Previously on GZSZ…Nik and Elena have gotten married but the Scooby Gang want to throw them a big party to celebrate. So the cafe is turned into a white wonderland, where half the neighbourhood parties it up with them. We got lots of little Team Ruhse moments with looks and kisses and we let out a sigh of relief that for once, everything was awesome!


Pheewwwww…OK folks what a rollercoaster of emotions this month has been so far…and we’re just reaching the peak now…so get your Kleenex ready….and here we goooo….

Ep 5630

So Nik has gone out, after his wedding night with Elena, to have something done with their rings. He’s on his motorcycle, happily and blissfully, driving along when some random kid’s soccer ball rolls out into the middle of the street. Nik swerves to avoid it, leading him to lose control of his bike and crash. As he and his bike slide along the road, his helmet pops right off (worst helmet ever!) and as he comes to a rest, with blood dripping from his nose, things are not looking good AT ALL. As he lies on the ground seemingly unconscious, a group of people start to form around him.

Further up the street Tuner stops by a bakery cart to grab some coffee and croissants for the breakfast party they are having at the cafe. He looks down the road and sees the group of people and asks the vendor what happened. He tells Tuner that it was a motor cycle accident.

I find it strangely odd, however, at how calm and not interested this bakery vendor is, considering the accident JUST happened. Seems he cares more about his business than in seeing if anyone needs assistance after a crash.


We cut across to Elena who is at the cafe cleaning up after the wedding party from last night while ominous music plays. Then back at the crash, we see Tuner pay for his items and walk towards the scene. People are trying to see if Nik is awake and we see his fingers twitching. As Tuner gets closer, he suddenly starts to realise that it’s actually Nik lying there. He immediately drops his coffee and croissants and runs over. He calls out Nik’s name and as he gets there some woman tells him to be careful not to move him.

Back at the cafe we see Elena blissfully unaware, setting up the cake and getting the place ready. Tuner keeps calling Nik’s name, but he just lies there unresponsive. He asks the people around him where the ambulance is and they tell him it’s on it’s way. Tuner tells Nik that Elena is waiting for him and at this Nik’s eyes start to flutter slightly and his hand reaches out for Tuners. As Tuner takes his hand, Nik swallows, opens his eyes and says “Take care of her. Tell her I love her”. 


Awwwww…where are my tissues? Tuner then takes his jacket off and lays it on Nik. Back at the cafe at that precise moment, Elena gets the chills. Nele asks her if she’s cold but she just tells her it’ll pass. Mesut asks them when they are having breakfast and Nele tells him that they are waiting for Tuner and Nik. Elena tells them that they can start as she’s sure they will be here any minute.

Oh Elena, you don’t even know…you don’t even know….!!!

Anni gets up to make some coffee and Mesut gets started on the breakfast even after Nele gives him a dirty look. 

Back at the crash, Tuner keeps talking to Nik and telling him to keep hanging on and to keep his eyes open but the dramatic music suddenly intensifies…and we all know what that means. Nik’s eyes suddenly roll back into his head and Tuner just starts yelling like a crazy person. Just then the ambulance gets there and they rush over, pulling Tuner back. They check his vitals, bag him and cut his shirt open. They then lift him on the board, put him on the stretcher and load him into the ambulance. Tuner wants to come with them but they tell him there’s no room for him and drive off leaving him standing there crying.

At the hospital they wheel Nik towards one of the trauma rooms with Tuner running after them (boy he got there quickly didn’t he?). A nurse stops him and tells him that he can’t follow them. Ayla spots him and rushes over asking him what he’s doing there. Tuner tells her that Nik is in here. He’s frantic at this point and she has to grab him to try to calm him down and asks him to tell her what happened. 

In the trauma room, the doctor examines Nik and it does not look good. He’s in a coma and unresponsive. Out in the corridor, Tuner tells Ayla that Nik had opened his eyes and said something. That he loves Elena and that he should take care of her. He asks her what if he doesn’t make it. She tells him that they are doing everything they can for Nik. Tuner’s phone then rings and it’s Elena.

Ohhh I SOOO would not want to answer that right now if I was him.

And in fact, he doesn’t. Back at the cafe we see a very happy Elena hang up her phone and rejoin the breakfast. Just then her phone rings and she rushes over to get it, saying that she’s curious as to what Nik’s excuse will be for being late. She answers the phone and it’s Tuner. All we hear is her end of the conversation. She tells Tuner she’ll be right there and hangs up all frantic. She goes to get her bag and Anni’s spidey senses tingle and she picks up on the trouble. She asks Elena what’s wrong and Elena tells them that Nik has had an accident and is in the hospital. 


Back at the hospital, the doctor comes out and Tuner asks him how Nik is. After a pause the doctor tells him that Nik suffered irreversible brain damage. After Tuner asks for clarification, the doctor simply tells him that he’s sorry but that there was nothing they could do for him. 


Just then Elena and the others rush in. Elena asks Tuner where Nik is and he just turns around very slowly and without saying a word, she knows that he is gone and breaks down. Thank God for Anni, she’s such a good friend. And probably gives great hugs…just sayin.


Cut to a bit later on, and they are all sitting in the corridor. Anni sits next to Elena, comforting her, while Elena just keeps saying that she wants to see Nik.


Nele cautiously goes over to Tuner and hugs him, even though he looks like he doesn’t really want to be touched right now. He tells them all that he needs to call Dr G and goes off to make the call. 

After the call he tells everyone that Dr G is on his way. And at this exact moment it’s like something inside of Anni clicks and she remembers that Jasmin still doesn’t know yet. I love the way Linda reacts in this moment. You can actually see the moment she snaps out of it.


Tuner tells her that he’ll call Jasmin but Anni stops him. She says that she has to do it. But not over the phone. I love how in this moment Anni knows that Jasmin will need someone there with her when she gets the news. 


She looks anxiously at Elena and then up at Ayla, who nods at her and she rushes off. The doctor comes back out and Elena stands up, telling him that she’s Nik’s wife. He tells her that he’s so sorry. She wants to see Nik and so the doctor takes her to Nik’s room. Tuner starts to follow but Ayla stops him and pulls him back. Elena slowly walks into Nik’s room, crying. He’s still all hooked up to machines and looks like he’s still alive. She walks over to him and gently strokes his face, remarking to the doctor that he still feels warm. He tells her that the machines are keeping him alive but that he’s brain dead. Cue more crying and gentle stroking. And then Elena says “Hello, my life” and that’s when I finally lose it. 

Imma need a moment and a whole box of Kleenex STAT! I’ll be curled up in bed if anyone needs me…


** This recap proudly brought to you by the rocket powered car that Tuner used to arrive at the hospital at the exact same time as the ambulance did. Good job getting one buddy, I’ve heard those things are booked out months in advance at those car rental places…


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