Previously on GZSZ…Tuner has had a cardiogenic shock and is lying on his deathbed in hospital while everyone rushes to be by his side.


(PS if we’ve ever wondered about how long it would take me to recap an ENTIRE episode, now we’ll find out….DEEP BREATH!!)

Ep 5605

We open on the heart monitor, with Nik by Tuner’s bedside. Cue yet ANOTHER perfect song playing (I tell you what, despite this show being “only” a soap, from what I’ve seen, ALL the people working on this show seem to be super amazing at their jobs, especially now, the music supervisor. HUGE THANKS GOES OUT TO YOU!).

As this heartbreaking music plays, we get the sad Scooby gang montage; a concerned Nik, a distraught Nele and Mesut (still in their holiday clothes, I might add) travelling home on the subway, Phillip at work not paying attention to next week’s roster announcements, Tuner’s mom coming into his room and then this amazingly sad Anni & Jasmin scene;

image     image
image     image

What’s that sound?!! Oh right, that’s the sound of my friggin heart BREAKING! Great job ladies!

Cut to a nurse telling Phillip that they’ve found a donor heart! WHAT THE WHAT?! Get on that shit Phillip!!! As Phillip checks off the data of that donor patient, everything seems perfect. Extreme zoom close up of Phillip as he realises that this is what they’ve been waiting for!!


Cut to another doctor telling Phillip that he needs to decline the heart. WHAAAAT!? Are you crazy Dr Douche? Phillip argues that this heart is a perfect match for Tuner and he doesn’t have much time left. Dr Douche informs Phillip that Dr Kettler is busy right now performing bypass surgery on someone else for the next 3hrs. And Dr Luders is performing a heart valve operation. Phillip tells Dr Douche that he must then perform the surgery otherwise Tuner will DIIIIEEEEE!!!!! Dr Douche tells him that he has some car accident surgery and that there are no other heart surgeons left to operate.


Phillip runs after Dr Douche and suggests Dr Gartner, who is away on vacation, but if ONLY they could get a hold of him…? Dr Douche argues back that Dr Gartner only just got married yesterday, and so he’s probably on his way to his honeymoon right now…at the airport. Phillip tells Dr Douche that he CANNOT turn down the donor heart simply because they are understaffed. But Dr Douche tells him to decline it so that someone else who needs it, can get it. UGHHHH stop being so logical Dr Douche!!! Nik overhears the last part of this conversation and gasps “There’s a donor heart?!!”. Cue dramatic turn around, zoom in on Phillip & Nik.


Cut to Anni strumming away on her guitar and we hear for the very first time a song that she is writing for Tuner. At this point, she’s still humming some of it and writing the lyrics but overall it sounds very sweet. Jasmin rushes out of the bedroom, after hanging up the phone and tells Anni that there’s a donor heart for Tuner!!!

image     image     image

Anni is shocked and Jasmin tells her that Nik just called with the news. Nele comes running down the stairs and Mesut comes out of the shower half naked (ughhh get back in there and put a shirt on Mr!) as Jasmin tells them the news also. Nele asks Jasmin if that means they are now going to operate on him but Jasmin’s face falls as she explains that they now have to somehow find Dr Gartner, otherwise Tuner can’t have the heart. Jasmin tells them that there are no other doctors available right now to do the surgery and that Dr Gartner is already on vacation and she hopes he is still in Berlin. Nele starts asking questions…


Jasmin reminds them all that this is DO OR DIE TIME!


This is Tuner’s LAST CHANCE! Jasmin switches into organisation mode and tells them that she’s going to go to Dr. Gartner’s apartment, and that they should go to the airport and have him paged. Anni suggests they take a taxi to the airport but Nele points out that its rush hour and that would take forever (too bad Jasmin has already left, because you could have told her that too Nele). Nele and Anni run out the door as poor Mesut doesn’t even get the chance to put all his clothes on and limps out after them half dressed.

Cut to rush hour traffic and Jasmin is stuck in the back of a taxi looking mighty anxious. She sits in the back cursing the traffic. The taxi driver tries to make a joke but it just upsets Jasmin even more and you can see tears forming in her eyes as she starts to panic that she won’t find Dr Gartner in time.

Meanwhile on the subway, Nele is devising the plan once they reach the airport and tells them all what they need to do when they get there. Back at the hospital, Tuner’s mom tells him that they have a donor heart for him but she grows more panicked when he doesn’t respond. She asks the nurse why the doctor isn’t there yet and she goes off to find out some information.

Cut to Jasmin STILL sitting in traffic and getting more and more anxious. Then cut back to the subway where Mesut is telling them that they should have just taken a taxi instead. Umm…no, no you shouldn’t because then you’d be stuck in traffic just like Jasmin right now. Haha and that’s exactly what Nele tells him too. Mesut tells them the hospital should have sent a helicopter to which Anni replies that that’s bullshit. Mesut yells that Tuner is dying and they are just all standing there doing nothing. Wow, didn’t realise Mesut was such a Tuner fan all of a sudden.

Back at the hospital Nik and his mother are telling Tuner to hang on and not give up. Back to Jasmin sitting in the taxi, where you can see that she’s just about to lose it. Her chin is quivering and the tears are ready to flow. She unbuckles, pays the taxi guy and jumps out, telling him that walking is faster than this traffic.

All the while as they cut back and forth between the Scooby gang, we hear Tuner’s heart monitor beeping start to sloooow right now.

OHHHH THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Back on the subway they announce the next stop and at this point the lights flicker and an announcement is made that there has been an engine malfunction as they come to a complete stop. I love Anni’s “Oh I can’t believe it!!” face here as she says “Are you fucking kidding me?”.

Cut to Jasmin who rips off her shoes and in true Jasmin form, runs her ass off for someone she cares deeply about.



Oh my dear Jasmin, you could run for an entire episode and I think we’d all still be VERY happy indeed.

Cut back and forth from Jasmin running to Nik telling Tuner to hold on.
ARGHHH it’s all too much to handle!!!

Jasmin finally arrives at Dr Gartner’s apartment and we see the names of all the people who live there on the buzzer panel.

SIDE NOTE: I tried to see if any of those names actually meant anything and went on quite the DaVinci Code hunt. Bear with me as some of this sounds like the ramblings of a mad person.

- The first 2 names are Markowski and F.C Marx. Now this is a SUPER long shot but theres a German soccer team that used to be called “FC Karl-Marx-Stadt” that played in the city of Chemnitz in Saxony. Now the woman who is the current editor on “Verbotene Liebe” (which is also made by UFA Serial Drama) is from the city of Chemnitz. And she interned on a film called “Beckmann & Markowski”. ORRRR the F.C Marx might just refer to “Frank Christian Marx” – openly gay German based producer & actor.
– Third name on the list is H.Schulz. Now back in 2006 the outdoor set decorator on GZSZ was named “Alexander H. Schulz”. Spooky coincidence or planned? *raised eyebrow*
– Fourth name on the list is Dr Gartner himself. But is it simply a random name? Or was he named after “Rolf BaumGartner” who sometimes takes publicity photos for GZSZ?? Hmmm.
– The fifth names are (as much as I can make out) Peters / Riedel. And the best I could do with this one is that I found people who work on GZSZ or UFA Serial Drama with those last names. Perhaps they are a couple?
– Number 6 on the list is J. Krawehl. Now I know his first name doesn’t match but “M. Krawehl” had a cameo in an episode of GZSZ (Sept 22), where his photo hung on the wall in this scene;


So his name doesn’t start with a J….but he is related to a woman who’s name is J. Krawehl…might even be his wife.
– The seventh name was too generic “E. Simon”, so I didn’t get far with that one.
– Eighth name “Jan Tasz” – Sorry but I got nothing.
– Number 9 is “H. Löbel” – and is the name of a woman who works on the show (or at UFA).
– The last name on the list is “Ammer”, and I’ll take a stab in the dark and say it refers to this guy…maybe.

Righto, *ahem* where were we?

Oh yes, running Jasmin who is just about to ring the buzzer to Dr Gartner’s apartment. She sees all the names and what do you do when you ain’t got no time to read all the names? Why, push ALL of them of course. Eventually a woman answers and she asks her which floor Dr Gartner is on. But that woman is all about the security of her building and asks who it is. Jasmin yanks away on the front door telling the woman it’s an emergency. And maybe this woman is hard of hearing because she just keeps answering back with “Hello?” and we get this hilarious reaction from Jasmin, where she just YELLS at the woman to OPEN THE DOOR!


At this point she swears and turns around, noticing a well to do middle aged man packing a suitcase into a car and she yells out “Dr Gartner?”. How did she know it was him? Well I don’t know, but nothing screams middled aged heart surgeon more than a cardigan draped around the shoulders to me. She runs up to him and confirmed that it IS indeed Dr Gartner.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Tuner’s mom is in full out panic mode and Nik goes to find someone. Just as he opens the door, Phillip bursts in and tells them that Dr Gartner WILL perform the surgery!

YAAAAY! Praise the heavens!


But first they need to increase his blood oxygen levels and Phillip runs off to start organising everything. Tuner’s mom turns to him and tells him that everything will be OK now and that he just needs to hang on. Cut to the heart cam, which is literally a camera mounted ON the heart donor container, as they hand it from person to person. Next it’s Nik telling Tuner to hold on.

GEEZ, can they draw out this suspense ANY longer??!!!

In comes a doctor or nurse dude and starts prepping Tuner for oxygen. In between, they keep cutting to the heart cam on its way to him. Finally, we see a shot of a helicopter with the heart on it’s way to the hospital. In bursts Anni, Jasmin, Nele and Mesut as Anni tells them that maybe Tuner’s already in surgery.


They arrive just in time to see the doctors wheel Tuner out of his room, ready for surgery. Concerned faces all around. We turn all slow motion and dramatic as they wheel Tuner into the mystery elevator that presumably leads to EVERYWHERE else in the hospital. And we get the dramatic shot of the elevator door closing on both Tuner and also the Scooby gang.

Cut to the doctors all working away in the surgery room putting Tuner’s new heart in. Lots of concerned waiting faces, pacing back and forth and sweet looks between Anni and Jasmin.

image     image     image

Back in surgery they finally have the new heart in and are shocking it back into action. The music even stops for added drama. First try fails. Second try fails. Third time fails also. Phillip tells Tuner to to COME ON DUDE! Fourth time’s a charm. The heart starts beating again! YAAAAY!

BING! The mystery elevator opens and it’s Tuner. Everyone runs over and Nik asks Phillip how he is. He tells him that he’s still unconscious but his heartbeat is stable and everything went smoothly. Everyone turns to their right and hugs the nearest person they can find. Lucky for us that Anni was on Jasmin’s right;


Later that night, Tuner’s mom and Nik are sitting by Tuner’s bedside when Phillip comes in to check on him. Nik asks if everything is alright and Phillip tells him yes. Nik then thanks Phillip for everything and he tells him not to worry.

Back at the apartment the Scooby gang is all sitting around, still worried for Tuner. Nele panics that something might have happened and wants to call Nik, but Mesut tells them that they should all just go to bed and get some sleep. Nele tells him that she can’t, even though they have been awake for 36hrs. She tells him that she’s afraid that if she goes to sleep, something might happen. Just then they get a text from Nik that tells them that everything is the same. No change in condition. Mesut is finally able to convince Nele to go to bed and they leave. Ayla tells them she’s going to take a cold shower and heads to the bathroom.

Jasmin goes to make some coffee for the two of them and she spots the lyrics to the song Anni was working on earlier, sitting on the table. She asks Anni if she wrote it, but Anni tells her that it’s nothing and takes it off her. Jasmin asks if the song is for Tuner and that it’s really beautiful. Anni tells her woman to get back in the kitchen and make her some coffee…OK so she didn’t quite word it like that but she definitely wanted to change the subject. Plus she probably really wants that coffee. Jasmin leans over Anni’s chair and asks her if she already has a melody for it and Anni just shakes her head (liar!). Anni asks her why and Jasmin sweetly turns Anni’s face to hers and says “Because I’d love to hear it

image     image

Awww gotta love a forceful Jasmin. She usually always gets what she wants in the end. So of course Anni has no choice but to pick up her guitar and play her song for her (even though she said she had no melody for it).

Now below Im including this incredible cover version, but if you want to see the original click here.

Anni plays while Jasmin watches on totally in love. We also see Tuner lying in hospital with Nik sitting by his bedside.

image     image     image

Down the stairs come Nele and Mesut, lured down by the Pied Piper Anni’s music. As well as Ayla coming out of the bathroom. They stand for a moment listening with Anni unaware of their presence. Halfway through the song, Anni suddenly stops as she realises they are all listening and watching her. They all look at her with “Yeah keep going” faces and Jasmin even has one single tear mark…awwwww. Anni looks a little freaked out but with a reassuring nod from Jasmin, she continues her song. This look they give each other here melts my heart YET AGAIN!

While the song is still playing we see Tuner stirring in the hospital and Nik holding his hand. Cut to the next morning with Nik explaining to Tuner’s mother that he did feel his hand move last night and hadn’t imagined it. Cue Tuner opening his eyes to an excited Nik and mother.

Cut to the Scooby gang all standing outside his window. I had to AWWW at this moment. Love Jasmin’s little relieved face, way to go Janina!

image     image


PHEW! And I made it through my first ever FULL episode recap. Only took me 2 days to write it LOL!


** This recap proudly brought to you by Janina running. #becausewhynot #janinarunning

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Play with this song…you’re welcome

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