Previously on GZSZ…Tuner tells the Scooby gang that he wants to find his heart doner’s family and so they rally around to help him. Sophie tells Jasmin that she rejected Jo’s marriage proposal, which we all know is because she’s actually in love with Leon. And Jasmin raided a zoo for her wardrobe.

Now as I sit down to write this next recap, I’m actually throwing a tiny tantrum about really not wanting to write it. This episode fluffs you up just enough to have your cheeks hurt from smiling, only to completely pull the rug out from under you. I suspect that other factors going on behind the scenes have somehow seeped into the writing of our beloved storyline and turned them toxic for the rest of this month. So bare with me as I cringe my way through the rest of November.

Ep 5621

We open in the apartment with Anni recording her song (which we have now heard a million times…or it could just seem like it from all my re-watching). Apparently she raised enough money from one busking session to be able to afford her super expensive recording equipment and is using it now. Jasmin sits at the dining table admiring and listening. 

image     image

I love how Anni is using the headphones that Jasmin bought her with her modelling money. 

Anni finishes and takes her headphone off. And while Jasmin is busy WOW-ing away at how beautiful the song was, Anni tells her that it was terrible. Jasmin tells her that she’s crazy and that it was amazing but Anni argues that she knows when something sounds good and that didn’t sound good. Jasmin throws up her hands and tells Anni OK, as she knows its no use arguing with her. Anni puts her headphones back on to go again. And while Anni starts singing, Jasmin just stares away at her like a cute little puppy…


Suddenly Jasmin yells out for Anni to stop and Anni is all DAFUQ what? Jasmin had been too busy admiring her girlfriend to hit record…BWAHAHA! They both giggle adorably…and my cheeks already hurt from smiling and we’re not even 2mins in. 


Ohhh that ending is already looming over me…argh!


Cut to them sitting on the couch listening to the finished product. YAY! Let’s listen to it…again. 


Jasmin points to a random part of the song and says “That’s my favourite part”.

Really? That one part is your favourite? That part that sounds just like the rest of the song? UGH, I’m sorry you guys, somebody come slap this resentment out of me right now…I don’t like the way it feels. 


As Jasmin is busy gushing about how amazing this song is, Anni just nods and smiles like, Yeah right I hate it. Jasmin finally tells Anni that she is starting to really get on her nerves because the song IS good. She admits that while she’s no musician, she is however a consumer of music and this is the best she’s heard in MONTHS! Months, you guys! Anni tells her that she only likes her music because she’s her groupie and wants to get her into bed. BWAHAHA! Anni then discards a piece of lint to show that she’s serious. And to me this piece of lint marks the exact point where the wind changes direction and everything turns to bullshit starts to fall apart.


Anni tells Jasmin that she doesn’t always have to like everything she thinks is great. She sighs and admits to Jasmin that the song was OK. Jasmin moves in closer to Anni and tells her that she still has that contact at CMP Records because of Kurt. Anni says “Good for you” and Jasmin suggests that they could send her demo in to them. Anni stops her right there and tells her that she recorded the song purely for fun so she could hear what it sounds like…for HERSELF. Jasmin leans in and says “And it sounds great!


She thinks that by leaning in she can convince Anni with her amazing beauty and sexiness to change her mind. And as she lingers there she asks Anni “So?”. Anni, who has by now built up a tolerance to the Jasmin kryptonite, looks up at Jasmin and adamantly says NO. Jasmin tries again and moves in even closer and asks again “So?


Anni just sings back NEIIN. And a defeated Jasmin grabs Anni’s face and pushes it away in quite a hilarious moment.

The beginning of the next scene starts off with Anni’s amazing song that we haven’t heard play in like what…15 seconds.

OK OK don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song. I loved it when I first heard it. But now after hearing it for the 254th time…I’m starting to get a little over it #sorrynotsorry

Jasmin is adorably lying on the couch with Anni’s headphones on and is having an eargasm listening to the song on repeat. She’s off in her own little world, rockin’ away, while Nele in the background asks her if she wants a tea. Of course she can’t hear a thing besides Anni’s voice and doesn’t react to Nele. So Nele comes over and grabs the headphones off Jasmin’s head and scares the living bejezus out of her. 



Nele asks Jasmin if she’s listening to the song on a loop now? You bet she is Nele, you bet she is. She tells Nele that she just doesn’t understand why Anni can’t see how amazing her song is. Nele tells her that all artists are like that. She then notices the website that Jasmin has pulled up, CMP Records. 

Ohhhh noooo you don’t Jasmin. Don’t you even think about it. No. No way. Just no. Did I mention no?!

Jasmin tells Nele that she knows a talent scout there and immediately Nele tells her that that is NOT what Anni wants. Listen to the voice of the people Nele, Jasmin! She speaks the truth. Jasmin insists that someone has to do it because Anni is too shy to do it. Nele rightly tells Jasmin that if she does this Anni is going to have a MELTDOWN. And poor Jasmin here, poor overconfident Jasmin, agrees that Anni WOULD have a meltdown if it was unsuccessful  but she’s so sure this plan will work, she thinks that Anni will be thanking her for the rest of her life. As Jasmin smirks away, so sure about things, Nele gets up and walks off saying “I don’t know”. I’m with you on this one Nele. Jasmin then says cutely under her breath “But I do” God I wish you were right Jasmin. I really do. 

Cut to the next day and Jasmin has dragged Anni out into the city for a surprise. She tells her to take a guess at where she’s taking her. Anni guesses that Jasmin has a new job. WRONG. 


Can I just pause here for a second to say WTF happened to Jasmin’s earrings? They went from dead canary loops to this giant gold plate monstrosity! *ahem* Anyway…

Jasmin excitedly runs up to the front of the building (where we see a teeny tiny sign that says CMP Records) and is all TAADAA! Anni still hasn’t seen the sign and guesses again, “You’re learning to play the trumpet?”. Jasmin calls her silly and tells her that THEY want to meet her.

Um can you be any more vague here Jasmin?

Jasmin points to the CMP Records sign and a confused Anni tells her that she doesn’t think so. She stands there for a second thinking and then asks Jasmin what she’s doing and that she told her that she doesn’t want her contacts. Jasmin cutely grabs Anni’s jacket and tells her that she sent them her demo. 


You did what? Even after Anni adamantly told you NOT to. Like several times. We all heard it. She said no. NEIIIN. 

Anni blankly looks at Jasmin and asks her if she’s crazy. Jasmin explains that they want to meet her but Anni tells her that it’s HER song and she doesn’t want to meet anyone. Jasmin exclaims that THIS is Anni’s chance. Anni doesn’t care, she’s not meeting anyone and storms off. Jasmin runs off after her as Anni just yells NO. And as she’s running after her she tells her “Of course I could have asked you first, but you would have said no anyway”. 

Um I don’t know about you Jasmin, but when someone says NO to something when you asked them to their face, that usually means NO. You cannot then get upset when that person has a MELTDOWN (just like Nele said) when you go behind their back and do that thing anyway. No means no.


Jasmin gets Anni to stop and explains to her that she sent them the song yesterday and that already today they want to meet her. That must mean that they LOVED the song and maybe might even offer her a record deal, Jasmin tells her. Anni scoffs at this and after a second, Jasmin tries a different tactic and plays indifferent, saying “Well, OK, if you don’t want one”. She leans back and waits for a second before she sees a glint in Anni’s eyes and starts smiling. Jasmin goes back to her excited self, grabs Anni and tells her “See? We’re gonna go in there now. Period.”.


Anni resigns herself and they start walking back to the building just as we hear a man yell out to them. They stop and turn around as he greets Jasmin, and then Anni, with kisses. Anni looks super unsure as he kisses her here and looks at Jasmin like WTF?. He apologises to them that another appointment has come up but that they can talk in the car. 

Cut to the inside of this record douche dude’s car. Jasmin is sitting up front with him and Anni is sitting in the back like a little school girl. He tells them about some new song that Kurt has that’s amazing and asks them if they’ve heard it. They tell him no. Anni looks super uncomfortable and nervous in the back and he remarks that she doesn’t talk much but that Kurt was singing her praises. He tells that that Kurt told him Anni was super talented, to which Jasmin nods and agrees. She then excitedly asks him what he thought of Anni’s song and he tells her that he hasn’t had time to listen to it yet. 

Wait what? Why would he call a meeting with them if he hasn’t even heard the song yet? This seems highly unlikely. 

Anni’s face looks confused, as does ours, and he pops the song in to listen. Jasmin sweetly looks back at Anni, who now looks super nervous. This douche face doesn’t even have the courtesy to listen to the whole song before answering a phone call from someone and he switches the song off. Thankfully they don’t seem to mind as much as I would have.


After he hangs up with them Jasmin excitedly asks him if he wants to listen to the song again. He tells them no, he’s heard enough. He tells Anni that it has a nice hook and she thanks him. Jasmin tells him that it’s super catchy but he replies with “Children’s songs are catchy too. It’s simple. The lyrics are terrible. I need real emotions. Your lyrics are better suited for a friendship book” And all the blood drains from Jasmin’s face, Anni’s face and our faces. 


Ohhhh Jasmin we know you meant well, but what have you doooone?! 

** This recap proudly brought to you by this breathing VHS which I needed to help get me through this recap. Thanks Nancy!


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