Previously on GZSZ…Anni kissed a girl and we didn’t like it (and neither did Jasmin when she saw it). When Jasmin confronted Anni about it, Anni told her that she did NOT cheat on her and that the kiss meant nothing. Anni, still adamant about giving up music, then sells her guitar in an online auction but little does she know that Jasmin was the one who actually won it. Jasmin forces Anni to take the 500EU for it, which Anni then uses to buy them both plane tickets to Cosa Rica as a surprise. And magically they make up at the end and all is right with the world again…

Ep 5628

We open with Nik and Elena coming out from just having inspected their future apartment. Elena gushes over how amazing it is and how excited she is to not have to take showers in the living room any more (umm WTF?). Dr Gerner then comes out and asks them if they like the apartment and they all hug each other in their excitement. I assume he either bought it for them or rented it for them…either way they’re all very happy. Cue Tuner, Jasmin and Anni coming excitedly around the corner to surprise them. They all look dressed to party and that’s because they ARE. They tell them that they can’t possibly get married and not have a big party. Tuner tells Nik that he’s coming with him and Elena is going with the girls, so they can all get ready.

And WOW Anni is wearing HEELS you guys! HEELS!!! And Jasmin is wearing flats! Are we in some alternative universe here? Because I LIKE IT!!!!

Tuner drags Nik in one direction, while the girls drag Elena in the other. Notice how Anni cutely grabs Elena’s head as they walk away?

Cut to the apartment. Jasmin and Elena burst through the door to find Ayla and Mesut standing around like a puppy just died. Jasmin quickly tells him that he has to GTFO because they need the apartment to prepare Elena. They practically push Mesut out the door with his suit.


Cut to a bit later on and we see Jasmin pouring some champagne, Ayla painting Elena’s nails (light pink I might add), Nele doing her hair and Anni looking bored out of her mind. Anni casually mentions that she thinks dark red nail polish would be hotter. Jasmin laughs and says “I know YOU are into that! But that’s not what’s important today!”. HAHA! Anni mocks Jasmin and turns away with a grin on her face. Nele tells them all that Elena’s hair is done and they all gather around to check it out. Anni wolf whistles and Ayla cracks up at this (another Linda improv moment methinks?). Jasmin tells them that Anni is right and gives Anni an adorable look.

BTW I am officially naming this the “look” episode…because it’s full of them, just like my heart is full of love for these two…awwwww…

Cut to a bit later with Elena telling them all the story of how Nik proposed to her. And while Jasmin, Nele and Ayla lap up every small detail…they cut to Anni and we see this…


And I lose my shit laughing. I love the way Linda can portray so much of Anni in just one single gesture that I’m pretty sure is improv yet again.

I love how at one point in the story Anni just looks at Jasmin kind of like “Thank God we’re not like this” and shakes her head while grinning away. And then she teases Nele, who looks like she’s about to cry; “Oh no…she’s gonna cry again!”.


Jasmin then asks Nele what’s going on with her anyway, as she wanted to be married by now and isn’t Mesut Mr Right anymore?. Anni then says “So did Mesut propose to you now or…?”. Ayla quickly coughs in a “don’t bring that up” kind of way and Anni is all what?. Nele then tells them that you don’t have to be married to be happy and quickly tries to change the subject.

SIDENOTE: Nele THOUGHT the Mesut was going to propose to her because he wouldn’t shut up about marriage and because she found a receipt for a jewellery shop for something that was getting engraved and she assumed it was rings. And when she asked him about it, he was shocked and told her that he had ordered a wristband for himself with her name engraved on it and that he didn’t want to get married. And so now Nele is pissed at him.

Cut to the cafe which is now all beautifully lit and decorated with like the whole neighbourhood there. Look at all these people we’ve never seen in our lives before! Sophie arrives and asks Katha if Dr G is here yet and she tells her he’s upstairs with Nik.

Well that gives you some alone time with Leon, Sophie *wink wink*

Sophie spots Leon‘s ass and goes over to him. I love how you can see Jasmin’s little face in the background with her ears perking up. After some little flirty chit chat Jasmin rushes over to put a stop to it and asks Leon where the cake is. He then snaps out of it and rushes off. Once he’s gone, Jasmin asks Sophie if Leon knows she’s now engaged to Dr G and she tells him no. Jasmin tells her that she should tell him before he hears it from someone else first (Did you hear that Sophie…that was Jasmin WARNING you…you should really tell him…like now).

Jasmin then runs off to a table where Ayla, Nele and Anni are standing and says “And?”. I’m not quite sure what she is referring to here but maybe Nele was supposed to talk to Mesut or something…I dunno. Just then, the sweet soft sounds of the music gets interrupted by awful feedback as Puppy Jonas messes with the sound system and we all hold our ears.


I love how Anni immediately yells at Puppy Jonas and pulls him into line. Ayla asks where Tuner is and Nele tells them that he’s hiking all over the city by himself (to buy Nik and Elena their rings). Anni tells them that she offered to do it but Tuner told her that it was part of his best man duties. Just then Tuner appears with the rings and all the girls crowd around and AWWWW. Anni remarks that she hopes they fit.

I love how Anni is coming across as the grumpy cat of weddings hahaha.

Tuner tells them that he had to guess Elena’s size and Nele quickly jumps in to offer her hand as a test. So as Jasmin puts the ring on Nele’s finger, Mesut in the background sees them and shakes his head. Tuner asks her to give it back, as Nik and Elena will be there any second, but she starts struggling with it. They all look at her and Anni cracks up. Nele tells them she can’t get it off. Jasmin starts pulling at it, while Anni says “So what? Nele and Mesut get married today then and we postpone Dominiks wedding?”. Mesut comes over and asks what all the fuss is. He grabs the ring and YANKS it off. Nele is in pain and everyone just looks at him for being the jerk face that he is.

A bit later Sophie and Dr G stand in one corner discussing how awesome the room looks, when he gets a call and has to step away. Anni is standing on the other end of the room when Nik comes downstairs all dressed up and she wolf whistles at him. Leon comes in with the cake and puts it on the bar right next to where Sophie is now standing…all alone. She starts to try to tell him that she’s engaged to Dr G now but is interrupted when Jasmin yells out that the bride is coming! Cue the soppy romantic song and the dim lighting as Elena comes through the door to a lovestruck looking NIk. Everyone claps as they walk towards each other and kiss. And behind them we see Anni give this adorable look to Jasmin.


Leon turns back to Sophie and asks her what she wanted to tell him but just then Dr G comes back and Sophie tells him it was not important. They exchange a couple of intense looks but they both turn back to watch Nik and Elena being all romantical. We also get some close ups of the other characters all almost crying with happiness including Jasmin (which actually looks more like Janina being sad and emotional over the upcoming storyline with Nik).


Tuner then stops everything and gets up on stage to do his best man speech, which includes all the usual soppy stuff. We get a shot of Nele looking over at Mesut, who looks away, we see Dr G admiring Sophie and Anni looking at Jasmin lovingly. Tuner then tells them that if they ever have kids, then he will be their Godfather and someone yells out UNCLE TUNER!  And just when they think his speech is finished and Nik and Elena go to kiss, he stops them and tells them he has a surprise for them. He opens the little ring box and Nik is blown away. He and Elena put the rings on each other. He tells her that he loves her and then kisses her. Cue clapping and cheers.


Anni then screams “Annnnnd nooooooow….” and Puppy Jonas yells “PARTY!” before cranking up the beats. And while everyone starts to party and hug each other, we see Anni & Jasmin doing their adorkable dancing in the background. At one point Dr G and Tuner have an utterly boring conversation but what’s going on in the background has made me melt.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love the attention to detail Linda and Janina give us? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nik goes up to the bar to get a drink and Jasmin comes and gives him a cuddle. She asks him if he’s happy and he tells her that he can’t quite believe it all yet. He says “Imagine if we would have gotten married back then?”. Jasmin bursts out laughing and tells him that they would be divorced by now. He says because she would have cheated on him with Anni and Jasmin says “And you with Elena!”. I like this logic HAHA! And after a small pause to drink, Jasmin tells him that everything is the way it’s supposed to be.

At this point it’s almost like they both break out of character here and become Raul and Janina, as this next part seems so genuinely from the heart. Especially knowing what’s going to happen shortly…

Nik says “You will always be a very special person to me. I’m glad to have you in my life”. Janina Jasmin tears up but before she can really cry she tells him to stop it and hugs him. Just then Anni approaches and brings her comical genius with her. She says “Hey, hello! Wrong woman! Yours is over there!” and pulls Jasmin away, giving Nik this adorable look while doing so.


But no sooner has she pulled Jasmin away, Jasmin spots Elena and runs over to her, leaving Anni standing there with her arms open. Love the look she gives Nik here. Hilarious.

Jasmin drags Elena on stage and announces to all the ladies that it’s time to throw the bouquet. I love how even now in the very background you can see Anni give Nik a look when Jasmin announces this. Jasmin tells all the marriage crazy women to come forward and we see this crazed look come across Nele’s face as she moves to the front. Mesut actually looks scared here and quickly goes to the back of the room. Jasmin gets in to position, also in the front, and they all call on Sophie to get in as well but she shakes her head.

I LOVE Nele’s crazy excited face in this scene. She’s standing with all these other women around her, grinning her face off…it’s awesome.

And as Elena throws the flowers back in slow motion, we start to see crazy Nele make her move. She pushes pretty much everyone out of the way, including Jasmin, and launches herself at the flowers.


She laughs hysterically when she gets them and looks over at Mesut, who looks away again. Nele then throws the flowers at Mesut, who like a hot potato throws them at Dr G. Nele glares at him and he turns to Anni and asks her what he was supposed to do. Nele runs off and Anni pushes Mesut to follow her. Dr G tells Puppy Jonas to crank the music back on.

Tuner and Leon have some random conversation at one end of the bar while Sophie and Dr G go to the other end. Jasmin tells Sophie that first she chickened out with the bouquet and then they snatch it at the end. But Dr G points out that they wouldn’t have needed it anyway. Nik tells them that it’s wedding fever because as soon as this one is done, another will come. Tuner turns around and asks if they are getting married. Dr G says yes and while Tuner is busy congratulating them. poor little Leon’s heart breaks into a million pieces. Awww. He takes off out the door and Sophie notices and runs after him. Outside, she tells him that she wanted to tell him. He asks why she is marrying Dr G and she tells him it’s because she loves him. He replies that that is why she rejected his first marriage proposal?. She starts to explain herself to him but stops, telling him that she doesn’t need to justify herself. Leon replies saying “No, but to yourself. You don’t love Jo and you know it”. She tells him that she doesn’t need to listen to this and goes to walk off. He yells that she can’t run away from her feelings and she turns back around and says “Because you know exactly what I’m feeling huh?”. She walks right up to him and says this inches from his face and you can feel their chemistry sizzling. He tells her YES and we get some intense looks back and forth before Sophie finally breaks and admits that she is in love with him. YAAAAY! But then ends with “But I don’t want this“…noooo whaaat?

Ep 5629

Still at the wedding party, Jasmin yells out that she wants peoples attention (Anni cutely follows behind her pointing down at Jasmin to help get her some attention…yeah like she needs it). She gives an envelope to Tuner who tells Nik and Elena that he knows where they will be at 5 o’clock the next day. Nik says that they’ll probably be in bed and Anni ahhhs and then laughs. Jasmin says no. Tuner gives Nik the envelope and tells him to open it. Plane tickets for 2 weeks in Spain!

What is it with giving people plane tickets as presents at people’s weddings in this show? They have the bestest friends ever!

Nik and Elena are blown away and everyone hugs each other. The music gets turned back on and Jasmin seems pretty excited by it and starts dancing. She pulls Anni into this amazingly spontaneous looking kiss and the fandom faints a little.

image     image

GAH! Can they get any cuter?!!! BTW check out Nele’s face in the background. Comical genius. Go Ramona!

Cut to a musical transition and we fade back in with this?!


MY GOD! They just keep getting better and better! Linda and Janina; WE BOW DOWN TO YOU!!! Also I’m loving the height difference here (with Anni wearing heels and Jasmin wearing flats).

And while Ayla and Mesut argue about whether he should go apologise to Nele, all we can pay attention to, is that Jasmin now has the bouquet and her and Anni are adorably playing around with it.

image     image

Are they kissing again? Good God I love this episode! Makes me wonder if they have been kissing all over the place in this episode and these are the only ones caught on camera…camera guy I’m lookin at you *raised eyebrow*

Nik and Elena make a quick escape upstairs to be alone and just in the nick of time too. A very drunk Nele spots the microphone and gets up on stage with it.

Noooo…Nele, get down….shhh…somebody take it from her.

She tells them all she has something to say now. The smiles all fade from Anni, Jasmin and Ayla’s faces and Mesut asks them what she is doing up there.


Nele starts by addressing Nik and Elena (who have luckily escaped upstairs), telling them that she thinks it’s great that they took a chance and got married. And as she’s talking we see Mesut looking really annoyed. We also get an awesome pan shot of Anni and Jasmin as she asks Anni how many drinks Nele has had.


Nele keeps going on about how awesome true love is and how great that they stood by each other blah blah blah. Mesut is starting to really get annoyed now and asks if one of the girls can take the mic off her. Anni is the first to make a move and heads to the side of the stage. She whispers at Nele; “Sweetie, we know what you want to say. Come down


Nele says that they don’t know what she wants to say and continues, saying “true love…is something wonderful”. Love the face Anni pulls right here;


Nele keeps going, saying that true love isn’t easy to find, that it’s unique, rare and that you have to hold onto it and protect it. Loving the looks Jasmin and Ayla have, as well are more of Anni’s facial reactions.


Jasmin and Ayla quickly go to help Anni coax Nele off stage. Anni says to Nele “Come. You said that really beautifully. Come here. You did great” and motions for her to come down. They take the mic off her and sit her down. Anni asks Katha to bring Nele a glass of water and Jasmin tells Puppy Jonas to turn the music back on. As they sit her down we see Mesut, clearly upset now over what’s just happened. And as Nele sits on the couch, she throws her drunk arms up into the air and says “Here’s to true love!”. Anni lovingly strokes Nele’s hair and kisses the top of her head. NAAAAWWWW!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Nik and Elena’s wedding bouquet. Seems it saw the most action out of anyone at this party. You go girl! 


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