Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin gives Anni a heart attack when she gets down on one knee to give her her birthday present. But thankfully it’s only a guitar pick. Anni then rocked it out with the new pick and played her song for the Scooby Gang. Mesut films it and uploads it and Anni later freaks out. Jasmin then convinces Anni to try out in an open mic contest but Anni fails miserably when her stage fright takes over and she can’t perform.

Ep 5617

We pick up where we left off at the open mic contest; Anni has just run off stage and the Scooby gang all look over to her, super worried. Mesut is first to angrily exclaim that Anni is SO good, so how could she screw it up like that. Nele just glares at him, while Ayla tells him to try and stand up there then. He tells them that he did, on Elvis night and that it was no problem and the crowd loved him.

Blah blah blah…is he still talking? 

Meanwhile poor Anni is making her way back to them through the crowd with her guitar. Nele tells Mesut to shut up and Ayla tells him that it’s enough. Anni finally makes it back to them and Jasmin looks SUPER concerned. 

Anni just shakes her head and simply says that this was a shit idea. Jasmin sweetly tells her that it’s not that bad and goes to touch Anni’s arm. Anni then pulls away and tells Jasmin that she has to get out of there. 

Cut to the Scooby gang all travelling home on the subway. They sit across from each other and all awkwardly try to avoid eye contact with Anni, who looks super bummed. Nele finally breaks the awkward silence and suggests they all go out, get some drinks or go to a club. Jasmin looks to Anni, who just has her head down and then says “Yeah! A little dancing to relax!”. Party pooper Mesut tells them he’s tired (well good, it’s more fun without you anyways) and Ayla suggests they make it into a girls night out then (love the way you think Ayla!) Everyone seems super excited by that idea but Anni is still silent. Mesut asks Nele if she’s coming him with him, but she tells him she’s gonna do whatever Anni wants to do as it’s HER birthday. Awww what awesome friends. Jasmin exclaims that it IS Anni’s birthday and they will ALL do whatever Anni wants.

Anni tells them that if they want to go clubbing they can, but she just wants to go to bed. Everyone then awkwardly looks at each other as their night has all just come to an end. 

Cut to the apartment where the lights are all dimmed with Jasmin sitting on a picnic blanket on the living room floor holding two glasses of champagne. Awww she’s so sweet. As Anni comes out of the bathroom, Jasmin tells her that they still haven’t toasted to her birthday. 

As she sits down she melancholicly says “Here’s to me” as she toasts with Jasmin. Awww I just want to go hug her!  Jasmin then quietly whispers “Happy Birthday” to Anni IN ENGLISH (GAH her accent kills me!) and we get this sweet, sweet kiss.

After they both drink, Anni gets all serious and tells Jasmin that she totally sucked and that when she’s standing up there with everyone looking at her, she just can’t do it. Jasmin tells her that many musicians get stage fright, even Kurt had it. She suggests that next time she just try closing her eyes or to think of something else.

Somehow I don’t think that would help much Jasmin, but you’re super sweet for trying to help.

Anni goes on to tell her that music is not just a job for her. Jasmin tells her that it doesn’t have to be, and that when Anni sings, it’s SPECIAL. Awww you guys, my heart is melting. Can Jasmin be any more amazing?

Anni tells her that music means something to her and that she’s always thinking about what if her message doesn’t come across to people or if they think it’s lame. Jasmin tells her that maybe she just makes them happy because she is singing what they feel too. But Anni asks “And what if I don’t?” Jasmin tells her that there will always be people who are weird or have no taste in music and that she has to accept that not everyone is going to love her, especially when she’s in the public eye.

Aww this conversation is starting to feel so personal that it almost feels like a conversation between Janina and Linda and not Jasmin and Anni. Love their connection. 

Jasmin then leans over to Anni, kissing her shoulder gently and tells her “I believe in you”. And they sweetly snuggle into each other. OK so I was wrong earlier, Jasmin CAN get more amazing!.


Cut to the next day and we’re outside in the city. We see Anni putting down her amp, unpacking her guitar, plugging it in, putting down a change cup…what on earth could she be doing? Oh that’s right, she’s taken all her new found confidence from Jasmin and is now out to prove that she CAN do it. She’s gonna try busking. 

Anni’s outfit here totally rocks and it’s super punk rock star in all black,

As she puts her guitar on we can see that she’s already got a mini crowd around her and she anxiously looks around at them all. She then gets out her magical guitar pick (with Jasmin on it) and it gives her the extra push to do it.

With a small smile, she starts to play, quietly at first and a little unsure. Love the location they picked for this by the way. I love it whenever we have any location shoots, but this one outside the Berliner Dom is just beautiful. And as Anni sings, more and more people stop to listen. 


She looks around smiling at the people and notices the crowd really getting into it and dropping money into her cup and I think she finally starts to relax. And by the end of the song she is fully ROCKING out to this song, a song I might add that is not really a song you ROCK out to…so good job here Linda!


And thank the heavens it looks like Anni has successfully conquered her stage fright and is super enjoying herself in front of a crowd. 

Although I have to mention here that I think it’s important that Anni went off and did this alone, without the pressure of having Jasmin there watching her. It might have been part of the reason she had the stage fright in the first place, her fear of disappointing Jasmin. 

And as she finishes, the crowd goes wild and she looks up super proud and happy with herself. YOU GO ANNI!!!!!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Anni’s magical guitar pick. It gave her super powers to play in front of a crowd, now where do I get me one too?

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