Previously on GZSZ…Nik and Elena are now officially married, Anni decides to sell her guitar and quit music and Jasmin apologises for the millionth time but Anni doesn’t want to hear it. Later Anni goes to work but can’t seem to concentrate after her fight with Jasmin and tries to distract herself by kissing some random blonde who has hit on her. But little does she know, Jasmin is actually watching DA DA DAAAAAAAA!

Ep 5627

So we open with Anni still kissing Lia with Jasmin watching. Jasmin doesn’t stay long and turns to leave without Anni even having seen her. Anni and Lia break the kiss off for a second and Anni hovers, unsure about what to do next. She goes to kiss Lia again but pulls back, telling Lia that she just can’t do it. Lia asks Anni if it’s because of her girlfriend and Anni tells her yes.

Thank the heavens! Anni’s heart wins this round! In your face temptress Lia!


Lia tells Anni that it’s a shame and that she’ll see her round. She sexily kisses her fingers and then brushes them against Anni’s lips. Whoa, sorry, but that’s hot! Anni exhales deeply and says FUCK as she watches Lia walk away. I think in this moment, she was pissed at herself for what she had done but I’m glad to see she was able to reign in “old Anni”. Finally showing some character growth for Anni! WHOOHOOO!


Cut to the apartment where we see Jasmin standing in the dark, looking out the window. Anni comes home and takes off her jacket and bag and goes to go to her bedroom. Jasmin breaks the silence by asking Anni if she had a good time. Anni stops and turns to Jasmin and asks her what she’s doing standing there in the dark. Jasmin tells Anni that she asked her a question. 

You guys! The tension is so thick in the air here that you could cut it with a knife. You can feel Jasmin’s pain and you can sense Anni’s confusion. 

Anni replies to Jasmin telling her that she did have a good time but that she was working.

Here we get the first mini dramatic pause.

They stand in complete silence for about 5 seconds before Anni asks Jasmin why she is looking at her like that. The way in which she asks this really conveys to me that Anni is now sensing that something is definitely up with Jasmin.

Second dramatic pause, even longer than the first.

This pause is genius. The way it’s shot is perfect (they are still standing in the dark, halfway across the kitchen from each other, one static long shot). The pause is long enough for you to look at the two characters several times. You can almost feel like you’re in that kitchen with them. THIS. What we feel in this moment is one of the reasons why I watch this storyline. You can FEEL it coming out of the TV. 

Jasmin finally breaks the silence with “I saw you”. But Anni still doesn’t get it and just replies with “Yes?” and shrugs. I honestly think that Anni thinks that she has done nothing wrong here and so kissing Lia doesn’t even come to mind. Jasmin then tells Anni that she saw her making out with some blonde “tussi”. Anni looks like she’s starting to feel uncomfortable and looks away. Jasmin tells her that she then doesn’t even have the balls to tell her. Anni tells her that it’s because it was nothing, that it was just a kiss with some woman. Jasmin asks her what happened after that. Anni tells her that nothing happened and that if she had looked closer she would have seen her break the kiss off. Jasmin is not buying this story and tells Anni that that is why she is home so late. Defending herself, Anni tells her that she had to put equipment away. Jasmin finally moves from her position towards the middle of the kitchen and says “What a great relationship! Cheating after the first fight!”. Anni intervenes and tells her that she did NOT cheat on her.

Now I know this has caused some controversy among the fans. There are those of you that think that what Anni did WAS cheating and there are those of you that think it’s OK. My theory here is that Anni used to be a player. She was used to hooking up with randoms ALL the time whenever she felt like it. That was the “old Anni”. “New Anni” is now in a relationship and everything is new to her. I think when Jasmin betrayed her trust by sending the demo tape to that record guy, it hurt Anni a lot. I’m not blaming Jasmin for anything here, but what she did was not cool. Now because Anni was so hurt, she went back into “old Anni” mode with her walls back up and not thinking about anyone but herself. She saw Lia flirting with her at the club and it instantly made her feel better. “Old Anni” went in for Lia and was the one who started kissing her, but I think it was “new Anni” that won the fight when she stopped the kiss and told her no. And because she stopped the kiss, I truly think that Anni feels like she did nothing wrong here. That she stopped herself BEFORE she cheated. You can start to see the character of Anni slowly growing and I love what the writers are doing here but not the way they resolve all this later on in the episode. 

Anni ends this scene by telling Jasmin that she can think what she wants, ie whether she cheated or not and goes to her room.


Cut to later that night (or maybe even the next night, as Jasmin has a different outfit on) and obviously neither of them can sleep. We see Jasmin getting a yoghurt out of the fridge and Anni sulking around the corner. Anni asks Jasmin if she can have a yoghurt too.


Jasmin looks annoyed but gets a yoghurt for Anni anyway and gives it to her. Anni totally has her “I’m sorry” face on here, so I was surprised to see this scene go a different direction. Anni tells Jasmin that it really was JUST a kiss and that she didn’t sleep with her. Jasmin is still visibly upset and replies “That may be. Still.” Finally, Anni admits that what she did was not OK and that she knows it but that she was feeling so shitty because of the whole demo tape thing. Jasmin stops eating her yoghurt and replies “I see. Now it’s my fault that you cheat on me?” Anni then shakes her head and tells Jasmin that she didn’t mean it like that and that she’s just trying to explain herself here. Jasmin snaps and says “This sucks! Just because you’re mad at me? It’s a total breach of trust!


Anni snaps back with “You know what? Giving that jerk of a manager my demo, even though you knew perfectly well I didn’t want it. THAT’S a breach of trust!” before storming off. 


I think while Anni did mean what she said because she’s still hurt about the demo tape, I also think that this is not where she was hoping that discussion would go. She sincerely looked like she was going to apologise or at least try to explain herself to Jasmin. But the harsh way that Jasmin snapped at her (and she had every right to) provoked her final response there. I think if the cameras were to have followed Anni back to her room we would have seen her be pissed off at herself.

Cut to the next day and Anni’s online auction to sell her guitar has ended and someone has bought it for 500 euros. Ayla is sad because it was a present from Jasmin but Anni just slams her laptop shut and says “SOLD!”. Nele comes in and asks Ayla if Mesut is still around but she tells her that he’s at the convenience store and that he wants to take care of something after. Nele sighs and rolls her eyes and says OHH NOO. Ayla asks if anything is wrong but Nele tells her she thinks it’s nothing.

Now in another of Linda’s amazing improv moments, she called Nele; GAR-NELE, which translates to shrimp or prawn. Yet another hilarious nickname she’s made up for Nele.

Ayla asks Nele to tell them. Nele explains that she thinks that Mesut might propose to her. Anni is shocked and asks if proposing has now turned into some sort of virus. Ayla asks her why she thinks that and Nele tells them that all he ever talks about now is getting married. She also found a receipt from a jeweller for jewellery with an engraving. Ayla asks what she would do if he did ask, would she say yes? Anni jumps in and says “Of course not!”.

HAHA! Oh Anni and your anti wedding syndrom…you’re totally going to be the one who proposes to Jasmin one day #yesIcalledit

Nele doesn’t know what she would say but she thinks that Mesut is great (Anni coughs) but that he’s not what she pictured as her Mr. Right. Anni points out that he knows how to fix a drain and Ayla chimes in with “And he’s good in bed…” Ummmm WHAT?!!!


Both Anni and Nele look at Ayla the way that I would right now and she just says “Well, that’s what he said…”. Um Ayla…every man probably thinks that…doesn’t make it true. Aww yeah I said it, high five. 


Cut to the cafe later with Anni arriving with her guitar to hand over to the person who won the auction. The cafe has now been transformed into the after party venue for Nik and Elena’s wedding and everything is draped in white. Nele then comes waltzing through the door like a fresh breeze. She makes me laugh…I love the way she just sweeps into the room. Anni asks Tuner if anyone has been there inquiring about a guitar yet, but he tells her that they’re actually closed. Anni is all “Oh…fuck!” and gets her phone out and starts texting. Just then Jasmin walks up behind Anni and puts some cash in her face, saying “500 euros, as agreed”.


A shocked Anni turns around and Jasmin says “In case you want to play again some day after all”.

Aww Jasmin! You’re the best girlfriend ever! Anni, she’s definitely a keeper! It’s funny how in this scene Jasmin looks all tall and dominant and Anni looks like a lost little puppy.

Anni tells Jasmin that it’s sweet of her but that…no. Anni turns back around but Jasmin forcefully puts the money in Anni’s hands and tells her that a deal is a deal and grabs the guitar. Anni protests that she has decided to give up music but Jasmin cleverly says that she’s decided to buy this great guitar. Without allowing Anni to say another word, Jasmin says thanks, bye and leaves. And we get a cute sulky face from Anni.


Back at the apartment we hear the screeching of Jasmin “playing” the guitar in the living room just as Anni comes through the door and she immediately holds her head in pain.


This scene is pretty funny in the way that Anni can’t stand to listen to Jasmin play (even calling her the least talented musician ever) and Jasmin is pretending she’s a rock star. BUT it’s an oddly out of place scene when it comes to the context of the fight they are supposed to still be in. 

Anni begs Jasmin to stop but she won’t and continues playing. Jasmin tells her that she’ll only stop playing if she agrees to take the guitar back and then intensifies her playing. Anni can no longer stand it and runs over, agreeing to take the guitar back. She rips it out of Jasmin’s hands but then tells her that she no longer has the 500 euros. She turns around and pulls 2 plane tickets out of her bag and tells Jasmin “2 weeks in Costa Rica!”. Jasmin realises that it’s to see Pia and John and gets super excited and hugs Anni. Jasmin tells Anni that she’ll agree, if she takes back her guitar as a present, to which Anni says “Only if you…forget about the kiss?”. Jasmin agrees and adds in “And you forget about the demo tape?


Oh can I add one as well since we’re all adding things we want to be forgotten? How bout “Only if we can pretend this whole month of fighting never happened?”.

Sure the fight was good drama and necessary to help character growth blahdy blah blah…but like seriously with this episode?? It’s like that feeling you get when you’re watching a really long movie and there is still like a million things left to be resolved and there’s only like 2mins left of the movie and you start panicking because you’re sure they won’t have enough time to wrap it all up. And then suddenly the credits are rolling and NOTHING was resolved and you’re like WTF just happened. Then you find out that the film ran out of money to finish and so wrapped up the movie without wrapping up the movie. Yeah…so that’s how this month long fight made me feel with this ending. It’s like they ran out of time and just quickly resolved everything neatly with this one weird scene. Don’t get me wrong though, I still LOVED this scene. Linda and Janina ROCKED this scene (as always), but in the context of the storyline, it just made NO SENSE. 

OK back to it. Anni stops the cute kiss by telling Jasmin that she has one condition. That she is to never try to play the guitar EVER again! They both laugh and Jasmin tells her that it ruins her nails anyway.


While they are kissing Linda throws in another improv genius line telling Jasmin that she’s supposed to cut her nails anyway #awesomelesbianjoke. And then halfway through the kiss, Jasmin remembers a surprise for Nik and rushes off, with Anni giving us another awesome line; “She thinks of her ex, now?”.

**This recap proudly brought to you by these nail clippers I’m mailing Jasmin right now. Welcome to the ladies who love ladies club Jasmin ;)


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