Previously on GZSZ…Anni excitedly tells Jasmin that she went out onto the street and performed her music in front of a crowd and Jasmin is very proud. They welcome Tuner home with a party but all we can do is watch how adorable Anni and Jasmin are in the background…

Ep 5619

We open at the cafe with Tuner, Nik and Anni discussing Tuner’s heart doner. I think Tuner wants to get in touch with the family but they don’t wish to be contacted. As the Scooby gang all rally around Tuner, he tells them that he HAS to find out who this family is and who his heart doner was. 

BTW totally diggin’ Anni’s outfit in this episode. It’s a combination of cool, comfortable and hot. Plus that’s my fav shirt on her. 


Nele tells Tuner that if it were her, she wouldn’t want to know. But Tuner tells her that the guy saved his life and is a part of him now. Mesut chimes in with “And what if he was a total nutcase?”. Thank God we have Nele there now who tells him to shut up. Anni tells Mesut that she wouldn’t take his heart even if it was free. Ohhh snap! He tells her that he wouldn’t want hers either.

Ohh what is this Mesut / Anni showdown that’s been happening lately eh?

Anni then turns to Tuner and tells him that she would want to know also. Elena asks him what it would change if he knew. He tells them that he could just let it go but then there would always be this question mark…wait did someone just say LET IT GOOO?!


Sorry had to be done *ahem*

Tuner tells them that the guy could have been a total jerk or a cool guy but that’s not something he can do anything about. He just can’t stop thinking about it. 

Meanwhile since the entire staff of the cafe have stopped working to rally around Tuner in his time of need, the customers are all starting to look around and be like Bitch where’s my muffin?Are you gonna take our order any time soon?”. At this point both Anni and Mesut both turn and snap NO at the poor guy. 

I actually think this was quite unrehearsed because right after this you can see Linda quickly look at Mustafa and then struggle to hold back her smile. Like maybe only one of them was supposed to say it or neither of them…either way it makes me burst out laughing every time!

Jasmin then tells them she has to be off to MT and could they make a coffee and a cappuccino? AHA! So it was poor Jasmin who was hard at work behind them while they decided to have this little discussion. Good job Jasmin! Nik takes over and tells Tuner that he can always write to the family and that’s the most he can do. Jasmin then tells him that she doesn’t really think it would make him feel any better. 

And when we get a long shot and finally see what Jasmin is wearing. Good God, did someone run over a small bear and throw it on her? #justsayin


Tuner tells them that he is the one who has to live with this heart and so he is the only one who knows what it feels like. As he gets up and leaves, Anni remarks “Ok then, end of discussion

Cut to Tuner’s apartment upstairs and he is already busy searching through the police records of the day of his surgery. The Scooby gang have all probably discussed it downstairs because now they all burst in all GUNG HO! 


Nik tells Tuner that if he really wants to find out who this guy was and how he died, then they would all help him find out.


Anni tells them all to get to work because they are all searching for a…ghost. Nele grumbles at her and she apologises for her joke. Anni then pulls out her laptop and everyone else sits down with newspapers from the day of his surgery. Nik suggests they collect everything they think is relevant and then check in with each other at the end. I love how at one point Nele reads out from her paper “With a gun at a tanning salon?!“…ahh I love Nele. And all through this, little Tuni just looks so overwhelmed by his friends, although he should know by now that they will always do anything for him. I want friends like this. Where do I find me my own Scooby gang??


Zoom over to MT where Jasmin is finishing up and comes in to Sophie’s office to tell her that everything is all set. She’s almost ready to head off but notices that Sophie looks upset and asks her what’s wrong. Sophie tells her that Jo proposed to her. And while Jasmin is WOW-ing away at that news, I am WOW-ing away at the wardrobe’s choice for Jasmin’s earrings. What the what? 


I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but these earrings in this scene….its like a small canary in a gold cage died on her ears. I think they raided a zoo for her outfit in this episode. LOVE YOU JANINA! *ahem* any ways…

Jasmin senses a discussion coming on, so she closes the door and sits down. She tells Sophie that if she’s looking for a wedding dress, she is a fashion designer after all. Cluey Jasmin picks up that all is not well from Sophie and asks her if she wants to talk about it. Sophie tells her that Jo was sweet and moving but also so disappointed when she couldn’t say yes. Jasmin doesn’t say a word but you can tell what she’s thinking and Sophie notices this too. She says “I know what you’re thinking, but this has nothing to do with Leon”. Uh huh…nothing at all. Nadda. Zero. Zilch. 


Jasmin totally believes Sophie when she says that…NOT! Sophie tells her that it’s not like she can’t see herself marrying Jo but it’s all a little too soon for her. Jasmin just sits there not wanting to bring up Leon, even though she knows that’s what all of this is about…so instead she just tells Sophie that one day when she needs a wedding dress, she knows where to find her. They then exchange knowing looks.

Back the the Scooby lair, Nele is on the phone with some cemetery pretending she’s a university student doing some research. Everyone else is busy with their newspapers and are yelling out potential news stories of how different people died. Nik remarks that you can pretty much die of anything these days. That’s for sure…


Suddenly Tuner imagines seeing his name in the death notifications section in the paper and tells the Scooby gang that he was almost one of those people who died. They all look up at him and the mood becomes very sombre. Tuner tells them he needs some fresh air and leaves. Everyone is suddenly sad and quite and yet all I can think about is…

…OH COOL Linda’s wearing the same shoe’s that I’m wearing right now! *ahem*

Nele then runs in with a slip of paper in her hand and exclaims “Guys, I’ve got something!” But since we don’t follow that storyline, I guess we’ll never know what Nele found…DA DA DAAAAA!!!

** This recap proudly brought to you by one missing bear and one canary from the zoo…you guys can stop looking for them now…Jasmin is wearing them #sorrynotsorry


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