Previously on GZSZ…the Scooby gang all say their goodbyes to Nik in the hospital, the girls all take Elena back to their apartment and rally around to support her through this hard time and Dr G collapses to the ground once he finally learns that Nik is gone for good.

Ep 5634

We open with Dr G on the phone with his little daughter, Johanna. He tells her that Jasmin will be the one picking her up later that afternoon. She seems excited by this news and then excitedly reminds him that Nik is taking her to the theatre to see the “Snow Queen”. Dr G tells her that they’ll talk about it later when she gets there. At this point Jasmin arrives and Dr G thanks her for doing this on such sort notice, since he has so much to organise around Nik’s funeral. I love the way that Jasmin hugs him here, she always does this cute little supportive shoulder rub when she does. Jasmin tells him that Katrin sends her warm regards and that she will take Johanna so that she doesn’t have to be around all this at this time. Jasmin asks Dr G if he’s told Johanna anything about Nik yet. He says that he’ll tell her when she gets here. 

A bit later on back at Dr G’s, the doorbell rings just as he’s finalising some arrangements for Nik’s funeral on the phone. It’s Tuner and Elena. As they come in, Tuner tells Dr G that he heard that he wants Nik to be buried in the family tomb. Dr G tells him yes. But Tuner explains that Nik told him that he would want his ashes scattered at Netzow Lake. But Dr G refuses to listen and tells them that Nik was HIS son, a GERNER and that he belongs in the family tomb. Elena speaks up and tells Dr G that that is NOT what Nik wanted and that they should respect his wishes. Dr G explodes at her and tells her that she didn’t know what he wanted as she barely knew him and storms off! Oh SNAP! 

A little while later we see him angrily going through his office papers looking for something. Luckily Sophie comes in and helps him and tries to get him to calm down. She tells him that she knows how hard it much be for him but that Tuner and Elena only want what’s best for Nik. Dr G tells her that a decision had to be made and he made it. Sophie reminds Dr G that Elena is Nik’s wife, that he loved her and that it’s not fair to go over her head. Dr G replies with “You know what’s not fair? That Dominik had this damn accident! That he died alone in the street and I couldn’t help him! It’s not fair that Dominik’s dead!”. And just at this moment Jasmin brings Johanna into the room and she’s now heard everything. RUH ROOOOH!!!!!!


Ep 5635

We open on a close up of Johanna, with Dr G trying to explain to her that her brother is dead now. But before he can get the words out, he breaks down crying. Jasmin quickly jumps in and tells her that that Nik had a bad motorcycle accident. Johanna sweetly tells Jasmin that it always gets better though. Jasmin tells her that that’s not always the case. That they took him to hospital but that the doctors couldn’t help him. So she asks if he’s dead now and Jasmin just hugs her, as Dr G cries in the background. 

Over at Tuner’s apartment, Nele, Mesut and Anni arrive. Anni even fist bumps Tuner hello in the super cool way she does. And they all hug Elena hello too. They all sit down and Tuner starts telling them the story of when him and Nik first moved there and we see some funny flashbacks. They thought the spirit of some dead old lady was haunting the apartment and it really creeped them out. It only stopped when Pia smoked the place with her new age stuff. Anni then teases him telling him that after that Pia called them total sisses. 


Back at Dr G’s place, I think little Johanna doesn’t quite understand the concept of someone being dead because she asks them if Nik will be there for Christmas. Dr G tells her that he won’t, but that they will think about him a lot and that will make it feel like Nik’s almost there with them. Johanna asks Dr G where Nik is now and when Dr G can’t think of what to say, she jumps in, saying that he’s with Patrick (Nik’s dead brother). She tells them that they don’t have to be sad then, because he’s not alone. Cue warm hearted family hug.

Over at Tuner’s place they all remember what a cool guy Nik was. Anni reminds them all that he was a player too and tells them the story of when she first started working for Nik and Tuner at the cafe.  


We travel back in time to Anni’s first shift. Nik asks her if she wants a little break. A suspiciously hesitant Anni agrees, just as Nik tells her that her tattoos are really nice. And that her forearm tattoos are especially hot. He tries to use a pick up line on her but she interrupts him and finishes it off for him. Back at the apartment everyone laughs and Tuner covers his face all embarrassed. Anni goes on to tell them that what Nik didn’t know, was that Tuner had just tried that same pick up line on her 5mins earlier (“because they share the same pick up line encyclopedia it seems”). So she tells them that she told him to look under the letter “L”. Nik grinningly answered “L as in Looking Good?”. Anni was just NOPE, L as in LESBIAN! The gang all laugh as Anni holds an L up to her forehead and Tuner defends their actions by telling them that they were into lesbians. Anni smugly replies, “Yeah, who isn’t?

Elena tells them that she still can’t believe Nik went all the way to London to look for her. Without a phone number or an address.

Yeah we don’t know how he found you either Elena!  

We flashback to Nik in London, sitting in some random pub and Elena is his server. WOW! WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! Elena tells them all that suddenly Nik just “happened” to be sitting in front of her. The cab driver sitting with Nik probably summed it up best; KARMA (or the soap writers…). Nele agrees that it was fate and Elena tells them that in that moment, she was SO HAPPY. Then we end the episode with a flashback kiss between them. Awwwww….

** This recap proudly brought to you by this tracker that I’m sure Nik must have put on Elena in order to find her in London. It’s the only logical explanation #justgowithit

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