Previously on GZSZ…Anni recorded her song for HERSELF in her living room with an adoring Jasmin groupie watching. Jasmin then listened to it like a BAZILLION times on repeat convinced that it’s the best thing since “Orange is the New Black”. She asks Anni if she can send it off to some record company contact she has but Anni says NEIN. Jasmin then decides behind Anni’s back to send it anyway (yes, yes, I know, all with good intentions). The record guy then wants to meet Anni the next day, which Anni reluctantly goes to, only to have the guy tell her that her song is too simple for him.

Again, before I begin, I’ve had to completely psych myself up to write this. I swear by the time I finish with November I’m going to be a nervous wreck. Throughout this whole episode this was pretty much me;



Ep 5622

We open still in the car of douche face and he is still ranting about how much Anni’s song sucked. He tells them that there’s nothing memorable about it and that he wants a song that grabs him by the balls and moves him. He wants lyrics that do something, with each word burning into his brain. 

I’m sorry but is this guy for real? Does he really work in the music industry? Almost all the songs that come out now have either NO MEANING in their lyrics or they talk about ridiculous things like shaking your ass. This guy wouldn’t know a good song if it fell on his balls head!

Jasmin stops him and sarcastically asks him if there is something wrong with his brain. BWAHA! You go Jasmin! She tells him that Anni wrote this song for a friend who almost died but he says that he still doesn’t “feel it”. 

I think you’ll feel it when I shove my hand up your…*ahem* BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT….

Jasmin argues that he never really heard the song in the first place since he’s been answering phone calls, making appointments and driving. Poor Jasmin, she is fighting SO HARD to turn this around. But he just tells her that he’s a professional and he could tell after only 10 seconds. 


Breathing in, breathing out…


Jasmin starts ranting away at him but Anni, who has been quiet until now, asks him to let her out at the next traffic light. You can see she is shaken and upset and wants to get THE FUCK OUT. He tells Anni not to take it personally and that he’s not saying that she’s not talented but that she definitely needs some vocal coaching and she needs to work on the bridge of her song as well as her lyrics. He suggests that maybe Kurt can help her with that. Anni shakes her head and tells him to take a long walk off a short pier that she definitely DOESN’T need any help with her lyrics. Jasmin looks back at her but she just glares at her. 

Uh ohhhh this does not look good you guys…

Cut to the street and Anni is storming off with Jasmin chasing after her. Jasmin pleads with her to stop. She tells Anni that she had no idea what an arrogant jerk this guy was because he was always really nice to Kurt. 


Jasmin thought that he had heard Anni’s music and wanted to meet her. She then grabs Anni and stops her. She sincerely apologises but Anni doesn’t want to hear it.

image     image

Jasmin tells Anni that the douche face guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and that they’ll just try sending her demo to another more independent label. Uhhh no Jasmin…not a good idea. And in fact Anni just stares her down and says “Don’t EVER do this again” before she walks off.


Cut to later on and Jasmin is in the kitchen with Anni arriving home from school. Jasmin tries to ask Anni how school was but she doesn’t answer. Jasmin takes a breath and tells Anni that she meant well and that she and everyone else all think her music is awesome. She starts to tell Anni why she sent the demo to the record company but Anni interrupts her, telling her that she KNEW she didn’t want it but that she didn’t give a shit. Jasmin disagrees but Anni says that otherwise she wouldn’t have done something like this behind her back. Anni tells her that she didn’t have to listen to some jerk telling her that her song sucks and that he doesn’t get off on it while he’s driving. 


Jasmin apologises again and Anni tells her that she is too. Jasmin again reiterates that she only wanted to help her.

And it’s at this point that I feel the character of Anni goes just a little too far here. I feel like this is the turning point in this fight when it becomes less about what actually happened and more about Anni’s hurt pride. I love Anni to death, but from here on, her words seem TOO harsh for me. Especially since Jasmin is STILL being a total and utter sweetheart here. 

Anni suddenly snaps and says “Say, what am I to you? A problem? Man! I don’t need your help!”. Jasmin throws her arms into the air as a sign of surrender and tells her OK, I get it. She then turns on her girlfriend sweetness and moves in closer to Anni while telling her that she mustn’t let this get her down and that her music is really good.

I honestly believe that this was the point in the fight where Jasmin really believed it was over. That they had addressed the issue, she had already apologised a million times and that all was well again. You can see how she moves in closer, thinking they will kiss and make up. And this is where I find Anni’s behaviour turning nasty. 

While Jasmin has her sweet voice on and is all cutely pulling away at Anni’s shirt, Anni turns to her and says “Man! Would you please stop meddling just because you have no life! I’m not your substitute project!”. She then turns and storms out of the room leaving a pretty hurt and confused Jasmin. 

Cut to a bit later and Jasmin is still standing in the kitchen thinking about everything that just went down and she decides she needs to talk to Anni and heads to her room. But at the same time Anni comes storming out and starts looking for the coffee. And even now Jasmin is STILL being the sweet, supportive girlfriend even though Anni is now starting to behave like a total dick. Jasmin admits that she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life but that’s why she’s doing her internship at MT. She tells Anni that she is NOT turning her into her project and that “You’re my girlfriend!”. Meanwhile Anni is just stomping around the kitchen trying to find the things she needs to make her coffee with. Jasmin continues with her apology and tells Anni; AGAIN that she’s sorry that she sent the demo without asking her first. Anni tells her that she DID ask her but that she didn’t give a shit about her answer. Jasmin tells her that it’s because she doesn’t understand, if she was as talented as Anni, she wouldn’t hide. And she wouldn’t let one jerk’s opinion get her down. She would do something with it. 

I love you Jasmin (immensely) but you have to understand that we are all not the same as you. While you may have had a lot of criticism directed at you and that only made you stronger, others (like Anni) might not have. And she obviously doesn’t deal very well with it. So probably best to avoid her for like…well until she cools down. But she doesn’t…

And of course Anni now snaps, telling Jasmin “Yeah and since there is nothing there, you need another hip musician with whom you can walk down the red carpet in high heels! I’m sorry, but that isn’t me

Say what Anni?! Oh no you didn’t. I hate watching this scene, because the utter anger and contempt on Anni’s face towards Jasmin is unbearable. Jasmin totally didn’t deserve this line and she definitely doesn’t deserve to be treated in this manner. Especially from someone who is supposed to love her. 

You can see the hurt on Jasmin’s face here and after a moment’s silence she tells Anni to “Bite me” and storms out, but not before Anni tells her “Yeah, likewise”. 

Cut to later on at the apartment. Nele and Mesut are hanging out while Anni is sitting at the kitchen table “trying” to read a magazine which she slams down in her anger. Nele and Mesut are going to be bearing the brunt of her anger in a minute if they’re not careful. Anni rants away at herself “Trivial drivel, vocal coaching. I really don’t have to stand for that shit!”. She looks up at Nele and tells her that she knows she should be above all this but that it’s HER music, HER lyrics and that it’s basically HER. Mesut tries to be a smart ass here by pointing out that she only WROTE the lyrics and that she wasn’t ACTUALLY the lyrics. But it backfires when Anni tells him to shut up. Not a good time to speak up Mesut.  

Nele tries to defend Jasmin and explains to Anni that she meant well and only wanted to help her. But Anni doesn’t want to hear it. At this point Jasmin walks through the door and seems a little surprised to see Anni just sitting there. While the look on Anni’s face here kills me. She is seething with anger and is glaring at Jasmin and it breaks my heart.

image     image

Even Mesut in the background knows what’s about to go down. You better run and take some cover cos SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! Jasmin tries to ignore Anni who is still glaring at her and tells Nele that whatever she is cooking sure smells great. Smart ass Anni tells Jasmin that she should then enter Nele into a cooking show. Awww snap. 

This then prompts one of the most EPIC KEYSLAMS of ALL TIME!!


It’s not only epic in and of itself but it also marks the point in this fight where Jasmin has now had enough of Anni’s tantrum and she ain’t gonna take any more of her shit. She tells Anni how it is;

You know what? I think you’re right. Music isn’t for you, if you chicken out at every little criticism. You’re not the first musician who shares her innermost feelings and fails. If you want to get anywhere, you have to fight for it. Otherwise, please, go to your cozy corner! But you’re not gonna get anywhere that way! Neither on the stage nor in the studio! So you’re not a musician. Because you don’t have the balls!

UM WOW JASMIN! That was EPIC!. But it’s all true Anni.

And this REALLY gets under Anni’s skin. She then gets up, tells Jasmin to FUCK OFF and then storms out. 


Ugh, I need to shake this whole episode off me now. So much anger and negative energy…blaaahhhh. I previously knew where I stood in this whole fight, but now I have no idea. I just need it to end now #kthanksbye

NO! SHUT UP! *ahem*

** This recap proudly brought to you by the headset that I ripped off Sebastian’s smug little face and jumped all over….OK so yes, I do now have a restraining order out on me, but it was TOTALLY worth it!

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