Previously on GZSZ…Anni choked and ran off stage at the open mic contest and wanted to do nothing but go home and go to bed. But not before she toasted to her birthday with Jasmin and explained to her why music means so much to her. The talk with Jasmin then gave Anni enough courage to try and perform her song on the street in front of a crowd, which went off successfully. 

Ep 5618

So Anni has just ROCKED it performing her song in public on the street, in front of a crowd. She’s now on the subway going home and she’s counting the money she’s made. Jasmin then sneaks up behind her and in a supposed scary voice says “It’s me, your girlfriend”. I love how Anni immediately smiles, knowing that it’s Jasmin.

Anni turns around telling Jasmin that she thought she’d be getting on at the next stop and we get a sweet kiss hello. 

Jasmin tells her that she had to run errands for MT and asks Anni what she’s doing here. She also grabs her money cup and looks at it with the funniest face.

It’s almost like she’s trying to keep from throwing up or something…not really sure what her face is doing, but it’s pretty funny. Anni tells Jasmin that she found the perfect recorder but it costs a ton of money, so she went out on the street to perform with her music.

I love how Anni looks down here just before she tells Jasmin that she went out on the street.

Jasmin has to clarify that Anni performed the music that no one else is allowed to hear. Anni tells her that she wanted to try it out without a stage to see if it would work better. Jasmin waits with baited breath and asks “And?!”. Anni tells her it was AMAZING! Jasmin asks if she had stage fright, cold sweats or the jitters and Anni tells her no. That it was just awesome. Jasmin can’t believe it and Anni tells her that she made some money too. Jasmin excitedly hugs Anni. Aww she’s so proud! 


Cut to later and Nik is driving Tuner back to the cafe after his successful heart transplant. Maren and Alex are sitting outside and greet Tuner as he gets out of the car. Meanwhile Danny, who runs the convenience store with Mesut, comes out onto the street to complain about Zac not showing up. And Tuner just looks SO happy to be alive. He just stands there taking everything in. Just life in general. As he walks inside the cafe he tells Maren and Alex that their coffees are on the house. 

As Tuner walks into the cafe, the Scooby gang all jump out and surprise him with a welcome home party. Not sure that that’s the best idea for someone who’s just had a heart transplant, but he seems fine with it. Well he didn’t keel over and die, so that’s a win. 

Everyone takes turns giving him a hug including Elena. Jasmin then yells out that it’s time for celebration and walks over with a huge tray of drinks. Tuner is all WHOA only water for me. But Jasmin is quick to point out that tonight EVERYONE is gonna party alcohol free. And while everyone is busy getting a glass of drink we see again just how happy Tuner is to be back. He’s now finding beauty in the everyday, especially seeing all his friends together in one place.

They all toast to him but leave poor little Ayla out. She comes in to toast a little too late and ends up spilling her drink. Aww bless. 

So the rest of this episode has random people talking in the cafe but I won’t be racapping them because #whocares. Instead I’ll be focusing only on what amazingly cute things Jasmin and Anni are doing in the background. 

So the first part has Jo and Tuner discussing boringness while Jasmin emerges from behind the bar with what I THINK is a whole bottle of vodka stashed under her arm. She definitely has a naughty look on her face as she runs over to Anni with it. There’s already a beer in front of Anni, so I assume the statement Jasmin made earlier about everyone partying alcohol free was bullshit. They both giggle away as Jasmin pours them shots, while trying to not let Tuner see it. 

Phillip and Emily arrive and Elena and Nik make out behind the bar but all we can hear is Anni and Jasmin laughing away in the background.

Why can we not just have a camera permanently on these two? Then just make it multiview, so whoever wants to watch the main storyline can, but whoever just wants to watch Anni and Jasmin also have that option. That way we would never miss out on any more adorable moments #justasuggestionGZSZ.

Cut to a bit later on and Anni and Jasmin are now sitting at the bar. Pretty sure that Anni is pouring more shots here. So much for no alcohol.

Pretty sure they already look pretty wasted here. Meanwhile Nele is rambling on about them having to try tonic water with mint syrup. Um what? No thanks, sounds gross. And Anni agrees with me. Nele argues that it’s very refreshing but you have to drink it with ice. Um how bout no?

When we get a zoomed out shot of the cafe we can now see that Jasmin has her leg up on Anni’s stool and Anni has her foot on Jasmin’s. Awwww you guys! We notice the small things! WE NOTICE!!!!

Jasmin spontaneously starts busting a move while it APPEARS as if Anni is pretending her vodka bottle is a guitar and is rockin out with it. Anni then pours herself another shot and you can see how adorable Jasmin is gettin down with her bad self here.

Tuner gets another wave of life appreciation and slowly looks around the room at all his drunk sober friends having fun. At one point Nele goes to take a sip of her drink and I’m not sure if she’s just forgotten what it is that she is drinking or what, but she stops and looks at her bottle like WTF is this? Ah Nele you crack me up. 

As Nele goes over to chat to Tuner, because he’s being a Nigel-no-friends, we can see that Anni and Jasmin are playing around with their shot glasses. I can’t tell exactly what they are doing but they are obviously cracking themselves up while doing it. I think they might even be doing tequila shots with lemons because at one point they both make the face I make whenever I take a shot. HAHA!

There’s one last shot of them where Jasmin is grabbing Anni and then Anni puts her arms in the air but Nele’s hair blocks the shot. Aw come on Nele…just move a little to the right please? 

** This recap proudly brought to you by Danny. Who is still in the convenience store waiting for Zac to show up. Annny time now buddy…annnnny time…

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