Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin finally got the gal pal we’ve she’s been waiting for, in Sophie. We got some cute bonding moments between them and Jasmin was able to play Dr. Love for Sophie in giving her advice about Leon.

Ep 5604

We open at the hospital where Jasmin and Anni rush up to Nik, who’s waiting just outside Tunarama’s room. After they hug him, they ask him how Tuner’s doing, to which Nik tells them “Not good”. They all sorrowfully look in through Tuni’s window and watch his mother sitting by his bedside.

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Anni asks Nik about the donor heart but Nik looks away with tears in his eyes. Jasmin reminds him that there’s still time and that they can’t give up now. A sad Nik tells them that Tuner has already given up.  Cue the amazing tears that Janina is always able to cry on command. 

Cut to Anni and Jasmin coming into Tuner’s room. They try and look all cheerful, bless them, but you can tell they aren’t. Even when she’s supposed to look sorrowful, Janina still beams with such light. 

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Tuner’s mother gets them a chair and tells them to sit. Anni asks him how his trip was and Jasmin’s eyebrow tells him that next time they are coming with him. 

A little later and Nele has arrived at the hospital and asks them where they were (is she still in her holiday clothes here?). Nik tells her they just took a little trip as Tuner wanted to go outside one last time. Tuner tells her that there was something he had to do for a friend. Enter Jasmin and Anni wearing new fresh outfits. As Jasmin leans down to kiss Tuner on the cheek, he tells her that she smells so good.



They all smile and Anni tells her that she knew that Tuner would pick up Jasmin’s scent. At this point Jasmin pulls out a kebab that she brought him and tells Tuner it’s so he doesn’t lose too much weight. Nele puts an immediate stop to her shenanigans, telling Jasmin “But he can’t have that! Are you crazy?!”. Uh ohhh…every stops and looks at Nele. And she tells them that he still has a chance, what are they doing?. Cue concerned looks back and forth to each other until Tuner says “Never mind”. Ummm I’ll take that kebab Jasmin! *slowly puts hand up*

They all proceed to sit around his bed all looking like he’s already dead. Tuner tells them to stop it. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Emily. Jasmin, Anni and Tuner’s mother all decide to give her some time with Tuner and they leave the room. 

Back out in the corridor Nik is trying to explain to Nele that maybe he shouldn’t have taken Tuner on this trip but that it was HIS request. Nele asks him what if there had been a donor heart while they were away, that he should have stayed here in the hospital. They keep arguing back and forth until Nele tells Nik that it’s HIS fault that Tuner is lying in there now. Nik retaliates by asking Nele how she could take off to Mallorca for 4 weeks when she promised to be there for Tuner as well? Mesut tries to calm the situation but Nik just gets more upset. In comes Jasmin to save the day as she tells them to stop it. 

A bit later on and everyone has gathered in Tuner’s room as Nik tells them some crazy story of one of their hijinks. Tuner’s mother tells them all that she thinks that he needs some sleep now and they all proceed to say goodbye to him as they crank up to super soppy sad song. Anni and Jasmin sweetly kiss him on the cheek and we all AWWWW. 


Anni whispers to him that he’ll get through this and they tell him they will see him tomorrow. Aww…Anni’s concerned face here breaks my heart. As Nik is left sitting by his bedside, Tuner whispers out his name and we see the numbers on his heart rate monitor slowly start to drop. OHHH NOOO!!!!


The heartbeat sound effect starts to sloooow right down as Nik gives Tuner some water. Cut to shots of his drip, his finger heart monitor clippy thing and Nik’s concerned face as Tuner struggles to get some words out. Finally he’s able to stutter out “I love you” to Nik. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Nik tells him he loves him too as one single tear rolls down Tuner’s cheek.


Better get the Kleenex ready for the next episode you guys!

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