Previously on GZSZ…Katrin asks Jasmin to not participate in the protest against Schmerp Scherf, because her career is SUPER important y’all. Jasmin comes up with a brilliant catch phrase for the protest and after seeing Anni and Nele dancing away at the protest, decides to stand up for herself and with a kiss to Anni, joins the protest. YAY!!!!

Ep 5542

We open at the protests, where everyone is dancing around and being all gay. Nele is dragging Mesut along to support Anni and Jasmin. Anni and Jasmin are being SUPER CUTE. Anni is pulling Jasmin towards her with an invisible rope…super adorable. They greet Nele and Mesut, who looks around warily for people who might recognise him.

The only thing I find slightly odd about this whole protest scene is the audio they have chosen to play over the top of it. It’s obviously a soundtrack clip from the audio department and is probably called something like “CROWD NOISES” or “CONCERT” or something. But it does NOT match this scene at all. There are MAYBE a handful of people there but the audio makes it sound like there are hundreds…anyway, thought it was weird #rantover.

Later Mesut sits down with a kebab and in the background we see a cuteness explosion!


Oh Anni and Jasmin, you dance your little heart out all you want. We will watch you FOR ALL TIME!

At this time a couple of workers arrive to start working on the new store. One of them makes a gay joke and Mesut overhears and smiles. He’s have a grand old time sitting on the bench with his kebab. I think nothing could ruin his day right now.

As they approach the protest, Anni tells them they are not wanted there and to PISS OFF. The worker tells Anni that no one wants her either. Anni replies with “Says Who?”. They call her a lick sister and tell her to get out of the way. OH HELL NO! Jasmin not be having any of that and steps out in front of Anni, all defensively.


She is SUPER cute the way she is trying to guard Anni here. We very much like super protective Jasmin. We would like to see more of this please. Thanks!

After a slight scuffle breaks out, Mesut abandons his kebab on the bench and leaps to the girls defense. He tells the workers to piss off. Applause breaks out and they all start singing “You can go home”. Jasmin, all appreciative and cute, gives Mesut an adorable hug.

Now just let me leave you with these ADORABLE gifs from the making of this episode…because TEAM RUHSE!

image     image     image

Ep 5544

We open still at the protests, where enterprising Mesut is now selling hot dogs. Anni and Jasmin already have theirs and thank Mesut for supporting them. Can these two seriously not do ANYTHING that is not super adorable and cute??


Meset tells them it was Nele’s idea that he come along and Jasmin says she is not surprised. Haha, Nele is so the boss of Mesut, whether he likes it or not.


Next, Tuner arrives and Mesut asks him if he wants a sausage. He tells him that for people with a heart condition, it’s free. Nele gives him a whack for saying that. Tuner tells them he’s on a diet anyways. Mesut then wrangles Tuner into minding the BBQ. Nele objects saying Tuner probably has better things to do but Mesut disagrees, telling Nele that Tuner just sits around all day doing nothing. That’s right Mesut, just keep talking…you’re not digging yourself into a bigger hole there.

Cut to a bit later. Mesut and Tuner are manning the grill while AGAIN the background just explodes from cuteness.

image     image

I swear I could watch these two just sit on a couch together, eating chips or like sleeping even. OK wait, watching anyone sleep could sound a bit creepy. Let’s just go with the couch for now.

Anni and Jasmin are happily dancing away, Mesut and Tuner are grilling away…and we all wish we could just be sitting on one of those folding chairs watching Anni and Jasmin supporting the protests too.

Tuner decides he needs a break from the grill and Anni explains to a passerby why they are protesting. Nele takes over for Tuner and Mesut tries to kiss her. She pulls away, because Tuner is watching. For those that don’t follow the show, Nele found out that Tuner has feelings for her and now things are a little awkward. Yup, awkwardness is definitely in the air…


So while Mesut asks Nele what’s wrong, after he tried to kiss her, she avoids answering and goes to get more napkins. Cut to Tuner looking over all pissed off and Mesut clueless.

Later Mesut is counting the millions he made selling hot dogs, and in his excitement, tries to pull Nele down onto his lap. She resists and ends up pushing him off his chair. As Nele apologises we see Tuner looking over. Nele tries helping Mesut up, who is now pissed and tells her to leave him alone. Jasmin and Anni are packing up some chairs and Jasmin remarks to Anni that Mesut is probably going to sleep on the couch tonight. Anni replies “Or she will”.

* This recap was proudly brought to you by Mesut’s kebab *

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