Previously on GZSZ…everyone has Anni’s song “Home” stuck in their heads and are humming it everywhere. We were given a flashback of Anni’s father telling her to stick to a real job instead of music. Then we watched as Anni started to imagine what playing her song in front of a crowd would feel like, before Jasmin interrupts her. Later, Jasmin finally gets Anni to admit that it would be super cool to touch people with her own music.


Ep 5609

We open at the cafe with Anni and Jasmin working away. Nik enters and Anni asks him how Tuner is doing in rehab. He tells them he is fine and on a light food diet, which he is not thrilled about…but overall he is glad everything is going so well. Anni laughs at the light food diet…


They keep asking him about Tuner but Nik is not very descriptive. So at one point Jasmin is like TELL US MORE! So Nik tells them that Tuner was able to stand up by himself. The girls seem pretty excited by this news and we get some super cute looks between them


He then tells the girls that Tuner gave him a present. A plane ticket to London, that leaves in 2 hours. Jasmin perks up and asks “What about the 4 year anniversary party tomorrow?”. She goes on to say that it’s going to be a huge party, how are they supposed to handle it all on their own? He tells them to calm their tits relax as he’ll be back in time. Anni looks slightly confused and he tells him it’s because of Elena (who Nik used to date). Anni and Jasmin exchange looks and Jasmin asks him if they are still in contact? He explains that he doesn’t have her phone number NOR email address…yeah good luck with that. Anni asks him if he’s just going to drop by hers unannounced, to which he tells them that he has no idea where she lives.

OK so wait, hold up here. He doesn’t have ANY of her contact details NOR does he have ANY idea where she lives and he’s just hoping to land in the HUGE city of London and randomly BUMP into her? Ummm yeah…good thing we’re living in the soap world where only about 5 people live in London, otherwise he’d never find her…like ever. Like I can’t even find my friends when I lose them at an event, so yeah good luck Nik! And smart Anni is the first to point out to him that it’s a good thing that ONLY 8 million people live there


Jasmin points out how crazy it all sounds, that they haven’t been in contact since she left, and that now suddenly he realises he’s in love with her and has to go to London to find her straight away. He admits that it makes no sense but that he HAS to do it. 

It’s almost like a matter of urgency here. Almost as if this storyline needs wrapping up and they need to do it quick smart. Whaaaat? We all know what happens next month….just sayin…

Jasmin exclaims that it’s SO ROMANTIC and Anni replies “That figures”. They share an amazingly cute look before Jasmin pokes Anni in the side and we get this adorableness;


Nik rambles on about how Elena is a tour guide in London and that there can’t be THAT many Spanish women there….um yeah right. Again I say, good luck with that. 

We then cut to the apartment where we hear Mesut singing away in the bathroom while Nele is yelling at him. Anni comes out of Jasmin’s room with a basket full of laundry.

Awwww she’s either living in there now, or she’s gone in to get Jasmin’s laundry and is doing it for her. Either way, AWWWW.

Nele tells her that they are out of coffee and Anni asks whose turn it was to do the shopping. Nele motions to Mesut singing away in the bathroom. She then asks Anni if she wants to go downstairs for a coffee instead, but Anni tells her she has to work. As Anni puts her laundry into the machine, she questions the big pile of dirty laundry sitting beside her on the floor. Nele tells her that it’s Mesut’s. She told him to do his own laundry from now on but instead he’s just dropping the bag next to the machine. Anni picks up the corner of one item and sniffs it, making a face. God Anni, you’re brave…I wouldn’t have even touched it. Anni asks Nele where they went on vacation to…the gym? BWAHAHA! At this point, Anni hilariously grabs the dustpan and brush and attempts to shovel Mesut’s clothes in with it. 


Nele is all WHOA WHOA WHOA hold your horses there Anni and takes the clothes back out. Neat freak Anni is all just let me do it. But Nele tells her that he needs to learn how to do it for himself. And that they need to train him to do it, just like a training a dog to fetch a stick. 

We then cut back to the cafe where Anni is working / studying (from that same textbook that she always has). She goes to give Nele a coffee on the house, but Nele tells her to put it on Mesut’s bill. OH SNAP. Good call Nele. Anni continues reading her textbook (must be on her 60th read through by now), and Nele asks her if she can even concentrate in there. Anni just glares at Nele and tells her that she has to and that it’s still better than studying at home in all that chaos. HAHA! Anni has an interesting definition of the word chaos then, if she thinks Mesut being messy is chaos. Cos mine looks a little more like this…


Nele tells Anni that she’s sorry for all the “chaos” at the apartment but that Mesut needs to learn. Anni wonders who will stick it out longer, as she bets that his laundry bag will still be sitting there next week.

Don’t worry Anni, I would probably cave too and just do it.

At this point Jasmin overhears and asks her what bag she is talking about. Anni explains that it’s a bag full of Mesut’s dirty laundry from their Mallorca trip.

I love Linda’s face as she delivers this line, as well as the way she has her finger marking the spot she’s read up to in her textbook. Details, we love them.

Jasmin pulls a face and is all ewwww. Anni tells her that Nele wants to let it go mouldy until he washes it. Jasmin asks Nele if she really has to conduct this experiment in THEIR apartment. But Nele tells them that she doesn’t want to play at being his Mommy. Jasmin then tells Nele that she shouldn’t expect this much from him right away…to maybe just start at the basics, like his times tables. HAHA! Anni adds to this “Brush your teeth, Say please and thank you”. Jasmin grimaces and tells them that he was single for years. And Anni comes back with “So what? So was I! Do I pee standing up?”. Nele tells them that him being single is no excuse, as he still wore clean clothes even back then, because he’s so vain. Jasmin agrees and doesn’t know why she’s even defending him. Anni’s wondering the same. Jasmin then gives Anni a little annoyed cough before Nele tells her that Anni ALMOST did his laundry earlier. At this point Anni pretends to keep reading her textbook while Jasmin throws down her dishcloth and turns to Anni, staring at her and says “Oh, really?

I love moments like this. They bounce off each other so well. Their faces are priceless. 

Anni blurts out that she was already doing laundry anyways and turns away from Jasmin. God I love the looks on both their faces here; Anni’s stubborn cute, fake, annoyed face and Jasmin’s knowing smile. 


Nele babbles on about guys taking advantage and how they do everything for them, but she tells them that THAT is over now. 

** This recap proudly brought to you by the ever growing pile of Mesut’s dirty laundry. It is now blocking the emergency exits. 


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