


Jasmin continues by telling Sophie that Leon is a cool guy and handsome, as well as being a family man. But Sophie tells her that she’s in no way into children AT ALL and that she is HAPPY being with Jo. Uh huh…Jasmin is not convinced and neither is her eyebrow. Sophie says that Jo is charming and funny. Jasmin’s eyebrow replies with “Jo…funny?”. Sophie tells Jasmin that he IS funny, that he knows what he wants and that they share the same goals and ideas. She says they are a good match, and that’s much more important.

YAWN! Sorry but that sounds SO boring. Even Jasmin’s eyebrow is asleep.

Sophie admits that it sizzles between her and Leon right now, but that it will wear out and won’t last forever.

I love how unconvinced Jasmin is through this whole conversation and at the end just stares at Sophie, smirking away at her. She knows what it sounds like to be in denial…she was there for MONTHS. She is now an expert love guru, everyone should heed Jasmin’s love advice. She tells Sophie that maybe she should stop kissing Leon, if this is how she really feels HAHA!

Cut to later as Sophie and Jasmin stumble out of the MW. Jasmin must have been telling Sophie how everything happened with her and Anni because when they come out, she says “Yes, and suddenly I knew Anni is the one!” and “Well and whether I’m a lesbian or bisexual, that doesn’t really matter at all”. Sophie says that it’s all super romantic and Jasmin agrees, telling her that even though she was a little late, she made it just in time.

image     image
image     image

Never have truer words been spoken. Jasmin is now like the YODA of GZSZ, all knowing, and super wise. The fact that she knows she loves Anni and doesn’t have to label herself is something a lot of other people struggle with their whole lives.

At this point the super glue on Sophie’s shoe finally gives up and her heel breaks off again. They cutely giggle away and sit down on the stairs. Sophie tells Jasmin that she’s going to hop on home and thanks her for the drinks. Awww these two look so cute together (as friends only, people, sheeesh). Jasmin gets up and leaves and as Sophie gathers her things together, cut to Leon coming out of the MW kissing the hot blonde. RUH ROOOOH! Cut to Sophie’s jealous face,

Later that night at the cafe, Jasmin and Katha are packing up. We hear the end of a conversation Jasmin is having with her and says “Anni doesn’t even need 5mins in the bathroom!”.


I swear some of the beginnings and ends of conversations we sometimes hear is far more interesting than the ones we DO hear. I wanna know what they were talking about!!

At this point, Jasmin’s phone rings. It’s Nik calling from the hospital. Tuner had a cardiogenic shock and both her and Anni should come right away as he fears that it might be the end. Jasmin tells him she’ll tell the others and they’ll be right there. Ohhh noooo….Tuuuunnnniiiiiiii!!!!!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Sophie’s broken high heel. Girl, you should throw away old things that no longer work and take the risk on something new ;)


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