Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin’s plan to get Anni a record deal backfires in her face when the record douche hates Anni’s song. Anni storms off, blames Jasmin for it all and won’t listen to her apologise several times. They later get into a fight where Anni says some hurtful things to Jasmin that she doesn’t deserve and eventually Jasmin snaps and tells Anni how she see’s it, but it’s a bit too much truth for Anni to handle and she storms off again.

Ep 5624

Ok so I’m going to hazard a guess here and say that Anni and Jasmin are not talking at the moment as this episode only features Jasmin. She’s at MT mostly in the background. Sophie spots Jo and walks up to him and he’s smiling away like a Cheshire cat in love.


She asks him what’s up and he pulls out her engagement ring and tells her that she “accidentally” left it at home. WHOOPS! She tells him it must be because she’s not used to it yet


He slips it back on her finger while she looks around a bit uncomfortably. Jasmin notices and Sophie see’s that she’s noticed it, so Sophie grabs Jo’s hand and loudly asks for everyone’s attention. She announces that her and Jo are now officially engaged. Everyone excitedly starts clapping and congratulating them including Jasmin and I’m at home like…


a) Sophie belongs with Leon and
b) now is NOT the time to be celebrating ANYTHING *cough* We are in a VERY precarious time right now with Anni and Jasmin!

Ep 5625

Speaking of NOT celebrating anything at the moment, this next episode starts with Nik and Elena at the cafe planning their elopement. Ugh! This is the main storyline taking over right now? Now when the fate of Anni and Jasmin is all up in the air and we have been left hanging?! SHEEEEEESH!


Elena and Nik want to ride off to some marriage office in Denmark to tie the knot. So sue me if I’m not super excited right now. I keep waiting for Anni to walk through the door but no sign of her. Elena asks Nik which dress she should wear and holds up a red one and a white one. Nik tells her that he would marry her in a diving suit if he had to. As they gather together all their stuff, Nik asks her if they have everything including their passports. Elena holds them up and says YES. They then kiss each other, but as they do so Elena puts the passports down on the counter and they rush off.

RUH ROOOOOH! Come back…coooommmeeee back…Jack…come back….


Cut to a bit later and Emily is sitting at the cafe whining to herself, just as Jasmin walks in. She asks her if everything is OK and Emily tells her that she’s looking for a job but that everything needs experience. I love how Jasmin has this “I don’t really have time for this” face on here. Reminds me of this hilarious quote from one of Ellen’s stand up shows;


“Even when we say, “How are you?” we don”t mean, “How are you?” – we don’t care.
Just give us a “fine” or a “good” – a one syllable answer and move along.
And don”t even say “pretty good”. That’s a follow-up question: “pretty good” “something happen?… I don”t… have… time to…”“

Jasmin tells Emily that the best jobs come up by coincidence any ways but Emily doesn’t want to wait. She asks Jasmin if Tuner needs any help here at the cafe and Jasmin tells her that they are full but she’ll talk to Tuner. Maybe she could fill in when needed (maybe even later that day *cough*).

Cut to Nik and Elena on their motorbike pulling over somewhere. Elena asks him if everything is OK and if he’s getting “hot feet” (which is weird because in English we say “cold feet”). He tells her no but that it feels weird that Tuner is not there to be his best man. Elena tells him to call him then as he could still make it on time. Nik calls him but it goes to voice mail, so he leaves a message.

Cut to Emily’s apartment where her phone rings. It’s Jasmin asking her if she can fill in, right this second, at the cafe. Ohhh lucky we JUST had this chat downstairs a little while ago, otherwise Jasmin would be in a right bind now…she might have even had to call Anni….DA DA DAAAA. Emily tells her that she has Kate (her daughter) with her and she’ll see about finding someone to look after her first, but Jasmin tells her she needs her RIGHT NOW. So Emily just tells her YES. Phillip, who is on his way out also, asks Emily what she’s going to do with Kate and she tells him that since she’s asleep, she’ll just take the baby monitor with her downstairs.

Hmmm this does not sound too responsible to me but who amongst us would not drop everything if Jasmin asked us to do something for her? Hmmmm?

So as Kate naps away in her cot we see Emily downstairs running around taking people’s orders all alone. At this point Anni almost falls through the door, sees Emily and looks all surprised as she was expecting to see Jasmin. She asks Emily what she’s doing there as she thought Jasmin was working. Now I would like to imagine that Anni was actually coming to apologise to Jasmin here but alas now we will never know.


Emily tells Anni that Jasmin had to leave. Anni asks her where she went but Emily doesn’t know. She also tells Anni “She’s YOUR girlfriend!”. Anni seems a little too unconcerned as to the whereabouts of Jasmin here for my liking. She nonchalantly orders a coffee from Emily just as the baby monitor behind her goes off. Emily grabs the baby monitor and tells Anni to take over for a second. Anni protests telling her she has to go but it’s too late as Emily runs out.

Meanwhile upstairs Emily tip toes in to her apartment but Kate is back asleep, so she leaves to go back downstairs again.

When she gets back to the cafe Anni is all “What the hell?!”. Doesn’t Emily know that now is NOT a great time to be getting on Anni’s bad side…she’s in a constant bad mood right now. She fills Emily in on what’s going on as Emily thanks her. On her way out Anni snips “Yeah. Hurry up, Princess. People are waiting”.

Cut to Denmark where Nik and Elena finally arrive at the marriage office and are greeted by the official. He asks them if they have any doubts and they tell him no. He tells them that they will provide the witnesses and asks them if they are exchanging rings. Nik and Elena look at each other and then tell him that because this was all so last minute, they didn’t have time to find any. Elena tells the official that they don’t need wedding rings because they know they belong together. He then hands them both some forms to fill out and asks for their passports.


Elena goes through her purse but can’t seem to find them. Nik then looks through his bag as well…and still nothing. The official tells them that he’s very sorry but he can’t marry them without their passports. Nik thanks him and they get up to leave. Elena apologises and tells Nik that she should never have taken their passports out of her purse. She asks him if this was fate and tells him that it was probably not meant to be because Tuner wasn’t there. Just as they approach the door Jasmin and Tuner burst in to save the day!!! YAAAAAY!


Tuner tells them they are not leaving without first getting married! Nik is all excited to see them but Jasmin is too busy gushing over how nice the place looks; “It’s so beautiful. Better than Vegas”.

Awww Jasmin, anything is going to look better than Vegas #justsayin

Nik tells them that it’s great that they came but they ran into some trouble and at this point Jasmin cutely coughs and holds up their passports.


And then cue the wedding montage. We see the official doing his thing, we see them holding hands, we see Tuner watching on and Jasmin’s sweet, sweet smile as they exchange vows and then finally the kiss at the end. Aaaannnnd they’re married!!!


And all the while Jasmin is sweetly smiling away I can’t help but feel some sorrow that Anni is not there by her side.

** This recap proudly brought to you by…
…what’s that Jasmin? …  You need my help ….a bug?…OK … hold up…I’ll be right there…


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