Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin tells Anni that she overheard her telling Nele that their vacation alone time together was too long. They both vent their frustrations out to Nele, who listens patiently. Anni then makes it up to Jasmin by framing a cute picture of the two of them from their vacation and we get one of the cutest make up scenes in history. But in the end we see that Anni is still not quite 100% satisfied with the outcome and almost destroys Mesut with her laser vision….

Ep 5663

We open with Anni working away at the cafe clearing tables when David comes in (aka the bad boy of GZSZ). She sees his beaten up face and asks him if he fell down the stairs. He tells her that it’s something like that. She then hilariously asks him if it was from domestic violence. He tells her that Berlin can be a dangerous place and she remarks that it can be, especially for him. She starts to mention the whole MW showdown with the Mafia thing but he interrupts her to order a glass of water. She then fake smiles at him and as soon as he turns away, pulls a face…

Tayfun then comes in and hands David a big fat envelope to disappear from everyone’s lives. DA DA DAAAAAA!!!!

Cut to a bit later and a bunch of kids come in all chatting about what DJ Puppy Jonas has done (he took a sexual picture of himself with his body pillow and then photoshopped a naked girl into it and then he uploaded it onto the interwebs. So now they’re all laughing and making fun of him). Mieze comes in with them as well and heads to the bar to order some muffins. Anni asks her who they are all putting down today and she tells her that DJ Puppy Jonas uploaded this fake sex picture and now he thinks he’s the greatest. Anni pulls the funniest almost smirk here and tells her that it sounds like puberty problems. Mieze then shakes her head and says “Yes, but honestly…why does he pull shit like that?”. Anni looks away for a split second and I think in that second her mind must have drifted back to when a certain someone *cough Jasmin *cough* did pretty much the same thing last year. She quickly changes the subject and asks Mieze how many muffins she wants. 

Ep 5664

Now it’s Jasmin who’s working at the cafe. Not sure if it’s still the same day but I’m going to assume yes because they are all still wearing the same clothes. Mieze is still sitting in the cafe but now she’s listening to her ipod. Jasmin asks her if she wants anything else and she tells her no. As she listens to her music, Mieze has some cute flashbacks of DJ Puppy Jonas being all cute and she smiles as she remembers them. Lilly (DJ Puppy Jonas’s sister) comes in and orders a coffee and asks how Mieze is. Mieze asks Lilly how Jonas is doing and she tells her that the photo was a really stupid thing to do, but that everyone makes mistakes. We then get shots of a frustrated DJ Puppy Jonas stomping around in his house. I love how Mieze says “A sex selfie with a pillow…” HAHA! And as she describes what he’s done, you see Jasmin smirking away in the background. I love this. I love that Jasmin has grown enough since last year that she can smirk at what she did a year ago. 

Mieze asks Lilly if DJ Puppy Jonas has always been like this. She tells him no, that usually he’s cool and she’s not sure what’s up with him right now. Mieze tells her that it’s such an idiotic thing to do, that it’s almost funny. Lilly tells her that she doesn’t think it’s that funny for him and she doesn’t think he’ll be leaving his room any time soon. Mieze thinks about it for a second and then tells Lilly that she’ll go talk to him. Cut to a shot of DJ Puppy Jonas making a sandwich with his angry face on.


** This recap proudly brought to you by BOTH Anni and Jasmin’s background smirks. They both remembered the same event, great continuity guys! #yesIknowwhattheywereboththinking

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