Sorry about the lack of recaps this past week but I’m away in the US on vacation. So what I’ve decided to do, to catch up, is do one MEGA recap of all the episodes from Sept 22 – 30, since they didn’t have a story line of their own and were mostly in the background. But I didn’t want to miss any of their cute moments, so yeah…enjoy.

Previously on GZSZ…Jasmin had to deal with the aftermath of getting caught making out with Anni in the club bathroom. Anni and Jasmin then talked it out very maturely (and cutely), while Katrin arranged a meeting with a used car salesman Varese marketing dude to sort it all out. Anni was then fired from her job (#becauseMafia) and Jasmin couldn’t comfort her as she was out in public, but made up for it when she got home.

Ep 5585

This was kind of a nothing episode for our girls. Only Jasmin was it in at a MT staff meeting. Basically, Sophie asks Jasmin if she can help out with an assignment she thinks is awesome but then Katrin tells Sophie that she already made other plans for Jasmin. The usual power struggle between the two top women of GZSZ…


Ep 5586

In this episode we got even less of Jasmin, but it was still worth a peek, just to see the amazing blue jumpsuit she was wearing in it. It mostly centered around Jonas, who is DJ-ing his own farewell party at the cafe, while drooling all over the place whenever he sees Mieze. We learn from Jasmin that Anni has a job interview for something. But the cutest part of this episode was Jonas stumbling over himself to ask Mieze to dance with him. It’s pretty much me, if I ever ask anyone to dance with me or talk to anyone I like…every time.


Except in the end Jonas got a kiss from Mieze and meanwhile my night usually just ends in awkward hugs….aannnnyyywaaayyy…

Ep 5587

Next episode opens still at the previous party. Anni and Ayla finally arrive, apologizing to Tuner for being so late. You can see Anni sweetly looking over to Jasmin, behind the counter, from the second she steps into the cafe. As she sits down she is still looking to where Jasmin is. SO CUTE YOU GUYS! SO CUTE!!!


And before you can say WHERE’S JASMIN?, she appears out of the fog of people like TA-DAAA! I had to rewatch this several times to actually see WHERE she magically appears from HAHA!


Jasmin, being an amazing girlfriend, brings Anni a drink immediately, AWW, and Anni tells her how hot she looks. Jasmin tells Anni that she does too. OK, now drag each other into a locked room and make out! STAT! Because you both look super hot right now! Anni beams as Jasmin walks away and we cut to this reaction from Ayla and Tuner…


I think that would be ALL our reactions if we were sitting there too. Anni asks Tuner if she can have some extra shifts at the cafe because Tayfun and Leon sold the MW and fired everyone. 

Meanwhile, Jonas comes back from making out with Mieze and is all “Im hot shit now”, grinning ear to ear. Tuner and Ayla discuss the fact that Phillip has a hearing in the morning to decide whether or not he can still practice medicine. Cut to some scenes of Phillip moping around his apartment all by himself. So Tuner and Ayla decide to go get Phillip and drag him out for some fun to cheer him up. But he’s not in the mood to party, so they just take him to a games night back at the Scooby Gang apartment.

When we cut to the apartment we are blessed with a HILARIOUS charades game going on. Anni is trying to act out her word with this…


OMG! The noises Anni makes here is killing me! It’s like these struggling sounds. Tuner guesses lizard, nope, Jasmin guesses stair stepper (WTF is that?!), nope, Tuner yells out mountain climbing, TRY AGAIN! Finally Anni is all FREE CLIMBING, YOU GENIUSES! 


Free climbing? What the hell expert level game of charades are they playing here?? I think Jasmin’s face there explains it all. She’s all WTF?! LOL

Meanwhile, Phillip and Ayla are chatting about something boring in the kitchen…I just keep wanting to shush them so I can hear what hilarious things are happening in the charades game! Camera guy, back to the game, BACK TO THE GAME!!!

Next up is Tuner who strikes a pose like he’s surfing and Nik is all SURFING! Tuner is all HOW THE HELL DID YOU GUESS THAT?! Don’t you just hate it, that at every games night, there is always that couple that win EVERY single time because they just share the same brain. I kid you not, but the last time I played Pictionary with this winningest couple (shout out Steph and Cass), one drew like one or two lines and the other yells out “The Sistine Chapel”…I mean COME ON!!! WHAT THE WHAT?! That should be illegal…

Next up it’s Nik and he stands and then pretends to fall over. I LOVE how as he starts to fall over Jasmin quickly grabs his arm because I think she thinks he was falling over for reals. Aww super sweet Jasmin! She yells out “Platform Diving”, while Anni is “No, lumberjack. Tree falling over”. So then Nik gets up on a chair to dive off and Anni HILARIOUSLY says “Tree falling off chair“…BWAHAHA! Great improv there Linda! You’re a natural comedian. In the end Nik is all HELLO Bungee jumping! I don’t know about you guys, but these acting out actions are HORRIBLE. Noone would ever guess what the words are….like ever. 


Blah, blah, blah Phillip and Ayla back in the kitchen….go back to the game! GO BACK TO THE GAME!!! You can hear them arguing about how the hell Anni has 6 points and she tells them it’s because she guessed everything LOL! And when we finally cut back to the game, BAM! instant 5 seconds of cuteness EXPLOSION!. 


Awwww come on…can they get ANY cuter?? I love how Jasmin laughs at Anni’s comment here!

Ep 5588

In this ep, we only get Anni, who is busy working away at the cafe (where she will work for ALL time, to pay off all her bills). Tuner walks in with Phillip, as they discuss him working there until he can work back at the hospital again. Surely he could have found another job besides waiting tables in a cafe no? That’s pretty humbling for him then, since he’s usually a doctor. Tuner tells Phillip that Anni can break him in. Ohhh I want to be broken in by Anni…where do I sign up?? 



Anni overhears them talking and asks if Phillip works there now. Tuner tells her yes but only temporarily. I guess they don’t want word to get out about the whole hearing etc happening around Dr Kant because they both make up some random excuse about why Phillip is working there now. So then Anni welcomes him to the team but double checks with Tuner that she can still work extra shifts there because of being fired from the MW.

Anni then asks Phillip if he has a new tattoo, which he does and promptly shows them. Anni comments that it’s “nice”. Phillip is all what?! this thing hurt like a mofo. Anni laughs and says “That hurt? This, my friend, hurt!” and points to her L tattoo behind her ear. Anni then asks Phillip what he wants to let go of, seeing as how she’s super smart and worked out that his tattoo, which says Amittere, is Latin for letting go. She tells them that she once thought about getting a tattoo like that because of…women (wonder if it was in regards to Jasmin?). Phillip is all YEEEAAAHHH…and Anni is all AHHH right gotcha. So Tuner turns Phillip around and pushes him towards a table full of hot ladies telling him to have a fresh start.

Ep 5589

This episode was basically the beginning of the mafia/police showdown at the MW and pretty much only had Jasmin in it for snippets. There was plenty of dramatic music and action. I think GZSZ used ALL the cars, police props and weapons that they could get their hands on. I think my favourite shot in the whole thing was when they attached a Go-Pro or some other camera to the tip of one of the police guns, with just a shot of the SWAT guy’s face. Super cool. 


Phillip runs into the cafe telling them that the police are blocking off the entire street and as Jasmin looks out the window all concerned, she sees them arresting Vince. Sophie also sees this and runs out, as Jasmin yells after her to stay inside. We then see Vince getting dragged away by the police screaming that they (the mafia) are going to kill everyone inside, including his father (Leon). 

Ep 5590

It picks up where we left off with the mafia / police showdown at the MW. Interestingly enough, in their “previously on..” they include a scene that was NOT in the previous episode…what the what? It’s just a small scene between Sophie and Jasmin, with Jasmin telling Sophie that Leon and Tayfun sold the MW and a shocked face from Sophie who had no idea. We also see that Tayfun is shot by one of the mafia guys and the police all stormed the MW…all super dramatic. 


We open with Sophie standing behind the police barricades all worried because Leon, the man she secretly loves, is inside the MW. Jasmin comes over to her and asks her what’s going on but Sophie doesn’t know either. On the other side of the street is a very worried Mieze with Jonas trying to be the supportive boyfriend sidekick. As they wheel out Tayfun on a stretcher Mieze keeps repeating “It’s not him. It’s not him.” because they can’t actually see who it is at this point. Cue lots of shots of concerned faces with extra dramatic music. Sophie almost starts crying because she thinks it might be Leon who was just put in the ambulance and Jasmin puts her arm around her. Aww sweet, sweet Jasmin.

Suddenly, we see Leon emerge from the MW and both Vince and Mieze scramble to get over to him. Sophie kinda runs over but kinda stands back as both Mieze and Vince hug the crap out of him. While they are hugging him, he looks over at Sophie and they exchange some pretty intense looks. When are these two finally gonna get together already?! Leon tells them that it was Tayfun that was shot…oh no, not Tayfun!!


Cut to the MT offices a bit later. Jasmin has kindly escorted Sophie back and asks her if she wants her to stay a bit longer. Sophie replies with “What? Um…no…yes”. Of course you want Jasmin to stay! She is an excellent friend and one that is especially smart and cluey about things that are going on that are supposedly “secret”. Jasmin asks about Leon and Sophie brushes it off casually. But Jasmin saw how worried Sophie was earlier, so I’m pretty sure there’s no fooling her here. Not to mention, Jasmin is an expert in hidden feelings. You can see that Jasmin suspects something is going on with Leon and Sophie because her “thinking raised eyebrow” face appears here and she immediately asks Sophie if there’s something going on with her and Leon. Sophie denies it of course, telling Jasmin that she’s with Joachim (though I don’t know why, he’s as old as the dinosaurs). And Jasmin goes out to get them a drink.

Ep 5591

We open back at the apartment where Jasmin is telling everyone what just happened. Ayla comes home and Tuner asks her how Tayfun is doing (I think he’s her cousin). She tells them that they put him in an induced coma. Cue concerned faces all around. Tuner tells them that there must be SOMETHING that they can do. He suddenly remembers Tayfun’s lucky charm cat. 

Cut to Tayfun’s convenience store at night. We hear a voice-over from Tuner telling them that Tayfun won the lottery with this lucky charm cat, that it will help him get through the night and that they HAVE to go get it. This part of the story line is SO ridiculous but I forgive the writers because it’s just so damn funny! We see Anni and Jasmin stumble into the shop (obviously Anni has just picked the lock).


And Jasmin remarks that she didn’t know Anni had so many hidden talents. OHHH Jasmin, what other hidden talents has Anni shown you recently ehhhh?…do share! *raised eyebrow* As Anni and Jasmin go behind the counter looking for this damn lucky charm cat, Anni (or rather I think it’s Linda improving again) MEOWS and they both CRACK UP! It’s seriously funny shit.


As they continue looking for the cat, Anni remarks that it’s a good thing Tayfun doesn’t have an alarm system. Just as she says this, a red light starts flashing behind them on the shelf and a beeping sound starts. Anni, Jasmin and Ayla all freeze and very comically turn and slowly point their flashlights at the alarm. It suddenly goes off and they all BOLT out of the shop. BWAHAHAHA!

Back at the apartment Nik notes that the girls have been gone quite a while and just then they burst through the door, talking about how loud the alarm was etc. Nik is all “Now what?” and goes to grab something off the kitchen counter. He suddenly screams, followed by Jasmin, Ayla and then Anni (though I think Anni was just screaming because the girls screamed). And as Anni turns to see what Nik screamed at…we get this priceless face…


Cut to the kitchen counter where Tayfun’s lucky charm cat is randomly sitting. Whoa, super weird much. Not sure I would have screamed if I saw it, but whatever, each to their own. The funniest part is the wide shot of them all just quiet and staring at the cat LOL!

Cut to Tayfun in the hospital. The Scooby Gang have arrived to deliver the super creepy lucky charm cat. 


Cue the somber sad music montage as they all stand around his bed, looking concerned as Ayla places the lucky charm cat next to Tayfun’s bed. More shots of concerned Vince and Leon at their place and then David who shows up at the hospital, feeling all guilty. 

Cut back to the apartment in the early morning hours. We see Ayla sitting in front of the couch awake and worried looking, but all we have eyes for are Jasmin and Anni sleeping SO ADORABLY behind her. 


Awwww SO CUTE!!! And extra cute that they didn’t sleep in their bed but probably tried to stay up and comfort Ayla all night. Ayla’s phone rings and as Ayla answers we get the most adorable waking up sounds from Jasmin and Anni. I can’t even! As Ayla talks on the phone, Jasmin and Anni sit up and even when they are half asleep look SUPER adorable!


And I LOVE whenever they put Anni in anything white. Super hot! Ayla puts the phone down, crying and Jasmin asks her what’s happened. She tells them that Tayfun is awake. Jasmin sweetly hugs Ayla and everyone is relieved YAAAAY!

** This recap proudly brought to you by Jasmin’s blue jumpsuitJasmin’s “thinking raised eyebrow” face, Jasmin’s jug of SangriaJasmin’s cute waking up face … guys no matter what picture I tried to post here, all that showed up was this…


So I guess it’s brought to you by super creepy lucky charm cat…

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